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DSC00029-001Hi. My name is Brooke, and I run things. I run after my two girls on the playground; I run to pick up my newborn son when he wakes from a nap; I run to volunteer at the preschool, put away laundry, cook dinner and do dishes; I run to kiss my husband when he gets home from work. And once the little ones are in bed, I run on my treadmill. As a stay-at-home mom, I spend most days feeling like I’m competing in a marathon; racing here, there, and everywhere to get it all done in record time.

Exercising is my time for me. It’s also my time to work off the cookies I ate at lunch. I’ve always been active- as a dancer, an aerobics instructor, and now, as a runner. And I’ve always loved food- the good kinds and the BEST kinds. You know, the stuff with chocolate and frosting and sprinkles.

I started running about eight years ago, to get in shape for my wedding. I continued to run after the birth of my first child- she learned to nap in the jogging stroller- and my second. Then I ran my first half marathon, the Disney Wine & Dine (food + wine + running = WIN.), in November 2011. I ran five half-marathons across Central Florida before getting pregnant with my third baby, and while I’d hoped to run during my pregnancy, I settled for walking and yoga. So now here I am, squeezing in a run when I find time, and discovering-AGAIN- how much I love the run.

I’d rather have expensive shoes than the latest iPhone. I’ll take a book over any TV show. Coffee or wine? That’s a toss up. But I will always choose running over folding laundry (and yes, this is a decision I frequently make.) Let’s run the world, girls!

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