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3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. So, I think you ladies need to do a post about the psychology of running. I have been doing C25K and have just hit the last week. I *know* that I can physically do the runs but I have been psyching myself out and slowing down or walking well before I should. Now that I’ve done that THREE times, how do I convince my body to keep going? How do I get out of my own head??

    • I completely understand where you are coming from, Keri, because often times the “I can’t” creeps in. And then I remind myself… I CAN. AND I WILL. In fact, when I was running the AC half with Moe, about two miles in I said, “I think I’m going to walk for a bit.” And she was like, “Okay, are you sure?”

      No. I wasn’t sure. I was doubting myself. So I just did a check of myself – head to toe. Was anything hurting? No. Was my breathing okay? Yes. Was my heart rate crazy? No.

      I can and I will. And I kept running.

      Try this. Instead of watching the clock for when you’re “supposed to” run – just run. Cover the clock. Run for three songs. Get outside and listen to the birds and just do what you’re comfortable with. And then go a bit further. Chances are you’ll probably surprise yourself!

      Because, honestly, I know you. And I know you can do this.

    • A good bit of running requires mental fitness. Honestly- you have to convince your head to keep going! Last week of couch to 5k? You totally have this, Keri. Break it down however you need to; sometimes I tell myself I have ten minutes left. You can do anything for ten minutes! Or three songs, or whatever. Think about something else entirely if you have to. Just keep going. You can do it!

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