Chick Chat: We All Have To Start Somewhere

Where did you begin? That’s the question that many of us have been asked when it comes to running (or weights, or a particular sport, etc.). It takes a great deal of effort and self-motivation to continually work on ourselves and it’s always interesting to hear what lights that fire within.

As the days and years go by, working out can disappear and return once again, depending on the state of your life, family, and mind. We all had very different answers when posed the question: “How did you start working out/running or (if you’re currently not) how do you plan to begin again?”

Scoot a Doot has been around for quite some time now but we realize that not everyone reading our blog knows all of our history. For those of you who have recently joined us, welcome! For those who have been around awhile but might have forgotten, we wanted to share our “starting out” stories with you. And get your story ready because we’d LOVE to hear from you!

Oh running. There was a time when I didn’t really enjoy running at all. I grew up in Alaska with parents who loved camping and hiking. They bred in me not only a love of nature, but also the need to be active. I played basketball, volleyball, ran track, skied, snowboarded, hiked, biked, and swam. Running just to run wasn’t really on my list of favorite things to do – I would mostly just use it as a means of training for basketball or volleyball or skiing. In fact, if you asked my mom, she’d tell you I probably did more whining about running than actual running for most of my life.

I don’t think I became a real runner until after I graduated from college. I played college basketball, but when that was over I became more sedentary than I had ever been in my entire life. It felt weird. I needed to do something to change it, but not having a two-hour practice to go to every night or teammates to hit the gym with made it hard. So I started running. Not too seriously, but I’d get a few miles in every day. Treadmillin’ it. Then, I signed up for a local five-miler that I’d done a number of times growing up. I felt so good with my finish that I went home and told my mom I wanted to run a half marathon. Of course she told me to go for it.

That was 2012. Now I’ve run three marathons, a handful of half marathons, and too many other races to count. My fitness has evolved, too. Instead of just running, I lift weights, I spin, and I’ve recently started CrossFit (for real, after five years of following the sport and not being able to make it happen). Running is still a part of my workout regimen, I’ve just found a better balance with it – and my body appreciates it. My fitness is always a work in progress, but running with always be foundational in that fitness.

A longtime runner, I never expected to take more than a year off the sport to start my family. But for a variety of reasons, that’s just how life unfolded and I stopped running during my first trimester.

I attempted to prepare to resume running during my maternity, walking regularly while pushing my son in his stroller. It worked well for us and I had grand plans to use our jogging stroller the moment he was six months old.

That milestone fell in the middle of a severe windstorm. Then came a two-foot snow storm. I was also insanely sleep-deprived with a husband who travels internationally, leaving me to parent solo while also working full time.

As time allowed, I ran a few miles here and there in the spring, but nothing stuck.

Once I was getting a good 7-8 hours of sleep a night, I finally resumed a somewhat regular running routine last month, about 18 months after I stopped running.

I started out running a half-mile and then walking for a minute or two for about 20 to 30 minutes. I repeated three times each week, bringing my son along in the jogger each Sunday. As the weeks passed I felt stronger, my walk breaks are shorter and my breathing improves. On weekdays, I run 2-3 miles and one weekend day is reserved for a slow, 3-5 mile jog with my son.

I haven’t worn a watch once because my pace doesn’t matter. I am running to run. My goal is for each run to surpass the previous workout.

I only run about 10 miles a week, mainly because that’s what I have time to take on. It may change – it may not. And that’s OK.

12 years ago my interest in exercise was minimal. I mean, it was a nice idea in theory but I wasn’t too interested in actually doing anything. And it showed. My bad habits were catching up to me and after I had my older son, I knew that I needed to do something to feel good about myself.

For the longest time I checked off the box next to “never run unless something is chasing me.” And it took me quite some time to work my way up to actually running. When my eldest son (12) was just over a year, I heard about a stroller workout class called Stroller Strides that was in a local park.

There’s a saying, “You have to crawl before you walk.” I feel like that was my fitness journey. I slowly started with Stroller Strides, pushing my kiddo in his Graco stroller and then eventually upgraded to a B.O.B. Revolution. I got more involved with Stroller Strides, loving being with other local moms and working out. A few years in, I became a certified instructor and began teaching the classes under the franchise owner.

I picked up other fitness classes along the way including Jazzercise (yes, really!) and yoga. Running had always been a challenge and I wasn’t sure I was equipped to handle it so I just continued getting my endorphin high from other forms of exercise. I continued working out through my second pregnancy and was back to Stroller Strides as soon as I was cleared by the doctor.

Running really began for me after my younger son was diagnosed with Autism. Rather than stress eating, I turned to the treadmill. I was inspired by watching Vic run her first full marathon in 2010 and I decided that this was finally going to be my outlet too.

Except every moment of running at the beginning was a struggle for me.

I hated it. HATED. IT. I wore the wrong shoes. I got blisters. I made stupid mistakes. I cried. I signed up for a mud run as my first ever race (read: MISTAKE).

2011 Mud Run

Somewhere along the way, I started hating it less. Dare I even say, I actually liked it? I saw results. I got faster (not fast, but faster). I leaned out more. I signed up for races with friends and met new friends along the way.

2011 Rothman 8k – Philadelphia

I started working out with a trainer to get stronger. I talked other people into running races with me. I never said no to trying something at least once.

And when I doubt myself I repeat “I can and I will” over and over until it becomes “I could and I did”.

For most of my life, I avoided running at all cost. When I was a kid, they told me running could kill me. Thanks to my asthma, I was encouraged NOT to be athletic or to try out for sports. I was always picked last for team games.

For most of my life, I hated running. I hated it because I couldn’t do it, and because it fed my low self-esteem as a kid. After my parents divorced, my dad became a pro body builder and I developed a respect and understanding for the importance of fitness. When I worked in elder care for many years, I learned a very important lesson. You’re only as old as you allow your body and mind to get. My biggest fear is becoming frail so I started taking yoga classes and loved it.

When my friends, the other Chicks, started running, I decided to see if my lungs would play nice and I started running too. Thankfully they do play nice, as long as I don’t try to run fast. Every time I get a new medal, I prove to that wheezing kid inside me that I am stronger. That I can do it. In those moments my motto rings true; I’m little, but fierce.

My first race, the Denver Color Run in 2013, and most Recent, the 2017 Yellowstone Half (and my cute husband)

Lately, I’ve been getting bored with running. I was even considering giving up running and focusing only on yoga. Mostly because I’m really bad at making time for training. But when I look at what’s been going on in my life since February, I feel like there isn’t any way I could have made different choices with my time. Life happens, and this year has been a year of BIG change for me. I’ve had to roll with it.

In the midst of that change, I’ve been spending more time in the mountains where I’m building my house. Coincidentally, it’s inspired my running again. I’ve decided to branch into trail running. I’m not sure if I’ll do a trail race; I may stick to road races, but I’m looking forward to training on the nearby trails. The area is also ideal for snowshoeing and cross country skiing. For the first time ever, I’m looking forward to winter and trying these new sports. My asthma, though much less severe than when I was a kid, is still aggravated by cold weather, but I’m hoping I can overcome that. You never know unless you try!

My new, neighbor, Taylor Mountain. Elevation 9134 ft. Taylor was my maiden name, it’s fate!

That’s how we started (or started again)! We’d love to hear how you began putting one foot in front of the other. Feel free to share in the comments below or, if you’re inspired to write a blog post, please tweet at us so we can read it!

Don’t Call Us “Mellow Yellow”

We’re painting the month yellow here at Scoot A Doot, and we’re off to an incredible start. I am so inspired by my chicks and our friends who’ve joined our team. It’s only been three days, and already we’ve run, walked, skipped or jumped over 145 miles! We’ve also raised over $600. IN THREE DAYS. I’m completely bowled over by the support for this cause, and so thankful that I know wonderful people, who know other wonderful people. (And I’m sort of lost with the words over this. Truly.)

When we decided to participate in the Million Mile Run, we weren’t sure what our goal would be. Teams are supposed to run 100 miles, collectively, and right away, we knew that we’d surpass that with ease. Some of us are training for long distance races, one of us is running her way through Napa this month, and one of us walks as her primary mode of transport. We’re a pretty ambitious bunch though, and since our mindset for this event was “Go BIG or go home,” we each set our sights on an individual goal.


My goal is 13.1 miles for the month. I’m hoping for more but i wanted a workable goal and I’ve done a half in a month before so that seemed good.

This will be achieved primarily through walking, although i am restarting C25K, so there will be some running.

Because my phone died, and my replacement phone is on backorder, I’ll be using the local high school track as my mileage guide, and logging my time manually in Runkeeper. And once my phone gets here, I’ll be all about my Runkeeper and Couch to 5k training apps.


I typically walk about three miles a day, so I know I can hit 90 miles by the end of the month without any problem. My secret goal is 100 miles – still doable but it will definitely require more effort. I’ll be stoked if I hit that!

To achieve it,  I plan to keep doing what I’m doing: by walking around the city as much as possible. Once I’m back to 100% health (summer colds are the worst!) I plan to run on the weekends as well.

I’ll be tracking miles with My Fitbit One, of course!


My miles for the Million Mile Run will be taking place during gym warm up (I usually average two prior to an hour of strength/cardio) and while my kids are at school. I’m going to try to streak as much as my schedule will allow this month and get at least a mile a day because, really, why not? The weekends will be dedicated to long runs.

I usually use my Garmin or just general knowledge to track my miles (I do my quarter mile stretch prior to the gym sans watch). However I’m getting a Fitbit within the next couple of days so perhaps I’ll use that to track my mileage. I’m excited to play with a new gadget and there’s really no better way to break it in!


The Million Mile run happens to fall into my schedule at the same time I ramp up my mileage as I prepare for the NYC Marathon. As I look at my training schedule, I see that my long runs alone total more than 60 miles in September. So – I’ve decided to set my goal for 100 miles. I think my training should bring me pretty close, if not over the century mark. I was already nearly 1/5 of my way to my goal on Sept. 1, as I run an 18-miler in Watertown, NY.

I plan to run 4-5 days each week, with a little cross-training of swimming or spinning thrown in. Now while I do train with a Garmin (forerunner 210, folks!) I typically am lax about downloading said information into a fancy spreadsheet, but I do write my mileage, pace and time on my weekly running log. Now don’t laugh, but it’s all kept in a weekly pocket calendar from Target’s dollar spot. It’s old school, but it works for me.


As for me, I plan to run 75 miles this month. I’m at the beginning of my training for Wine and Dine, and 75 is slightly over the planned mileage, but I’m going over on most of my runs already anyway. (Sorry, Hal Higdon.)

Cross training will be walking with my family or hanging with Hannah on the elliptical (does that count?), and all miles will be tracked by my trusty Garmin.

I’m sporting my yellow today (good thing I have a lot of it!) and I can’t wait to see how much we run- and raise- to help support children’s cancer research.


Please donate if you’re moved to do so. Thanks.

Have you ever done a running streak? What are you currently training for? Tell me how much you love your FitBit (my mom has a birthday soon and I’m eyeing it for a gift!) What yellow clothing do you have in your closet?

I Scream, You Scream… OINK!

Total Fat – 23,968g, Total Sugars – 25,680g, Total Calories – 359,520 – 330 registered participants. It’s Team Scoot a Doot’s Jog ‘n Hog experience… in pictures!



Team Scoot a Doot - out in full force and ready to Jog 'n Hog!

Team Scoot a Doot – out in full force and ready to Jog ‘n Hog!

Kimberly and Kyle drove all the way from the DC area to jog and hog with us!

Kimberly and Kyle drove all the way from the DC area to jog and hog with us!



Seen on our run through Shady Brook Farm.

Nom nom!

Nom nom!

Team Scoot a Doot found a corner and started to chow down.

Team Scoot a Doot found a corner and started to chow down.



Brandi with her littlest helper!

Brandi with her littlest helper.

Jena digs in.

Jena digs in.

Chick Vic and Kyle.

Chick Vic and Kyle.


Aaron and Jen



Chocolate sauce did NOT want to open!

Chocolate sauce did NOT want to open!

Kate finished... and she doesn't even LIKE ice cream.

Kate finished… and she doesn’t even LIKE ice cream.

Christina gets it done.

Christina gets it done.

Linda, our Jog 'n Hog giveaway winner. Double fisting takes on a whole new meaning.

Linda, our Jog ‘n Hog giveaway winner. Double fisting takes on a whole new meaning.



Then there was this guy, the Pace Pig. To add to the fun of the Jog ‘n Hog there, you either beat the pig or the pig beat you! Our team was half and half, if anyone’s keeping track.


credit: Jog 'n Hog Boss Hog

credit: Jog ‘n Hog Boss Hogs (thanks guys, it was a blast!)

So much fun was had and naturally, since we’re planners, we’re already talking about Team Scoot a Doot’s triumphant return in 2014. Who’s in?

Bring on the Ice Cream! (And beer!)

Things that I love*:

1. ice cream

2. running (right now I’m actually really digging it. I KNOW, right?)

3. my Dude (hopefully he’s not offended that he’s under running and ice cream. Actually, he’s not reading this so to quote Cartman, “WHATEVER! I DO WHAT I WANT”.)

4. my friends, both old and new

5. the Philadelphia Zoo (and more specifically, drinking at the zoo)

6. wooing on Twitter

7. lists and plans

*that are relevant to this weekend. My kids/dog aren’t on the list because they’re going to Camp Grandparents!

Back in March of this year, right after we launched Scoot a Doot, the Jog ‘n Hog folks found me on Twitter.

jnhtweet2It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m a HUGE fan of ice cream. If, by some random chance, I could only eat one dessert for the rest of my life… ice cream. Cake, cookies, trifle, cupcakes; I can pass by without so much as a second glance. But when I hear Mister Softee’s alluring song off in the distance? I can and I will push my children out of the way so I can get to that truck first. (Not really.) (Okay, maybe that’s happened on one occasion.)

Furthermore, as listed above, I love when race organizers or companies interact with their potential/current clients via social media. I think it’s brilliant and awesome. I like attention and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Kudos to Jog ‘n Hog for engaging and wooing (it didn’t take much but let’s pretend) with your promises of ice cream and running.


Found this little piggy at the end of the Broad Street Run in May. Like I said, the Jog ‘n Hog people know how to do it!

We’ve steadily picked up steam, excitement, and team members over the past couple of months. There’s been planning (MY FAVORITE!), tweets, emails, Facebook messages, shirt orders, OH MY!

Team Scoot a Doot has members from PA, NJ, NY, and DC and we’ll all converge at Shady Brook Farm in Yardley, PA. Finally, FIN-AL-LY, the weekend of the much anticipated Jog ‘n Hog has arrived.

In addition to the Jog ‘n Hog, it’s the Summer Ale Fest at the Philadelphia Zoo on Saturday night. This is a ritual for Dude and myself; we love wandering around the zoo, trying local ales, and seeing the zoo residents in the evening hours.

One of my first pictures on Instagram. I've since embraced the "no filter" rule.

One of my first pictures on Instagram. I’ve since embraced the “no filter” rule. Guess it’s safe to say that I didn’t like that particular beer – I’m sort of picky.

Let’s review, shall we? Drinking beer for dinner on Saturday evening. Eating ice cream (and running) for Sunday morning’s breakfast. Go big or go home!

Months of planning have been leading up to this weekend and I am super duper excited! Like puppy with a new toy excited! Like seeing awesome friends that I haven’t seen (or, ahem, met before) excited!

In April, we introduced you to some of Team Scoot a Doot for the Jog ‘n Hog. Since that post, the team has expanded! With that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to Kimberly and Kyle. Kimberly was our Philadelphia Chocolate Tours winner back in May and along with their tour, they decided to join us for the Jog ‘n Hog. I can’t wait to finally meet these ladies!

Yes, I have this many containers at work. Or...12 total.

Yes, I have this many containers at work. Or…12 total.

Kimberly – Strategy: leftovers. If leftovers were a way to rule the world, I’d be all over that. So instead of losing my ice cream all over the course, I’ll bring some back for the post-race party. You won’t see me wasting perfectly good ice cream!


Want to touch the hiney…

Kyle – Let’s be honest, I’m too innately competitive not to go hard. I’m gonna run for two miles. Then I’m going to eat as much ice cream as I can. Then I’m going to run back. (Then I’ll finish the ice cream I have left.) I have yet to experience exercise-induced purging. No time like the present to tempt fate!

So, there you go. Some of my favorite things are all happening within one weekend and I say, with much enthusiasm, BRING IT ON. The past couple of weeks have been tough and I’m more than ready for a weekend of friends, indulgences, and Philadelphia.

What are your weekend plans? Have you ever done one of these non-traditional races or gone to a zoo brew/ale fest? Just want to say hi? (I love saying hi back!) Comment away!

Chick Chat: Who’s who? And why?

What’s in a name? And what’s in a name that we get to choose for ourselves? And if asked to pick a pic, any pic at all, to share with Scoot a Doot readers, what would it be?


VICTORIA: My userID, VFreile, is the least inventive of the Scoot a Doot bunch. It’s my first initial and my last name. It’s the same for my twitter handle and instagram account and pretty much anything I use professionally. I kept it simple because of my job. As a newspaper reporter I cover a lot of tragedy, so using something cute or trendy just wasn’t an option.

This pic was taken last year by a colleague in the Hall of Justice. I was reviewing my notes and calling my editor with an update (to be posted online) in between court cases. I can’t specifically remember the two cases involved, just that they were high-interest. But I do recall my colleague snapping this pic after the first court appearance ended, before the second.


REBECCA: Bec2point0 – It’s like me, only better! I have a history of reinventing myself. Pretty regularly, actually. I’m a writer. I hate writing. I’m a runner. I don’t feel like running anymore. I’m not a runner; but I’m a vegan! Where is the cheese?? Lather, rinse, repeat.

I feel like most of my life I’ve been in a constant state of evolution. I don’t really know what I want to be when I grow up, and I think that’s okay. Because no matter what I am, I’m always me.

Here’s me with my fellow Scooters Cam and Mer, and honorary Chick Jenn, wandering the streets of Boston, eating chocolate and just being us.


CAMILLE: Camoozle is the blending of my first and last name sounds.  It originally started with my “Who” name.  Every good teacher has a Who name, it’s mandated in our credential.  I was christened Cammy Zoo Who.  Which eventually got shortened to Cammy Zoo, then, out of sheer laziness, got turned into Camoozle.

My Rainbow Sisters were the first to nickname me Cammy Zoo.


MERIDITH: When I was a wee lass, I was an only child. As an only child I had an overactive imagination, which included my imaginary friend: Jenereesa.

Jenereesa was a pretty cool chick. She opened doors for me (aka automatic doors – remember when you had to step on a mat to make that happen?) and was always down to take the blame if we did something wrong. She also could do what I could not because she was magical.

Somewhere along the way, right around the time that I began my healthy living journey, she reappeared as the “person” I wanted to become.


JESSICA: WriteitDownJess – I have a terrible memory and need to write things down in order to remember them. I’m always telling myself, “write it down, Jess!” Beyond that, I’ve always been a bit of a storyteller (in written form only. Please don’t ever ask me to tell a story if it’s not written out), so it seemed like a fitting name for me.

My personal motto:


BROOKE: BeeWhoBabbles – Because my first name is Brooke, I hear some variation of “Oh, babbling Brooke?” from at least half the people I meet. (Clever, no?) When I set up my twitter account, I tried to use “bwhobabbles”, but it was already taken. I didn’t want to use that name plus numbers, so I settled on “beewhobabbles” and now, I like that better. It’s a perkier, cutesy spelling and I can be a chatterbox- so it fits.

My new favorite running shirt (that I haven’t actually run in yet) from Run Pretty Far. It’s super lightweight, soft, and I put it on as soon as it arrived. Love!


What’s the story, morning glory? What’s the word, hummingbird? How’d you settle on your name?

Another Mother Runner… Or Two!

Living an entire country apart, we find interesting reasons to reunite.  Most of the time it includes running and for a good long while now, we’ve been trying to get it to include a Ragnar Relay Race.

Gifts from Brooke!

We Chicks also know the importance of Mother tribe support when it comes to running. Note the book that Brooke sent along to Meridith when she began running.

So when we saw this contest on Another Mother Runner’s site, we saw a perfect opportunity for Mer and Cam to support AMR and their quest for Ragnar domination.

The Evidence

Exhibit R – We Love Ragnar

Okay, well, Cam loves Ragnar. Mer *thinks* she loves Ragnar.  Cam starts most conversations with “So, have you heard of Ragnar?” and talks about her Ninja team.  A lot.  She’s ran six Ragnars.  She’s practically an expert, and expertise is always a valuable addition to a team.  This makes Mer an expert by proxy.

Because seriously, Cam can’t shut up about Ragnar.

Coincidence or destiny?

Coincidence or destiny? That’s Cam’s Ninja star!


Exhibit A – We’ll bring snacks!

Being moms, we take the role of snack provider very seriously.  Cam’s carried cake onto a plane before, don’t think she won’t do it again.  You never know what gourmet morsel you’ll find in Mer’s arsenal, but one thing’s for sure, she doesn’t mess around.  Chick Jess can attest.


Gratutious shot of Jess' baby. Because who doesn't love babies? We helped feed this child's parents right after he was born.

Gratutious shot of Jess’ baby. We helped feed this child’s parents right after he was born.

Recovery Cupcake?

Cam’s Recovery Cupcakes

Exhibit G – We’ll make costumes!

With Mer’s imagination and Cam’s sewing machine, we have quite the reputation of running while cute.  The best part?  We’re shameless!  We don’t care what kind of shenanigans you have in store for us, we’ll rock it like a mother.  Chick Vic knows what’s up.


Three Sleeping Beauty fairies are we.

Three Sleeping Beauty fairies are we.

So awesome Cam even won Best Female Costume at the Superhero 5k

So awesome Cam even won Best Female Costume at the Superhero 5k

Look! We even use mud to our costuming advantage.

Look! We even use mud to our costuming advantage.

Exhibit N – We don’t mind letting other people be in charge!

Mer and Cam are here for the good of the team.  We’ll grab that wheel if it’s available!  But we’re not above letting someone else drive.  Occasionally.  We’re never bossy.  And we’d never, ever, force people to make videos proclaiming our awesomeness.  See, even Mer’s husband Jay says so. (Say it, Jay. SAY IT.)


We hereby promise to only ever use the megaphone for the good of all Ragnarians!

Fear the Megaphone!

Exhibit A – We’re musically inclined.

As previously indicated by this post, Cam and Mer have diverse music tastes.  You want to rock out?  We can jam on the air guitar.  You want to spit phat rhymes?  We’ll throw down.

Chick Brooke says it best.


Exhibit R – We’ve got mad jokes.
We love to laugh.  Being in a smelly van with 10 strangers overnight while running 200 miles is going to take a sense of humor and we’re funny mothers.

We're very serious runners.

We’re very serious runners.

Our Chick Bec has some words and some eye rolls.
Closing Arguments
Representing both coasts! We can be like the Tupac and Biggie of Ragnar.

Representing both coasts! We’re like the Tupac and Biggie of Ragnar.

The truth is, we’re an awesome duo.  We’re hardworking moms who love running and love talking about running.  We’re excited about this opportunity and will bring a ton of fun to anything we’re a part of.  Still not convinced? (How is this possible?!?!) Well, Cam has something to say about that!
We’re the moms you’re looking for… Jedi mind trick is always worth a shot.
Pick us, otherwise we'll have perma-sad faces. You don't want that on your conscience, do you?

Pick us, otherwise we’ll have perma-sad faces. You don’t want that on your conscience, do you?

Jogging, hogging, and blogging: meet Team Scoot a Doot

For the 2nd annual Jog ‘n Hog, Team Scoot a Doot is a crazy bunch of characters hailing from all over the Northeast. So far we’ve got 13 people (edited to add – make that 15) who are ready to take on the challenge of running two miles, eating either a pint or quart (!?!) of ice cream, and running another two miles.

Prepare yourself to meeting some of our crazy bunch! And hey, who knows, maybe this will entice you to join us. *Hint, hint, there’s a GIVEAWAY further down in this post.*

We asked our runners to share their Jog ‘n Hog strategies as we prepare for this amazing event (happening on July 21st, clear your social calendars).
Team Scoot a Doot member, Megan and her daughter, Finn.

Megan being adorable with daughter, Finn.

Megan – Be me. Be amazing. And, keep running a 5K a few times a week to make sure I stay in top form so that I don’t completely die mid-race. Sort of guessing the ice cream will refuel me, though, even if I am tired after the first 2 miles. Ice cream is an energy food, right???
Sorry ladies, Matt is taken (by Megan!). Here he reads his very special Runner's World, which we've been told is not about the RUNS.

Sorry ladies, Matt is taken (by Megan!). Here he reads his very special Runner’s World, which we’ve been told is not about the RUNS.

Matt – Binge. Purge. Rinse. Repeat.
Christina gives a shout out to Boston.

Christina gives a shout out to Boston.

Christina – My entire strategy revolves around not vomiting. I will consider the entire event a success if vomiting is avoided.
Bad ass!

Bad ass Jen, ready to conquer the Down and Dirty!

Jen – I have no strategy. Ice cream runs through my veins and sustains me so it’s no big deal for me. Ben and Jerry’s is my regular life’s blood.
Brandi likes long walks on the beach...

Brandi likes long walks on the beach…

Brandi – Run fast two miles. Eat. Then walk one mile… and run to the end. And not throw up.

Only Vic could get run over by a parked car!

The leader of the pack!

Vic – I plan to run like the wind for the first two miles, inhale my vat of ice cream and try not to vomit for the next two miles. That likely means walking the last two miles, for the record.
Typical day for Kate!

Typical day for Kate!

Kate – All out for the first 2 miles. Eat and enjoy the ice cream while laughing with friends. Run, walk, crawl or whatever it takes to get to the finish line. Most importantly I plan to have FUN! That’s what it’s all about, right?!
Official baby kisser of Team Scoot a Doot, Jena!

Official baby kisser of Team Scoot a Doot, Jena!

Jena – My strategy is to try and keep the ice cream down during the last two miles.
Not ice cream.  Not interested.

Not ice cream? Not interested.

Mer – Jog. Hog. Tweet. Pictures. Blog.

And hey, who goes to a race and doesn’t bring along their very own cheerleader? Not Team Scoot a Doot, that’s for sure!

Bec enjoys spending her free time getting to second base with the Bewitched statue.

Bec enjoys spending her free time getting to second base with the Bewitched statue.

Bec – My initial goal was not to toss my cookies. Or my ice cream. If that wasn’t possible, my goal was to toss my cookies with grace and style. However, due to some recent dietary changes, any cookies and ice cream I eat (or toss) have to be dairy free. So, my new goal is to come and cheer you guys on. And maybe hold your hair back, if you need that. I’m a giver, what can I say?

It seems like many of the members are a bit concerned about puking. So we asked Boss Hog about any such incidents in the inaugural race.


Fair enough.

You want in on this action, don’t you? Well, friends, let’s get down to brass tacks.

May 1st, prices for the Jog ‘n Hog kick up a couple of bucks. The way we figure it, why pay more when you can pay less? Currently, the Whole Hogger (quart) is $30 and the Half Hogger (pint) is $27. As of May 1st, both fees increase by $5. “In the immortal words of The Doors, The time to hesitate is through.” (Name that movie quote for extra cool points in our book.)

If you join Team Scoot a Doot, you get the added benefit of being on a team. (And hanging out with US!) The teams have room for 20 and we’d love to have you.

Or, you can roll the dice on our Jog ‘n Hog giveaway. The Scoot a Doot Chicks are hosting a raffle for one free registration!

Click the pic to enter!

Click the pic to enter!

This giveaway is for one entry to the July 21st, 2013 Jog ‘n Hog, taking place at Shady Brook Farm in Yardley, PA at 8:30am. You are responsible for getting to and from the event. If awarded the winner, we will be sharing your name and email address with the race directors of the Jog ‘n Hog and they’ll be giving you a code so you can Jog ‘n Hog with us.

So, what do you say? Have you ever taken part in a running event that involves food? Will Team Scoot a Doot puke? What would your Jog ‘n Hog strategy be? Let us know down below.