Chick Chat: Who’s who? And why?

What’s in a name? And what’s in a name that we get to choose for ourselves? And if asked to pick a pic, any pic at all, to share with Scoot a Doot readers, what would it be?


VICTORIA: My userID, VFreile, is the least inventive of the Scoot a Doot bunch. It’s my first initial and my last name. It’s the same for my twitter handle and instagram account and pretty much anything I use professionally. I kept it simple because of my job. As a newspaper reporter I cover a lot of tragedy, so using something cute or trendy just wasn’t an option.

This pic was taken last year by a colleague in the Hall of Justice. I was reviewing my notes and calling my editor with an update (to be posted online) in between court cases. I can’t specifically remember the two cases involved, just that they were high-interest. But I do recall my colleague snapping this pic after the first court appearance ended, before the second.


REBECCA: Bec2point0 – It’s like me, only better! I have a history of reinventing myself. Pretty regularly, actually. I’m a writer. I hate writing. I’m a runner. I don’t feel like running anymore. I’m not a runner; but I’m a vegan! Where is the cheese?? Lather, rinse, repeat.

I feel like most of my life I’ve been in a constant state of evolution. I don’t really know what I want to be when I grow up, and I think that’s okay. Because no matter what I am, I’m always me.

Here’s me with my fellow Scooters Cam and Mer, and honorary Chick Jenn, wandering the streets of Boston, eating chocolate and just being us.


CAMILLE: Camoozle is the blending of my first and last name sounds.  It originally started with my “Who” name.  Every good teacher has a Who name, it’s mandated in our credential.  I was christened Cammy Zoo Who.  Which eventually got shortened to Cammy Zoo, then, out of sheer laziness, got turned into Camoozle.

My Rainbow Sisters were the first to nickname me Cammy Zoo.


MERIDITH: When I was a wee lass, I was an only child. As an only child I had an overactive imagination, which included my imaginary friend: Jenereesa.

Jenereesa was a pretty cool chick. She opened doors for me (aka automatic doors – remember when you had to step on a mat to make that happen?) and was always down to take the blame if we did something wrong. She also could do what I could not because she was magical.

Somewhere along the way, right around the time that I began my healthy living journey, she reappeared as the “person” I wanted to become.


JESSICA: WriteitDownJess – I have a terrible memory and need to write things down in order to remember them. I’m always telling myself, “write it down, Jess!” Beyond that, I’ve always been a bit of a storyteller (in written form only. Please don’t ever ask me to tell a story if it’s not written out), so it seemed like a fitting name for me.

My personal motto:


BROOKE: BeeWhoBabbles – Because my first name is Brooke, I hear some variation of “Oh, babbling Brooke?” from at least half the people I meet. (Clever, no?) When I set up my twitter account, I tried to use “bwhobabbles”, but it was already taken. I didn’t want to use that name plus numbers, so I settled on “beewhobabbles” and now, I like that better. It’s a perkier, cutesy spelling and I can be a chatterbox- so it fits.

My new favorite running shirt (that I haven’t actually run in yet) from Run Pretty Far. It’s super lightweight, soft, and I put it on as soon as it arrived. Love!


What’s the story, morning glory? What’s the word, hummingbird? How’d you settle on your name?

11 thoughts on “Chick Chat: Who’s who? And why?

  1. Absolutely LOVE Brooke’s shirt!

    Most of my social media is Runs With Pugs (except Twitter, where that name was taken, so it’s Running With Pugs). I tried to do a spin off Dances With Wolves. I run, I love pugs, and I love talking about both of them, so it worked

  2. I’m always changing usernames. I’m so fickle. This one (which I’ll hopefully stick with) is because I’m awesome and I didn’t want anything specific to one area of my life. Just overall awesomeness. 🙂

  3. When I used to participate in the running forums on RWOL, I just used my actual name – so boring. So I did an open post asking people to pick a name for me. I ended up choosing DiTrying as the “winner” and I went by that for awhile. When I started my own blog I wanted to get away from that (plus, derivations of that are pretty common), so I went with Run Or Di (runner di, run or die, why am I explaining this you are not stupid… LOL). I do credit running with saving my life (or at least my brain), so it seems apt. =)

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