The More You Know

Since I’ve started this journey to find my fit self, I’ve learned many many things.  As a novice, I made mistakes.  I’ve carb-loaded with beer and macaroni and cheese.  I’ve ran a race in brand new shoes.  I’ve overestimated the length of my running shorts and skimped on the glide.  After running this weekend’s Disney Star Wars Half Marathon at Disneyland, I realized I’ve learned a few things.  I also realized, many things left to learn I have (Yep, I just Yoda’d you).

Channeling my inner Yoda (who sounds a lot like Meri).

Channeling my inner Yoda (who sounds a lot like Meri).

I can’t say I was feeling particularly confident.  You all know how serious I am about training (please note sarcasm) and I’ve been nursing a sore ankle since last February.  I’m beginning to think I’ve damaged it beyond repair because I’ve been waiting and waiting for it to get back to normal but it seems I’m stuck between 60-80%.  Also, once again, I’m having problems with my feet and shoes.  I’ve had a long lasting love affair with my Skora’s, but after last weekend’s Citrus Heritage 5K here in Riverside, I fear the sneaks have fallen out of favor. With only a week until the half, I was in no position to break in a new pair of shoes so I toughed it out at Star Wars.  Because that is my jam, yo.  As a toy collecting, merchandise wearing, video game playing fan, if anyone should participate in an Inaugural Star Wars themed race, it should be me.

Just a taste of my collection.

Just a taste of my collection.

Despite this business, Meri persuaded me to make a plan.  Plan you must, she said, like my own personal Jedi mentor.  So I decided to do intervals.  I mean, really do it.  Like actually stop when my phone tells me to.  And I went to bed early.  And I didn’t drink beer the night before and I got up early and ate a great, healthy snack and I wore comfortable clothes, including a pair of bright green compression socks courtesy of my chick and Star Wars roomie, Vic.  I biofreezed, KT taped, AND compressed my ankle.  And guess what?  I PR’d.  That’s right.  I never thought I cared about this until I actually beat myself.  Yes, it’s true, I love beating myself.  And now I feel like a whole new runner.  The more you know…

Screenshot 2015-01-19 15.13.06 (3)

I think I’m going to stick with this planning thing.  I bought new shoes today.  I know, I know, AGAIN?  But I went and had my feet evaluated because during that race yesterday, all I could think about was how if my feet would stop throbbing, this race would be amazing.  The race was amazing, the course was fantastic, the costumes divine, but my feet effing sucked.  So Brooks, you’ve worn me down, waited me out, and here I am, putting my poor flat feet into your big, ugly soles.  I also got orthotic inserts to try out and if they make a difference, I’m seriously considering having some customized ones made.  Something has to be done or I won’t be able to run much longer.  And we all know that CANNOT happen.  I can barely stand the fact I didn’t do the Rebel Challenge this weekend.  Every time I heard the clanging of medals yesterday, I was overcome with medal envy.  Imagine if I could never again feel that sweet victory ribbon heavy with determination hang around my neck.  No.  Race I must.  And so wear ugly shoes, I must.


They’re not so bad, right? And I can cute them up with socks, right? RIGHT???

7 thoughts on “The More You Know

  1. Listen, you will.

    Seriously though, Cam. This is how it’s freaking done! Doesn’t it feel AMAZING? Don’t you have that awesome sense of accomplishment? Are you planning on wearing the medal for the rest of your life?

    Also, I love you and I can’t wait until we are together again. I like sounding like Yoda. This works for me.

  2. My “training” is a joke too. I know how to do it right. I’ve done it right in the past. I feel confident that, like you, I can take it seriously once again and plan, plan, plan. Thank you for this post. It was a good reminder.

  3. Girl. I swear by my custom orthotics. (I have had a pair since I was about 9, I’ve got mad flat feet, yo.) But you should totally look into getting some because I will tell you, when I was younger, my feet huuuuuurt so bad that I’d be in tears after every basketball practice or ski meet. Once I got orthotics, things were SO much better. Swearsies.

    I, too, have a deep, abiding love for Star Wars. #spiritanimal.

  4. First thing’s first. SO glad we got to hang over the weekend! I had such a blast with you and am so proud of you and your PR! Secondly- you were meant to have those socks. Am so glad I had them, you mentioned green and that they worked out so well for you! xo

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