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I’m always running, one way or another. I’m a newspaper reporter, wife and all-around nut. My life is never dull when covering breaking news and crime, which can lead to 10-hour workdays sustained by a cookie, no bathrooms and one heavily used cell phone charger. Every day is different, which is so much of what I love about my job.

I’ve learned I need to relax and unwind many days, which is why I turned to running.

A lapsed competitive swimmer and rower-turned-runner, I’ve always loved sports. I ran in high school and then picked it up again as cross-training for my crew club. Soon enough, I found myself running half marathons and marathons and knew I couldn’t keep up with both sports. Running ultimately won out, in part because I can squeeze a run in any time, any place.

My running time is ME time. I never run with music and love to run in snow. It’s my time to think, or share a laugh with my wonderful running partners and best friends. I’ve completed five marathons and more than 20 half-marathons with more on the horizon.

My supportive husband allows me to wander across the country to visit friends and run races. Some events are serious, but I love to enjoy what I do and that applies racing strategies as well. I love to cheer my friends along to the finish, sometimes while running alongside them. And they support my running in the same manner. There’s no feeling in the world like when you cross a finish line and realize you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

I run for me. And I run for you.

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