Those Pants Cray

Last week, we chatted about warmer weather and this weekend I’m heading
up to DC to run in temperatures below 50 degrees. Again. It didn’t occur to
me that I might want to wear pants for this race (It’s 80 degrees
today in Florida) but now that I’ve checked out the weather, I’m wondering
how quickly I can have some new pants shipped to my house.

Wildly patterned pants are having a moment and I’m really enjoying it.

First, I bought these capris during my holiday run streak:

Floral pants! Had to have 'em.

Floral pants! Had to have ’em.

Then one of my running buddies gave me these for Christmas:

Will my Chicks still run with me if I wear these this weekend?

Will my Chicks still run with me if I wear these this weekend?

(Speaking of Ariel…she’s not my favorite princess or even in my top three, but I really want this shirt. Cracks me up.)

And now I’m calculating shipping fees and weighing the pros and cons
of wearing something completely new during a half marathon.

I had some extra rest days last week and ran a pain free ten miles on
Saturday. I hope this means I’m on the mend, and ready or not, I am
excited to run the streets of DC. We have restaurant reservations, we
have plans to see some friends. I think I have a racing buddy. Now I
just need to figure out what to wear.

Those Pants CRAY

Patterned pants (or shorts or skirt) or plain? Who is your favorite Disney princess? I loved Cinderella as a child but grown-up me prefers Rapunzel (She saves the day and also- hellooooooo, Flynn Ryder.) and Belle (The songs. The books! Also, France.) Anyone running DC? Mer, Vic and I will be there!

22 thoughts on “Those Pants Cray

  1. I’ll be in DC!

    I really wish I could pull off the printed leggings…I love them, but they just look awful on me so I stick with plain.

    • Wheeeeeee! I’m so freaking excited! And I don’t think I look super duper in printed things either. But I love them and I also love pattern mixing too, apparently. Happy running this weekend!

    • Well, you should get some from Target and we can be matchies. 🙂 Where would you go with one day to hang out in DC? And what is this cupcake place everyone goes on about?

  2. Rapunzel, Mulan, and Anna. I love brights but prints aren’t my fave right now. That being said, those geodiamond tights are amazing. I ran in new Athleta Chat capris for Princess and gratefully didn’t pay the price.

  3. I am loving the patterned pants…Especially since I pretty much only wear pants (aka capri tights in warm weather)! That being said, I LOVE those Nike pants. Those are pretty rad! Agree with you on the princess part…love me some Rapunzel. Good luck in DC! I look forward to running something “real” again in the future!

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