Tales of the Boot: Books I’m Reading, Parties I’m Planning

Monday morning, I received the following email-

photo 1-4

Cue my sad face. (Also, I didn’t realize Daily Mile sent these kinds of emails.) I’ve spent two weeks in the boot, and while I am doing some exercise (abs and arms, arms and abs. wash, rinse, repeat.), I’m still supposed to be resting my lower body.

Yesterday, I received this email:

photo 5

I’m excited to try a new arm workout! Good job, Tuesday. I think you’re cute. (Those Tone It Up girls are super duper cute, aren’t they?)

The nice thing about doing a lot of arm exercises are my biceps. It’s always tank top season here so nice biceps are a-okay with me. Plus, my friends leave comments on my instagram pics praising “Dem guns!” and that makes me giggle.

But really, I’m mostly resting. A fun thing about resting is that I have a lot of time to read.

Last week, I finished this-

photo 3-2

And it made me want to read more art caper/historical/love stories so if you have any recommendations in that mishmash of themes and genres, please pass me a note during study hall.

I’m still reading this-

photo 1-18

And today I bought this book, which I’ve been waiting for since December. (Note to book bloggers- please don’t review books and say they’re a STAY UP ALL NIGHT MUST READ OMG if said book isn’t released until six months from now. Thanks.)

photo 4

Another fun thing about resting is that I can’t do chores. Really! I walk so much during the day that I’m supposed to sit at night. Can’t do dishes. It’s very difficult to fold laundry when one leg is elevated. True facts, my friends. So, I’m also watching TV. I haven’t done that (besides the news and Rachel Maddow) since the second season of Glee. J and I have one more episode in season one of House of Cards and then we get to watch all of season two. What should we watch next?

I’m also doing some planning for my middle girl’s birthday party. We’re having a “messy party” which is an appropriate theme for a five year old, or a frat house. It’s so diverse!

Some party crafting.

Some party crafting.

Some things we’ve experimented with so far-

– a shaving cream slide
-several variations of homemade slime (I still can’t get this right)
-squirt gun painting
-silly string war

It’s going to be cray cray (my six year old used this in a sentence last week and then informed me that it meant “crazy.” I think she thinks I’m old.).

Happy Wednesday! What are you reading and watching? Let’s share.