Tales of The Boot: I Miss Running

Well, I finished week one of sporting the boot (clunky and so last
season, if you want my opinion) and yesterday I met with my doctor
about the results from my MRI. It’s not a stress fracture; it’s
tendonitis. Still an overuse injury, but not nearly as long of a
recovery time. I hope.

Well, at least the boot keeps my foot dry in the rain (also pictured: rain flat. You want these shoes!)

Well, at least the boot keeps my foot dry in the rain (also pictured: rain flat. You want these shoes!)

For the next three weeks, I’m supposed to wear the boot and rest as
much as possible. No biking, no dancing, no playing volleyball in the
pool (that was an example the doctor gave me. Really?) and definitely
no running. Which, come on- I want to heal, so I wasn’t even
going to attempt that.

I am really missing my endorphins right about now. You know, there
have been times where I haven’t wanted to go to the gym. Times when I
think- “Is this what I have to do for the rest of my life- exercise
– to be fit and look fit and stay healthy? Ugh.” But now that
I can’t do it, I realize how much I need it. I need to feel my heart
pounding after I finish a fast run. I need to sweat. I need to feel my
muscles ache and then the relief of a really good stretch. I need the
wind in my hair and the sun on my shoulders. The thump thump thump of
the treadmill. Those early mornings with Sara where we see the sun
rise. I need it all. Hopefully I’ll be back to it- pain free

9 thoughts on “Tales of The Boot: I Miss Running

  1. I feel your pain (literally) with tendonitis. I developed peroneal tendonitis in the fall after running my first half marathon. I took a couple months off, went to biweekly PT and feel much better now. At this point I’m afraid of it coming back though so I find that I don’t push myself in the way I used to.
    Hope you lose the boot soon! Sending healthy vibes your way!

    • I’m worried that I’m going to feel the same way. Or that I’ll reinsure myself. I have no clue what caused this- a change in my gait, a change in shoes…it’s a mystery. Mine is peroneal also.

      There’s a great essay in this month’s runner’s world about embracing the 5k, so that might inspire you to push yourself in a different way. It certainly got me thinking.

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