The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: A (mostly) Wordless Wednesday

The Good-

I ran DC with Kyle, whom I hadn’t met in person before last weekend. We internet-knew one another, and she’s a running buddy of my Chicks, so I knew it would be a love-fest. We were both struggling with injured feet, so we took it easy and had great conversation. Best first date I’ve been on in years AND it ended with a blue box. (and later, a Bacon Bloody Mary. I mean, does it get any better?)

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The Bad-

Yesterday, I visited my podiatrist and got The Boot-

photo 3-17

I’m booted from any lower body exercise for an unknown number of weeks. I have an MRI today and once I meet with my doctor again, I’ll get the official word. It’s most likely a stress fracture, but I haven’t really had the chance to think about the implications of it yet (or cry. But I’m sure that’s coming.).

The Ugly-

photo 2-22

Sick baby. My poor guy has had a fever since Monday and he’s pretty miserable.

I prefer to focus on the positive, so tell me something good that’s happening in your life. Little Dude still has enough energy to play peek-a-boo with the Elmo Calls app and it’s SO adorable.

21 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: A (mostly) Wordless Wednesday

  1. Ugh…a boot! So sorry, friend! As someone suffering (since November) with a running injury, I totally feel your pain. And, I will cry with you. It sucks when things we cannot control get in the way of the things we love. Hang in there, and good luck! Hug that sweet boy…hope he is better soon! Oh, and something good in my life? Well, I had my MRI on Monday which means that I will soon know if I get to have injections to help my recovery along. That’s good, right?

    • I am always sending positive thoughts your way, Megan! I know you’ve been frustrated. I hope you find a treatment that works so you can get back to running pain free. HUGS.

  2. MY BUDDY. I’m hurting on your behalf. Or wait, no, that might just be on my behalf. But whatever, I feel your pain. Love and hugs (and hands in the boobs) to little dude. <3

    • This morning, the boot got stuck in my parking break. WTF. This is…not fun.

      Hughughug. Next time we will run DC with 100% less injury and 100% more margaritas. (or you know, there’s always FL for Christmas.)

      • This made me laugh just so so so so much. So that’s good. But I’m truly sorry about Da Boot. It’s no fun. WHY IS EVERYONE INJURED?! (Me included, but upper body?!)

        • Obviously we are all super badass. Right? What’s going on with you? I hope you’re on the mend.

          And yeah, this thing. I mean, that same day, I turned around quickly and my husband moved in the the opposite direction and basically, I stubbed his toe. The baby has already tripped over it. I think it needs it’s own turn signal and maybe a bell.

  3. So sorry, B!

    I’ve been thinking about training this spring and summer. Wondering what you gals like to wear for warm-weather workouts. Any advice?

    Sending you guys love! ☀️

    • Thank you.

      Well, my warm is different from your warm. 😉 But I like shorts and short sleeves versus tanks to protect me from the sun (really to protect me from terrible tan lines if we are being completely honest).

      What are your plans? Tri? Or just running? Exciting stuff!

  4. Oh no Brooke! So sorry to see you in the boot and to hear your little guy is sick. Hugs and quick healing to you both. Let’s focus on the positive here….you did get a little blue box AND a bacon bloody mary…..uh, win!!

  5. So sorry to see you have a boot. I know its a good thing in the long run (Ha!) but is not what you wanted. Hoping it gets better soon love. And it was amazing to see you and Josh! xo

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