Tales Of The Boot: Making Plans to Exercise (Get Me Out Of This Thing!)

There are five days of school left. FIVE. In five days, I will have a first grader. In seven days, I will have a kindergartner (Her preschool ends two days later). In seven days, I will have three kids at home for the entire summer. Whoa.

It was both easier and more difficult last summer, because little dude was a baby. He wasn’t walking, so he was easier to cart around, but he also slept more, needed more breaks for changing, nursing, food, etc. This summer, he can walk, eat big kid snacks and he enjoys things- but man, he is into EVERYTHING.

Right now, our days are fun and a little exhausting, so I know that with my girls home, our summer will be more of both. Like Meri, I’m a planner, and I’m using these last several days to work on my calendar. We’ve got camps scheduled (Frozen musical theater camp, holla!), playdates in the works, our summer learning checklist (Big girl- tie her shoes and ride her bike. Middle girl- read. Little dude- sleep through the night. Haha. For real. Me- chess.), and a family vacation. It’s got me wondering though, where will exercise fit in?

When I trained for my first half-marathon, I did most of my runs at night. We had a treadmill in our bedroom and with a busy husband and a full daytime schedule, it was easier to wait until 8pm to get moving.

After my little guy was born, I became an early morning runner. He was (and is) a terrible sleeper, and if I was already getting up at 5:30, why not just get up at 5 and go for a run? I was lucky to have a friend in my neighborhood who was willing to join me.

This spring, I joined a gym. My best running friend had moved, and I really wanted to spend some time on the treadmill to work on my speed. (My home treadmill died two years ago and we haven’t replaced it.) My running time began after school drop off and I was again fortunate to find some pals to exercise with me.

Now I’m injured. I don’t know what my doctor will say on Tuesday about resuming activity, but I hope to be in the gym again next week. At least on an elliptical or bike. Timing-wise, I’m not sure what will work best. Early morning, mid-afternoon…I have no idea how crowded the childcare is and I don’t know- I hate to think of my kids spending their summer at the gym, even if it is only for an hour, a few days a week. Then again, we have a lot planned and that ME time will probably be necessary. Mommy guilt is a powerful thing, so we’ll see, I guess.

I do know that I’m going to ease back into things, even if the doctor clears me to run right away. I want to try the spin classes at my gym (Never done it! Any tips?). I’m both impressed and inspired by our friend, Megan’s, daily yoga pics on instagram, so I definitely hope to do more yoga and do it regularly. I still want to run, but I want to be cautious. I don’t want to be back in the boot anytime soon. Or ever again, really. I have a half marathon on my calendar in December, and I’m waiting to hear from the doctor before I add one in October. I’ve got time to figure it all out and get back on schedule. My exercise time will just have to go with the flow of summer. (Yeah, right. I will totally have a plan in place as soon as Dr. Fink gives me the go ahead. Ha.)

Morning, Mid-day or Evening runner? Do you find you’re more productive one way or another? I love early morning because then it’s done. But sleep! If you’ve been injured, how did you get back into your routine? How long did it take? Parents- How did you teach your kids to tie their shoes? I don’t even tie mine the right way! (I make two bunny ears and tie them together. It’s just what I’ve always done.)

11 thoughts on “Tales Of The Boot: Making Plans to Exercise (Get Me Out Of This Thing!)

  1. Summer! It is so hard when schedules change. I face similar battles with trying to plan things so that I can also have “ME” time to exercise. So far, May, June, and July look pretty good…but I’m not sure I will get to exercise at all in August. ha! And, I’m still battling the injury thing, too. I have run once in 2 weeks. Not fun! I’m hoping to run a 10K in September and a 10-miler in October…but nothing is in the books right now. Happy healing! And, happy surviving your summer with the 3 kiddos!

    • Megan, you are such an inspiration to me! I know you miss running, but I love seeing glimpses of your yoga practice. I’m praying for healing for you, my friend. Happy summer to us all. Here’s hoping there’s enough wine, haha.

  2. I am in a boot too, and anxiously awaiting if I get to return to activity. I personally find I am more productive if I do things at night, but I prefer to get it done in the morning. It is a funny dilemma

  3. my boyfriend has recently been FORCING me to run in the AM. Usually I am a mid-afternoon/evening exerciser, but now I’m both morning and night! I like the morning aspect, because then any surprises that pop in the afternoon can be dealt with without losing your exercise for that day. It does require a LOT of self-control not to go back to sleep though.. if I had kids idk what would happen! lol good luck!!

    • I think with kids- my kids, who are terrible sleepers, anyway, I figure, I will be up around that time anyway, so I might as well be running. That said, I’m a morning person anyway. Good luck to you! So nice that you and your bf run together.

    • I’m an early bird too! I love to be awake before anyone else in my house, and I love to see the sun rise. And the morning air feels so good. I hope to be back to it soon.

  4. You cracked me up that you don’t tie your shoes right! I bet there are some great guides on pinterest or youtube (you can learn anything on those two!). I do best if I workout in the morning. I tend to have to do it first thing (6am), but I prefer to do it around 9am. And put that mommy guilt to rest. As Fellow Flowers says “Running isn’t mommy being selfish, it’s mommy being awesome!” And you’re setting a great example for your kids!

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