Tales Of The Boot: Yes, I’m Still Wearing It.

At this point, you are probably as tired of hearing me complain about this darn thing as I am of writing about it.

Yesterday, I had an appointment with my podiatrist and I packed an extra sneaker in my bag and left it in the car at the last minute. I didn’t want to appear overeager, and I also didn’t care to lug the boot back to may car. Turns out, I did not need the sneaker. Le sigh.

The good news? I’m cleared for swimming, cycling and gentle yoga. My gym has a cycle/yoga combo class, so I’m excited to try that. Once I learn how to cycle, anyway. Yay, exercise! It’s not running, but it’s something. After sitting around and doing bicep curls for four weeks, I’m desperate for cardio.

The bad news? I have to ease out of wearing the boot. Last night, I was permitted to wear sneakers for an hour. A whole hour! Which made me happy and also annoyed that this is such a slow process. Tonight, I can try two hours. As long as I’m not experiencing pain or swelling, I can keep adding an hour a day.

Good news? Real shoes!



Bad news? Sneakers. For a shoe lover, this is awful. My second thought after “Yay, exercise!” was something like, “Oh dear. If I want to wear a dress, I have to wear the boot, because a sneaker and a fabulous shoe will look completely ridiculous.” (As opposed to the boot and a fabulous shoe, which looks pitiful, but people understand, like “Look at that poor lady trying to look cute while wearing that clunky thing.”) I see my doctor in two weeks and even though I think my time in the boot is coming to an end, I have a feeling he will want me to wear sneakers forever. Makes me wish I’d splurged on the pink Minnie New Balance kicks at the Princess Half. (You can’t look at those without smiling, am I right?)

On the bright side, I can’t wait to be back in the gym. I’m looking forward to trying something new. And I’m happy to have some date nights planned (and childcare booked), for which I even need to fret about what I will wear. (Really though, since we are all friends here- can you just start pinning a bunch of dresses with sneakers so that people think that’s a thing? Pretty please with a gladiator sandal on top?)

Happy Wednesday! What do I need to know about spin class? What fabulous shoes are you wearing this summer? I just bought a pair of gold Birks, which I won’t be wearing, and I’m looking for a pair of leopard gladiator sandals. Tell my podiatrist they’re for a friend, mkay?



A Day In The Life: Brooke

Ever wonder what a stay-at-home mom does all day? How about a professional volunteer? Or a journalist? I know I often want to text Jess about what she’s doing at work (because make-up) and what she’s wearing or buying or coveting at Nordy’s (because fashion). And what is Bec making for dinner? What bags is she eyeing at Kate Spade? What fitness class is Cam trying today? Did her students get her anything good for the last day of school? What are we reading? These are the questions of our lives, and lucky for you (or lucky for me, anyway), we have decided to give you some answers. For the next six Fridays, the Scoot Chicks will be giving you a glimpse into our day, and today, we start with me!

I start my day with coffee- always two cups, black. Lately, I’m obsessed with Dark Chocolate Truffle from Target.

photo 4-11

I make my kids breakfast and get them ready for school, and in between, I make my breakfast and I make lunches for the girls. At the beginning of the school year, I was good and packed everything at night. But now it’s May, and some days, that means they get uncrustables and applesauce (Today, I actually made the sandwiches. This was pre-cutting them into flower shapes).

photo 1-21

Once the kids are ready, I have about ten minutes to get myself ready to go. This is when Little Dude’s Elmo obsession comes in handy. (Thank you, You Tube!) After school drop off, Little Dude and I usually have a playdate. Today, we went to open play at a local gym.

photo 1-20

Once home, we have lunch and I try to squeeze in a little bit of cleaning while he naps. (Some days, he naps on me, and that’s my time to read or text friends. Usually Mer. I’ll be sad when he stops napping on me because I’ll have no excuse for the laundry pile.) While putting him down, I received an email about Frozen on Ice tickets on presale, so I rushed to buy those (as did everyone else on my fb feed).

The first carline is my time to catch up on emails, check out Facebook and Instagram and listen to more Elmo.

photo 3-3

Between pickups, I usually take the youngers on a fun “field trip” (typically, the playground or Target). Today, we went to the library.

photo 4-16

Second carline means a nap for my middle girl- Bon Iver is her nap time whisperer. She usually falls asleep about 45 seconds into the first song.

photo 5-14

Then, I get to read a little bit more. Today, I’m catching up on a newspaper article about John Green. (My husband gets the WSJ, and he leaves articles of interest for me in our bathroom magazine rack. It’s the sweet little things that make a marriage, isn’t it?)

photo 1-19

Dance classes are finished and there’s no homework for the last two weeks of school, so once I picked up my oldest girl, we met some friends at the blueberry u-pick.

photo 2-25

Dinner for the kids was McDonald’s, along with a discussion about why mommy doesn’t eat it, why it’s a “treat” food and some examples of healthy and unhealthy food. (They asked, haha.) This all occurred on our drive to swim lessons. A lot of our teaching moments happen in the car! An older mom-friend of mine told me that she was sad once her daughter started driving because they lost that car time together.

photo 3-18

Once home, we worked on my oldest’s Ladybug Girl costume for book character day (so glad I hoard arts and crafts supplies because we’ve had a lot of “Fun Family Projects” in Kindergarten. I’m still waiting for my report card, to be honest. Or at least a “Super!” sticker.). My husband and I ate a quick dinner and got the kids into bed.

photo 4-15

The day I photographed was my blogging day for Scoot, so once Little Dude fell asleep, I worked on my post. Finally, around 9:30pm, J and I settled down on the couch for some wine and House of Cards.

photo 5-13

Some days are less action-packed (I LOVE THOSE DAYS), but most are a flurry of activities and chores and noise. I feel so lucky to stay at home with my kids. This is my life! It’s messy and crazy and ruled by tiny little people, and it’s a ton of time in the car, omg, but I’m doing exactly what I’ve always wanted to do.

For all the moms- stay-at-home, working, work-at-home- here’s a video that I saw at my MOPS meeting on Monday. It captures our days pretty well!

How do you take your coffee? Is there someone you text almost every day? Are we all stocking up on tissues for the TFIOS movie? 

Tales Of The Boot: Making Plans to Exercise (Get Me Out Of This Thing!)

There are five days of school left. FIVE. In five days, I will have a first grader. In seven days, I will have a kindergartner (Her preschool ends two days later). In seven days, I will have three kids at home for the entire summer. Whoa.

It was both easier and more difficult last summer, because little dude was a baby. He wasn’t walking, so he was easier to cart around, but he also slept more, needed more breaks for changing, nursing, food, etc. This summer, he can walk, eat big kid snacks and he enjoys things- but man, he is into EVERYTHING.

Right now, our days are fun and a little exhausting, so I know that with my girls home, our summer will be more of both. Like Meri, I’m a planner, and I’m using these last several days to work on my calendar. We’ve got camps scheduled (Frozen musical theater camp, holla!), playdates in the works, our summer learning checklist (Big girl- tie her shoes and ride her bike. Middle girl- read. Little dude- sleep through the night. Haha. For real. Me- chess.), and a family vacation. It’s got me wondering though, where will exercise fit in?

When I trained for my first half-marathon, I did most of my runs at night. We had a treadmill in our bedroom and with a busy husband and a full daytime schedule, it was easier to wait until 8pm to get moving.

After my little guy was born, I became an early morning runner. He was (and is) a terrible sleeper, and if I was already getting up at 5:30, why not just get up at 5 and go for a run? I was lucky to have a friend in my neighborhood who was willing to join me.

This spring, I joined a gym. My best running friend had moved, and I really wanted to spend some time on the treadmill to work on my speed. (My home treadmill died two years ago and we haven’t replaced it.) My running time began after school drop off and I was again fortunate to find some pals to exercise with me.

Now I’m injured. I don’t know what my doctor will say on Tuesday about resuming activity, but I hope to be in the gym again next week. At least on an elliptical or bike. Timing-wise, I’m not sure what will work best. Early morning, mid-afternoon…I have no idea how crowded the childcare is and I don’t know- I hate to think of my kids spending their summer at the gym, even if it is only for an hour, a few days a week. Then again, we have a lot planned and that ME time will probably be necessary. Mommy guilt is a powerful thing, so we’ll see, I guess.

I do know that I’m going to ease back into things, even if the doctor clears me to run right away. I want to try the spin classes at my gym (Never done it! Any tips?). I’m both impressed and inspired by our friend, Megan’s, daily yoga pics on instagram, so I definitely hope to do more yoga and do it regularly. I still want to run, but I want to be cautious. I don’t want to be back in the boot anytime soon. Or ever again, really. I have a half marathon on my calendar in December, and I’m waiting to hear from the doctor before I add one in October. I’ve got time to figure it all out and get back on schedule. My exercise time will just have to go with the flow of summer. (Yeah, right. I will totally have a plan in place as soon as Dr. Fink gives me the go ahead. Ha.)

Morning, Mid-day or Evening runner? Do you find you’re more productive one way or another? I love early morning because then it’s done. But sleep! If you’ve been injured, how did you get back into your routine? How long did it take? Parents- How did you teach your kids to tie their shoes? I don’t even tie mine the right way! (I make two bunny ears and tie them together. It’s just what I’ve always done.)

Tales of the Boot: Books I’m Reading, Parties I’m Planning

Monday morning, I received the following email-

photo 1-4

Cue my sad face. (Also, I didn’t realize Daily Mile sent these kinds of emails.) I’ve spent two weeks in the boot, and while I am doing some exercise (abs and arms, arms and abs. wash, rinse, repeat.), I’m still supposed to be resting my lower body.

Yesterday, I received this email:

photo 5

I’m excited to try a new arm workout! Good job, Tuesday. I think you’re cute. (Those Tone It Up girls are super duper cute, aren’t they?)

The nice thing about doing a lot of arm exercises are my biceps. It’s always tank top season here so nice biceps are a-okay with me. Plus, my friends leave comments on my instagram pics praising “Dem guns!” and that makes me giggle.

But really, I’m mostly resting. A fun thing about resting is that I have a lot of time to read.

Last week, I finished this-

photo 3-2

And it made me want to read more art caper/historical/love stories so if you have any recommendations in that mishmash of themes and genres, please pass me a note during study hall.

I’m still reading this-

photo 1-18

And today I bought this book, which I’ve been waiting for since December. (Note to book bloggers- please don’t review books and say they’re a STAY UP ALL NIGHT MUST READ OMG if said book isn’t released until six months from now. Thanks.)

photo 4

Another fun thing about resting is that I can’t do chores. Really! I walk so much during the day that I’m supposed to sit at night. Can’t do dishes. It’s very difficult to fold laundry when one leg is elevated. True facts, my friends. So, I’m also watching TV. I haven’t done that (besides the news and Rachel Maddow) since the second season of Glee. J and I have one more episode in season one of House of Cards and then we get to watch all of season two. What should we watch next?

I’m also doing some planning for my middle girl’s birthday party. We’re having a “messy party” which is an appropriate theme for a five year old, or a frat house. It’s so diverse!

Some party crafting.

Some party crafting.

Some things we’ve experimented with so far-

– a shaving cream slide
-several variations of homemade slime (I still can’t get this right)
-squirt gun painting
-silly string war

It’s going to be cray cray (my six year old used this in a sentence last week and then informed me that it meant “crazy.” I think she thinks I’m old.).

Happy Wednesday! What are you reading and watching? Let’s share.

Tales of The Boot: I Miss Running

Well, I finished week one of sporting the boot (clunky and so last
season, if you want my opinion) and yesterday I met with my doctor
about the results from my MRI. It’s not a stress fracture; it’s
tendonitis. Still an overuse injury, but not nearly as long of a
recovery time. I hope.

Well, at least the boot keeps my foot dry in the rain (also pictured: rain flat. You want these shoes!)

Well, at least the boot keeps my foot dry in the rain (also pictured: rain flat. You want these shoes!)

For the next three weeks, I’m supposed to wear the boot and rest as
much as possible. No biking, no dancing, no playing volleyball in the
pool (that was an example the doctor gave me. Really?) and definitely
no running. Which, come on- I want to heal, so I wasn’t even
going to attempt that.

I am really missing my endorphins right about now. You know, there
have been times where I haven’t wanted to go to the gym. Times when I
think- “Is this what I have to do for the rest of my life- exercise
– to be fit and look fit and stay healthy? Ugh.” But now that
I can’t do it, I realize how much I need it. I need to feel my heart
pounding after I finish a fast run. I need to sweat. I need to feel my
muscles ache and then the relief of a really good stretch. I need the
wind in my hair and the sun on my shoulders. The thump thump thump of
the treadmill. Those early mornings with Sara where we see the sun
rise. I need it all. Hopefully I’ll be back to it- pain free

Mother’s Day Gifts for the Mother Runner

I love a good gift list. How else will I know what to buy unless someone on the internet tells me so? I kid, I kid. But I do love a gift list and I love Mother’s Day because it’s an opportunity for me to sleep in and demand brunch and get a pedicure- it’s pretty much the only day I can be somewhat selfish. (I say “somewhat” because I usually end up doing at least one load of laundry. Laundry is my life.) It’s a day for family, because I love my kids and husband the most, and without them, I wouldn’t be a mom. It’s a day when I give extra love to my mom and my mother-in-law, both of whom are wonderful moms and friends (and live close enough to babysit their grandchildren). It’s a day when I feel grateful for my mommy friends, for all the advice and support and laughs they’ve given to me on this crazy journey called motherhood.

Moms! My mil, my mom and me at a football game last fall.

Moms! My mil, my mom and me at a football game last fall.

I’m lucky to have some mommy friends who are also runners- both near and far. My first mommy friend is also my best running buddy and it’s only been two weeks since our last long run together, but if I have to be in the boot for a long time, I’m considering pulling a chair up to her treadmill so we can chat while she runs.

Sara and I with our little babes. And Santa. (this is the earliest pic I have of us moms with the girls.)

Sara and I with our little babes. And Santa. (this is the earliest pic I have of us with the girls.)

This gift list is for the mother runners and the runners and the moms who like to wear running clothes to do school drop off in the morning. I actually have some of this stuff already- I love love love it all. (those socks! I went to buy them last fall and they were sold out. So glad Pro Compression brought them back.)

Mother Runner Mother's Day

And this list is for my husband, who always reads my posts. (And you can’t be that surprised by the faux birks. I’m already sporting overalls. All I need is for Chick Jess to make the perfect 90s playlist.)

Mother's Day- Spring and Summer Fun

Happy Monday, my friends! And an early Happy Mother’s Day wish to all the moms, mommies-to-be, and mothers-at-heart.

Tell me how awesome your mom or mother-in-law is. Or how wonderful you are, mama. (Because you are! And really pretty too.)

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: A (mostly) Wordless Wednesday

The Good-

I ran DC with Kyle, whom I hadn’t met in person before last weekend. We internet-knew one another, and she’s a running buddy of my Chicks, so I knew it would be a love-fest. We were both struggling with injured feet, so we took it easy and had great conversation. Best first date I’ve been on in years AND it ended with a blue box. (and later, a Bacon Bloody Mary. I mean, does it get any better?)

photo 1-17

The Bad-

Yesterday, I visited my podiatrist and got The Boot-

photo 3-17

I’m booted from any lower body exercise for an unknown number of weeks. I have an MRI today and once I meet with my doctor again, I’ll get the official word. It’s most likely a stress fracture, but I haven’t really had the chance to think about the implications of it yet (or cry. But I’m sure that’s coming.).

The Ugly-

photo 2-22

Sick baby. My poor guy has had a fever since Monday and he’s pretty miserable.

I prefer to focus on the positive, so tell me something good that’s happening in your life. Little Dude still has enough energy to play peek-a-boo with the Elmo Calls app and it’s SO adorable.

6 minute PR and running with friends – 2014 Nike Women’s Half DC

I was one of the lucky 15,000 runners who participated in the 2014 Nike Women’s Half DC. We’d attempted to get in to the 2013 inaugural race but unfortunately, that lottery didn’t work in our favor. Therefore, I was pretty stoked when we got the news that we’d be running this race!

As my first ever DC race, I was looking forward to checking out the sights, running with friends, and of course, the Tiffany necklace at the finish line (I’m not even going to pretend like that wasn’t a big draw. IT WAS. Not ashamed.)

With any race, you always hear the pros and cons from the previous year (or years); it’s always interesting to see how race organizers respond to feedback. For example, from what I understand the shirts were handed out at the end of the race in 2013. This year, the shirts were available during packet pickup, due to participant feedback. The shirts run small, but were able to be exchanged at a tent in the Expotique area. (Although the ease of exchange was another story for some friends – Moe was able to do it immediately while Vic was told that she needed to come back at a specific time, which she was unable to do.)


This is a large race and the flow of traffic during the Expotique was congested. There was much to look at and experience, all of which were awesome because this race doesn’t lack for sponsorship, but the lines were pretty intense. So despite the party-like vibe going on, with music pumping and smiling volunteers, the main goal was to take a quick spin through and get out of the tent. We signed the graffiti wall and headed up the street.


There was a long line to take a picture with the WE RUN sign, so we did this and called it good!

Georgetown is a great area and the weather was gorgeous so we took our time strolling along. We reached the Nike Store which had the wall of participant names, something we all were looking forward to seeing.


Keri! Mine was too tall (or maybe I’m too short?).

A bit of shopping, a bit of walking, a lot of food and then we headed back to the hotel, Courtyard Marriott in Foggy Bottom. This was one of the race hotels and a little over a mile walk from the start/finish of the race. Split between four of us, Vic, Moe, Keri and myself, it was $50 per person. Once there we relaxed before… you guessed it, MORE FOOD. All the while we were drinking lots of water to hydrate for the next morning.

During dinner we discussed race plans and met up with Brooke and Josh, who had a later reservation at the same restaurant. Vic would run solo, Kyle and Brooke would follow and Keri, Moe and I planned to bring up the back! My goal was to PR and knew my girls would help me along the way.

Sleep did NOT come easy that evening, despite being exhausted. My mind wouldn’t stop racing and I think that it hindered my running on Sunday morning. No bueno!

We woke at 5:15am, met up with Brooke and her husband an hour later, and walked to the start village.

Brooke and I called Mr. President on the Banana Phone. Of course.

Brooke and I called Mr. President on the Banana Phone. Of course.

Once we reached the split area, we took a picture with Josh’s very amazing sign.


After good byes and good lucks, we were off to find our pace areas. This was another change from last year, from what I understand; there were three waves rather than just one.

So very many people.

So very many people.

My cohorts for the race! Me, Moe and Keri

My cohorts for the race! Me, Moe and Keri

We were surrounded by a lot of first time half marathoners and many Team in Training folks, all of whom did an awesome job! Moe runs with Team in Training in Chicago so while waiting to start we chatted a bit about the training runs, the coaches, and whatnot.

After a bit more chit chat and the introductions of Shalane Flanagan and Joan Benoit Samuelson by the DJs, it was GO TIME! We crossed the start about fifteen minutes after the first runners, which was pretty impressive considering that we were in the last corral. The course was pretty packed the majority of the run though so perhaps a bit more time between each corral would help alleviate the congestion. If I ruled the world, this would happen.

Keri, Moe and I settled into our 3:1 intervals, 3 minutes running, 1 minute walking and were able to do that through the race. Naturally we wanted to push the runs but it was hard to do so, as there was never really any open pockets. Bobbing and weaving takes a lot out of you but we did it the entire race.


Heading into the tunnel of no-love.

We hit this tunnel twice and I had no love for it on the way out or back. I mean, on the surface, it’s pretty cool. They had drummers throughout, the beat was echoing off the walls and they also had the graffiti wall and the WE RUN sign from the Expotique. However, it was hotter than blue blazes in there and man, did I feel it. I was happy to get out of there and so was my Garmin.

The race course had other amenities that you don’t usually see at races – some of which were brilliant and others that would have been brilliant in different circumstances. For example, after exiting the tunnel, we saw a chocolate station on the other side of the route. Now, in mile 2 0f the race, chocolate sounded fun. By mile 11, when it could be reality… I wanted no part of it! (Spoiler alert: All I wanted was the finish line.)


You’re a 13.1 in my book

My favorite part of the course were miles 4-7. At mile 4 we saw Brooke’s husband, Josh! He was the only spectator we knew on the course and it’s always nice to see a familiar smiling face.

Around that time is when I got the music (and stashed my phone) so I was rocking and running and having a great ol’ time. The Arlington Memorial Bridge was a lot of fun to run because we got to see runners on the other side, give high fives; it generally had a really good vibe. To paraphrase Pete the Cat, the birds were singing, the sky was bright, the sun was shining and I was feeling ALRIGHT.

That “alright” feeling lasted a little past the halfway point. Which, was very cool, by the way. They had a video camera trained on the road and a huge big screen so you could see everyone running.

At mile 8 I realized that I wasn’t hydrated. Not that I wasn’t hydrating, because I was. I drank two cups at every water station but I was definitely off so I switched out one water for a Nuun cup (the electrolyte drink they had on the course). Our run chatter had definitely diminished to grunts and the occasion expletive and around mile 9, I let Keri and Moe know that I was hurting. I was feeling off, my foot was cranky and all around I was just not in a good way.

However, I had my eyes on a PR. Originally I’d wanted to fall within the 2:30-2:40 range, which would have been a huge PR (of nearly 25-15 minutes) but I felt was doable. As I looked at my watch, I realized that wasn’t going to happen and got a bit disheartened. I knew we’d come in within the 2:40s, which would still be a PR for me (I’m a slow runner, striving to be faster) but I think under different circumstances, things would have played out differently.

On we went, finally hitting that chocolate station in mile 11. I didn’t want it then and it was pretty yucky because there was chocolate on the ground, wrappers and pieces of melted candy. There was no avoiding it so we just ran on, toward… dun dun dun… the tunnel.

Dizziness washed over me and I felt myself stumble to the side a little. That’s when I asked for Keri’s coconut water (you know I wasn’t feeling great because I am usually not a fan of coconut water!) and I got the “We’re nearly at the finish” pep talk from my girls that I so desperately needed. Coming out of the tunnel there was the 20k mat and two large screen with motivational sayings and our names. After one more water station and pouring a cup of water on my head, we rounded the corner and finally the finish line was in sight.

Usually I kick it at the end of a race but I had no more kick. It was all left on the course, for better and for worse. But thankfully, we were done, and with a six minute PR!


Post race, we hugged, and Keri practically carried me to the fancy bottles of water that were located directly after the finish. Then I got what I wanted more than almost anything… CHOCOLATE MILK.

You thought I was going to say the Tiffany necklace, didn’t you? Well, don’t fret because that was next on the agenda!


Vic took an "official" picture with the ROTC dude. The lines were ridic when we were there.

Vic took an “official” picture with the ROTC dude. The lines were ridic when we were there.

The Tiffany’s necklace is pretty incredible… but even more, I’m so grateful that I ran this with good friends who were there with me from start to finish. I was surrounded by love the entire weekend, before, during and after the entire race and by friends whom I don’t get to see on a regular basis. I’m truly lucky that I get to experience so many good things with people who have seen me through so many different parts of my life.


Nike is the goddess of victory and this weekend, it was mine.


How do you sleep the night before a race? Ever run with Team in Training or at a Nike race before? When’s your next race? I have a couple of smaller races scheduled through the summer but my next half is the Dumbo Double Dare. Considering another local half within the summer months… but what?


Chick Chat: Scoot runs DC

For the second time in less than a month, several Scoot a Doot chicks (and honorary chicks) are gathering for a weekend of food, fun and fitness.

That’s right, three short weeks after we ran the boards in Atlantic City, the chicks are headed to our nation’s capital for yet another 13.1-mile jog, the Nike Women’s Half-Marathon.


So it’s been months since we learned we’d be heading to Washington D.C. to run with about 20,000 fierce women. Brooke, Meri and I will be joined by a slew of amazing friends. (honestly, too many to name but we’re excited to see each and every one of you!)

Anyway, here’s what we three chicks are looking forward to this fine spring weekend:


I can’t believe this weekend is finally here. When we agreed to try the lottery for this race, my back-up plan if we didn’t get in was to go for the Broad Street 10 miler, and I was already attempting to convince my husband to run it with us- I was that certain that we wouldn’t get in. Needless to say, I am more than a little excited to be heading up to DC in a few days.

My plan for the race is to run at a comfortable pace and enjoy the sights. I’m not feeling any pain during my runs this week, but I’m not up for attempting a PR either (which would be unlikely anyway). It’s a nice flat course with lots to see- I’ll definitely be carrying my camera.

Beyond the race, I’m really looking forward to a weekend away with my husband, doing some shopping and seeing my girlfriends. Oh, and THE FOOD.



Having lived so close to Washington, D.C. my entire life, you would think that I would have visited there more than a handful of times.

That would be false.

I’ve driven through (on the way to and from Florida) quite a few times but haven’t actually spent much time in our nation’s capital. Therefore, I’m really looking forward checking out the sights while running and hopefully I’ll be able to do a little sightseeing besides the race, too.

The biggest challenge of the weekend won’t have anything to do with the race (I hope!) but rather being able to see everyone I’d like to see. I’m driving down on Friday evening. On Saturday we’ll be heading into the city. Sunday the race begins bright and early, and I’ll be back on the road on Sunday afternoon.

Whirlwind trip, for sure! With a race this big, there are so many friends running and I hope to be able to connect with them all. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll be able to spend time with everyone!

victorianameplateRace plan? You chicks are funny. I just learned yesterday what time the race starts (7 am for you kids following along at home.) I know the course starts and ends in the same spot, that there’s some sort of tunnel and lots of landmarks on a route that friends keep telling me is flat and fast. More than that? I really haven’t thought that far ahead, which is incredibly unlike me as I AM A PLANNER.

As a kid, my family went to DC all the time as my eye doctor was there. (Yes, I’m blind as a bat. Yes, I’ve had five eye surgeries. Yes, there’s so much scar tissue in my eyes that Lasik surgery or contacts are both bad ideas. And yes, we really drove to DC several times each year to see my eye doctor.) But as a result, we spent a lot of time visiting DC landmarks, including all sorts of monuments, museums and of course, The National Zoo.

You may know I was just in DC last month to run the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA marathon and 1/2 with my friend Traci. We had a blast but spent little time on the sights outside our mileage.

This weekend, I’m sure some sightseeing – and LOTS of eating – will occur and I am itching to wander around the Mall and amidst some cherry blossoms, the weekend will hopefully include lots of quality time with a few of my favorite chicks.

Might we be seeing you in DC? What’s your favorite thing to do in our nation’s capital? What can’t we miss? And good luck to all the runners!


Those Pants Cray

Last week, we chatted about warmer weather and this weekend I’m heading
up to DC to run in temperatures below 50 degrees. Again. It didn’t occur to
me that I might want to wear pants for this race (It’s 80 degrees
today in Florida) but now that I’ve checked out the weather, I’m wondering
how quickly I can have some new pants shipped to my house.

Wildly patterned pants are having a moment and I’m really enjoying it.

First, I bought these capris during my holiday run streak:

Floral pants! Had to have 'em.

Floral pants! Had to have ’em.

Then one of my running buddies gave me these for Christmas:

Will my Chicks still run with me if I wear these this weekend?

Will my Chicks still run with me if I wear these this weekend?

(Speaking of Ariel…she’s not my favorite princess or even in my top three, but I really want this shirt. Cracks me up.)

And now I’m calculating shipping fees and weighing the pros and cons
of wearing something completely new during a half marathon.

I had some extra rest days last week and ran a pain free ten miles on
Saturday. I hope this means I’m on the mend, and ready or not, I am
excited to run the streets of DC. We have restaurant reservations, we
have plans to see some friends. I think I have a racing buddy. Now I
just need to figure out what to wear.

Those Pants CRAY

Patterned pants (or shorts or skirt) or plain? Who is your favorite Disney princess? I loved Cinderella as a child but grown-up me prefers Rapunzel (She saves the day and also- hellooooooo, Flynn Ryder.) and Belle (The songs. The books! Also, France.) Anyone running DC? Mer, Vic and I will be there!