2015 #PrincessHalf Picture Pages

A week ago today, I was headed south to run through Walt Disney World with 24,000 other runners. I ditched my car in a snowbank in the airport’s economy lot and ran from the -6 degree weather all the way to sunny Florida.

For the third time in four years, I was running Disney’s Princess Half Marathon. This race is special for many reasons – I ran it with Meri (and Brooke) in 2012 as Meri completed her first-ever 13.1, I get to spend time with so many friends, and (duh) Disney.

But most importantly, I love that the entire weekend is a celebration of women, for women.

Princess flyfishing Feb 2015 153Cinderella in rags before the big race

I packed much into my weekend with an impromptu solo trip to Magic Kingdom on Friday, (BRR!) a day at the expo working the Sparkle Athletic booth and the race, followed by an evening romping through EPCOT and quite possibly the most perfect ride on the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – seriously, there was a 20-minute line and we rode to fireworks! A new display lit up the sky as we rounded nearly every turn.

But more than anything I loved seeing my wonderful women. You all know who you are!

Without further delay, here are a few of my favorite photos from the weekend:

Princess flyfishing Feb 2015 041Obligatory 2015 Princess Half expo photo

Princess flyfishing Feb 2015 044

Visiting with Kelly at the Sparkle Athletic booth. Thanks to all who popped by to visit me on Saturday!

Princess flyfishing Feb 2015 074


Princess flyfishing Feb 2015 066

You know I did. Sadly, all Disney-themed Starbucks mugs were sold out.

Princess flyfishing Feb 2015 100Night view of Cinderella’s Castle on my solo tour of  MK

Princess flyfishing Feb 2015 149

Carb-loading on naan with the lovely Jillian

Princess flyfishing Feb 2015 165

Bookish Belle (Carrie) and Servant Cinderella at the race start! Moments after this was taken we learned news of the newest runDisney event – half marathon weekend at Disneyland Paris in Sept. 2016.

Princess flyfishing Feb 2015 164I’ve wanted to stop for this shot for years but never wanted to wait in line. This year, I did it! Love the pic too

Princess flyfishing Feb 2015 168Me and the villians! I can never resist posing with these ladies

Princess flyfishing Feb 2015 170

Love this view! Main Street USA

Princess flyfishing Feb 2015 172

Castle selfie!

Princess flyfishing Feb 2015 222

Just after mile 12, I fought back tears as I saw these signs. This was the first runDisney race I ran without seeing Peggy Sue and her iconic sign. She passed away last month. I spotted what appeared to be her sign held by who I believed to be her family. It was so moving – and took me longer than I expected to control my emotions – and breathing – for the next minutes. We love you Peggy Sue.

I started the race with a slightly tweaked back and didn’t know when it would give out on me. I was hoping it wouldn’t be an issue, but alas, mile 11.5 it reared its ugly head. I probably should have walked then and there, but I wanted to be done. So off I went – through EPCOT and high-fiving Mickey at the finish. Final time 2:02 and 1000th place. (I just looked it up and smiled when I saw my number. I’m a number geek.)

Princess flyfishing Feb 2015 205

I repeatedly ran into the lovely Faith over the weekend. At the expo, the finish line and again getting margaritas in Mexico. #nationalmargaritaday

Princess flyfishing Feb 2015 195

For the second straight year, I stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. I love this place and it’s incredible views of the animals and hospitality. Til next time!

What was your favorite part of Princess half weekend? Do you ever hit the parks alone? What was your race strategy?

Jog. Hog. Jog. Giveaway!

Here at Scootadoot, when we celebrate, we celebrate big.



Ron Swanson says it best, and we certainly don’t half ass anything around here. Certainly not things like our Blogaversary.

We’ve done it up big this month, with giveaways and race recaps and doing crazy things like jumping into a frozen lake. But now, it comes to an end and we’ve saved our best giveaway for last!

As you know, the Scootadoot chicks are big fans of running (duh). And we’re big fans of ice cream (double duh). But we’re really big, BIG fans of Uncle Dave’s Jog n’ Hog.


For the past two years, Team Scoot has been represented at Jog n’ Hog, because we are a group who just can’t say no to races that are all about having fun. And Ron Swanson’s sentiment still holds true. We definitely whole ass it when it comes to Jog n’ Hog.

I mean, what could be better than a race where you run a mile and a half, wolf a pint (or, if you’re ambitious, a quart – Whole Hog indeed), and then run another mile and a half? Nothing. That’s what. Nothing is better. Because it’s awesome.

In 2013, we amassed a great team an ran the miles and ate the ice cream (and didn’t puke). It was glorious.

The first time we were united. FOR ICE CREAM.

The first time we were united. FOR ICE CREAM.

In 2014, our team was smaller, but our will was not. Mer and crew took on the ice cream and the Pig with great success.

In 2015? Oh, you guessed it. We’re heading back to the farm. And we want to take YOU with us!


We need your help to eat all of this ice cream.

We want you along for the ride. Bring your sprinkles and your fudge and your iron stomach and join us in our race against the Pig.

That’s right!

Thanks to our good friends over at Jog n’ Hog, our last giveaway this month is ONE FREE RACE ENTRY (image I said that like The Count). AH AH AH.


Yes. Exactly like that.

We are so so so excited about this opportunity (the guys at Jn’H are pretty amazeballz) and we can’t wait to have one of you join us! (Or more of you, because even if you don’t win, you should still come run and eat ice cream and partake in the frivolity.)

So, click below and enter right meow for your chance to join Team Scootadoot in Yardley, PA on National Ice Cream Day this year. July 19. Bring. It. On.







Mile High Style Blogaversary Giveaway!

Since running is kinda a big deal where I live, I wanted to contribute something from my hometown of Boulder, CO to our blogaversary celebration. Without a second thought, I headed straight to the Boulder Running Company store. I fell in love with this t-shirt because it has my two favorite colors, purple and turquoise.  Plus, it’s just stylin’. And soft. And comfy feeling. And cute. So there.

Don't lose faith that spring is coming!

Don’t lose faith that spring is coming!

Soft and light  100% cotton, but not see-through

Soft and light 100% cotton, but not see-through

Back of the shirt

Back of the shirt

Then, imagine my glee when I spotted the cute Sanuk sandals all lined up and on display for spring. Remember spring? It’s coming, y’all, don’t lose hope. If you’ve never heard of Sanuk, you need to know that their slogan is “Smile – Pass It On” (because yessssss), and that they make their shoes from recycled yoga mats. Yes, YOGA MATS. In my head, that automatically equates to foamy foot pillows, which they really are. I have a pair of these flip-flops, and I adore them. I wear them everywhere in the summer, especially after races. They are super thick and cushy for flip-flops and ultra durable, too; I’ve had my pair for 3 years. The pair in the giveaway are an elephant grey synthetic leather with dark pink accents in size 7.


As thick as a quarter, heaven for your tired feet!

As thick as a quarter, heaven for your tired feet!

I thought these two lovely items were so fantastic that one lucky reader needed to get in on this action. And although Boulder is sometimes touted for its complete lack of fashion sense, i.e. undying devotion to dreadlocks and serapes, if you win this giveaway rest assured that a serape is NOT included. Promise.  You will, however, be cute as a button and oh sooooo comfortable. Best of luck, everyone!

Click here to enter!

Click here to enter!

Check in tomorrow for our final Blogaversary giveaway announcement from Kyle because it. Will. Be. Awesome. And ice cream. That is all.


This post is not sponsored by the Boulder Running Company or Sanuk. Shirt is valued at $27.95  and has already been purchased in a size medium. Sandals are valued at 29.95 and have already been purchased in ladies size 7.  Winner must supply mailing address directly to Scoot a Doot blog in order to receive the prizes. May the odds be ever in your favor!


Do You Supplement?

I’ve been struggling to get back into my workout and diet routine.  The aftermath of the holiday free for all wreaked havoc on my routines.  Then I went back to work and immediately got sick.  Two months and one antibiotic later, I’m finally getting back to the gym.  Everything is heavier and I’m so much more fatigued during my workouts.  It seems like my muscles are taking longer to get back to normal and I’m just plain tired.  Additionally, I’ve felt pretty weighed down from my consistent diet of chips and salsa and margaritas.  So I went online to look for some stuff.  It’s overwhelming how many pills and powders there are out there in supplement land.  I’ve used DoTerra products before and I’m assuming they’re pretty natural so this is what I chose:

That's a lot of pills, yo.

This is a ridiculous amount of pills and I’m taking them all day long.  And, well, they tend to get things moving, if you know what I mean.  And by get things moving, I mean bowel moving.  They’re definitely are cleaning me out.  But I don’t have any more energy and they’re so darn expensive.  There is a huge market for people like me who don’t really like things that are hard like eating vegetables and exercise.  I worry about the nutrients my body isn’t getting from my diet.  I try to keep it balanced, but let’s get real.  I have a job, grad school, kids…I don’t always have time for good choices.  And there is no way I can eat half my weight in protein every day.  Are supplements a legitimate way to get what I need?  Web MD had this interesting article.  And then there was this:


This is scary stuff, man.  I tend to live on the natural side of life.  But I have purchased every type of vitamin, drop, serum, powder, etc…there is trying to balance my desire for health with my desire for things like sleep and macaroni and cheese.

I have friends who swear by their supplements. They have this perfectly orchestrated concoction.  I just haven’t had that moment, I guess, where me and my supplements truly understand each other and become one with the universe.  What are your thoughts, scootadooters?  Are you and your supplements in a committed relationship?  Or is it all bologna?

Freezin’ for a reason

It was like someone repeatedly stabbed my feet with knives.

Earlier this month I participated in Rochester’s annual Polar Plunge.  I was covering it for work, and figured I might as well take a dip in the icy, 34-degree waters of Lake Ontario. Thousands take part in the event, which raises funds for Special Olympics programs in the Rochester area.

Dec 14 to Feb 15 768Yes, those are snow ice banks. And that’s ice floating in the water.

After working for a few hours (interviewing organizers and other plungers) I strapped a go pro camera to my head and headed toward the gathering spot. Led by several Special Olympics athletes, masses of people dressed in costumes and bathing suits all headed toward the water.

Dec 14 to Feb 15 834We’re about to go for a swim Pic by Hank Kula

I shivered in a bathing suit as I walked arm in arm with my friend Hannah. Neither of us had plunged before and were a little nervous. But we shuffled forward and in we went. As you can see- there’s a camera on my head. To see footage of my plunge – check out my article and D&C video here.

I shed my jacket and dumped my towel, wearing only sneakers and a bathing suit into the water. I hesitated at the edge before running in.  A slew of students ran past me and dove into the frigid water.

Dec 14 to Feb 15 838I’m in here! Do you see me?

It was cold. Damn cold. But I dropped to my knees and dipped myself amid the ice chunks. Yes, ice chunks. I wanted to dunk my head, but didn’t. (Still kicking myself there). I wanted to shoot more footage, but my body was screaming at me to head for shore — and most importantly — WARMTH.

Out I went, cutting my legs on ice chunks – not that I felt it or anything. I ran up the shore – wincing each step in my now soaked sneakers.

Dec 14 to Feb 15 777Shivering and smiling post-plunge. Pic by Hank Kula

Once back in the tent – I couldn’t get out of my wet clothes fast enough. I couldn’t feel my feet as I changed into fresh socks. I chucked my iced-over sneakers and icicle socks into the garbage and layered up. Friends Gary and Charlotte came to watch me plunge and ensure I wasn’t frozen. THANK YOU! I may not have made it so easily to my car if not for them!

In all, I raised $400 for Special Olympics programs and more than $300,000 was raised through the entire event. Amazing! Thank you to everyone who supported my crazy efforts and donated. You all made a difference on a young athlete’s life!

It took more than an hour for my feet to stop hurting and much of the day to really thaw out. (And then I bundled back up and went curling that night)

I’ve been asked several times if I would plunge again. Surprisingly, yes. It’s insane. It’s freezing. I might get sick.

But I need to dunk my head and really jump headfirst into Lake Ontario. Who wants to join me?

Have you ever gone for a wintry swim? How cold was it? Would you do it again?

A Great Run

Please don’t take that literally. This is a picture of my driveway.

There is NO running going on here.

There is NO running going on here.

The ‘great run’ I’m referring to is my time blogging with my chicks here on Scoot a Doot. It has been an amazing two years, truly. But for me, the run is complete. This post is my foot clearing the proverbial finish line. (Ironically, this might be the most I’ve ever written about running!)

Scoot, for me, has been a place to talk about things that matter a lot to me: the struggles of obese athletes, the hunt (an eventual capture) of cute, plus sized activewear, some of the truly dark moments of my weight loss journey. I have gotten an incredible amount of support here, wonderful people sharing their stories with me, and of course, I’ve loved being part of this incredible blog with my dear Chicks, who are among the best of my friends.

That being said, what writing about my weight loss journey has not helped me do is actually lose weight. I type this post today, at my highest weight ever, and unable to find anything to say about it. I have so much work to do, deep down in my soul work, if I am to ever change this part of my life. And I am so ready for that change. But, as much as you have all been so wonderfully supportive over the past two years, and as much as I will miss that interaction, I can’t keep talking about my journey. I need to stop talking, and start doing, and I need the doing to be done privately. I have this intense need to turn my focus completely inward, to really look at where I am and where I want to be, and to take that next step on my own.

Basically, it’s not you, it’s me. (It really is me, I swear). And you know, I’ll still be around, posting pictures of my food on Instagram (@just_bec_) and whining about the current state of Scandal on Twitter(@just_bec_), as one does.

So, I don’t want this to be a sad post! I want to celebrate the good times I’ve had here, and look brightly toward tomorrow and all the wonderful things that are in store for me! And I want to give you all great big hugs, and we can drink champagne and dance and throw confetti around!

Because endings suck, but they have to happen to have new beginnings, and new beginnings are awesome.

In short (too late, as always), thank you for the last two years. Thank you to every one of you that reach out to me and shared your stories with me. Thank you for making me part of your community.

There would never be enough words to thank my chicks. Luckily, they already know how much I love them.

It has truly been a great run.

<3 Bec

A Taste of Try the World

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Valerie of Valerie & Valise tweeted her vlog about her latest Try the World box.

She’s a travel guru and on any given weekend is traipsing about the globe visit fabulous places, taking beautiful pictures and eating amazing food. Needless to say, she inspires wanderlust in me on the regular.


Anyways… she tweeted about this Try the World thing. Not being one to turn down a good subscription box, I decided I needed to check out this nonsense. Generally, I’m of the opinion that if Valerie endorses something, I’m probably going to like it. This has been true since I was about 13. Things haven’t changed much.

The gist behind Try the World? Discovering the world through food. Every two months, you get a box of gourmet food from a different country. Simple and delicious. It’s a little pricey ($39 a box for the subscription that auto-renews every two months), but you can cancel any time and for what you’re getting (and where it’s coming from) I can handle that cost every two months.

I decided I needed to try this magic out, because if I can’t travel places, then at least I can eat the food.

When my first box arrived, I greeted it with glee!


Happiness is a box of treats from a foreign land

This is the Paris Box, and let me tell you, France is a wonderful place to start. Inside the box was a beautiful array of things that almost looked to pretty to eat. I didn’t let that stop me though, because I’m all about those snacks.


There are seven items in the Paris box – six pictured here, and a mystery treat (that I ate and forgot to get a picture of. Sorry I’m not sorry). Some things look or sound familiar (dark chocolate in any language is fine by me) and some I recognized with a little help from my high school French classes. Thank goodness the box comes with a card that describes each item!



What was in my box? Well, let’s take a look! The following descriptions are from the card… there’s no way I could describe food like this. My take on the food is in italics after. 

La Mere Poulard, sables – The famous restaurant and bakery namesd after its founder, La Mere Poulard, remains to this day a benchmark in French gastronomy for its variety, originality and light touch. With only five ingredients including salted butter from Brittany, these delightful cookies are loved by locals and visitors alike! These cookies were the bomb dot com. They are simple and don’t need any adornment – not too sweet but so, so yummy!

Maison d’Armorine, salted butter caramels – This delectable recipe was born in the summer of 1946 when the French celebrated the return to leisure at the beach in Brittany. Maison d’Armorine makes these salted butter caramels using Breton butter and Brittany’s famous fleur de sel. For any French gourmand, each bite of these chewy caramels evokes childhood memories of seaside holidays. It’s caramel. You can’t go wrong. I’ve only had one, but it was TASTY.

Domaine des Vignes, whole grain mustard – The origin of mustard production in France dates back to the Roman Empire, who exported the mustard seeds to Gaul, centures BC. Vineyard Domaine des Vignes uses vinegar produced from its grapes as a base for the mustard. Enjoy this mustard with charcuterie, with roasted meat, or as a dip.  I tried this in a marinade with some roasted chicken last week. Serious flavor. Definitely excited to find more things to use this with!

Charles Antona, Corsican jam – Charles Antona is a Corsican brand whose secret lies in its ingredients. Each fruit is ordained with the scent of herbs from bushes that cover the island, and staying true to his grandmother’s recipes, Antona combines Mediterranean herbs and local fruit in his line of preserves. Mine was cherry. I tried a little on one of the sables cookies… I didn’t regret it. 

Celement Faugier, chestnut spread – This unique recipe was created by master confectioner Clement Faugier in 1885 and combines chestnuts picked in the Ardeche region with a delightful hint of vanilla. This delicious puree can be used alone as a dessert, enjoyed with cookies, used as a sweet topping for yogurt, or spread on toast, a croissant or fresh brioche. I totally put this on one of the cookies as well, and I’m newly obsessed with it. I want a croissant right now, because I’d slather this nonsense all over it. Chestnut spread. Who knew?

Flagrants Desirs, dark chocolate bar with raspberry – With this 72% cocoa chocolate, Flagrants Desirs continues the tradition of the greatest European master chocolatiers. They achieve this rich cocoa taste by using only real cocoa butter, unlike industrial chocolate producers that ofter use other vegetable fats. This fine selection of cocoa beans mixed with a delicate balance of fruity aroma is a perfect midpoint between milk and dark chocolate. I don’t even need to say anything else about this. Because that pretty much summed it up. Rich, dark, chocolaty deliciousness. More please.

The mystery treat? Two gummy candies – one pear-flavored, the other apricot. Both were very fruity, but in the natural way, not the fake candy fruit flavor way. The pear one tasted just like I was biting into a pear. Swearsies. Super yum. And not too sweet! I usually don’t enjoy candy that much because I don’t eat a lot of sugar and even a little can sometimes be too much. These were very good, and just enough sweetness to do the job.

I don’t get another box for another couple of months, but I’m excited to see what’s next! Try the World is a great way to travel the world on a budget – the world comes to you!

If you’re interested in Try the World, use my referral link: http://fbuy.me/bVMjQ and get $15 off your subscription!

You say Yoga, I Say Pranayama

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, my profile pic might clue you in to the fact that I am a big fan of yoga. You might also see me posting my photos for the @prAna #taketheleap 30 day yoga challenge, or talking about some of the yoga events I attend.

I planned this shot for weeks and weeks.

I planned this shot for weeks and weeks.


#wewearyellow @ the Yoga on the Rocks event at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Summer 2014

My little sister got me hooked on yoga in 2011 when she dragged me to a class at her favorite studio. My stubbornness went something like:

“Why should I pay $16.00 to go to a class when I have YouTube and Gaiam DVDs?”

“Videos don’t give you the same level of instruction, they can’t correct you,” she explained.

“Great. Because you know how much I love people telling me what to do.”

“It’s a class, Jennifer, of course they will tell you what to do. Just shut up and come with me.”

She won the battle with that logic and I went to my first 90 minute hot vinyasa flow class. Turns out, my little sis is one smart, sassy cookie. Thanks to her, yoga is a huge part of my life. In fact, I now have a long term goal of becoming a yoga instructor. I am quite far from achieving that goal, so please take note that I am not a yoga instructor. That being said, I couldn’t help but notice the teachers repeating the same corrections to everyone. And holy wow, once enacted they made yoga so much less hurty for me. With all of the yoga challenges going on and people trying yoga for the first time, this is good info to share. So here goes!

Breathe - Primarily, yoga is about breath. Basically, pay attention to your breath and try to regulate it throughout your entire yoga sequence. Breathe at a pace that is comfortable for you. Try to make your inhalation take as long as your exhalation. I use counting to help me slow the breath. I slowly count to six as I inhale, I hold for three, and I count to six as I exhale.

Tuck Your Tail  when you are doing a standing pose. This engages your core and firms up your trunk to make back bends easier and extend reach. Check it out with mountain pose:



In this photo, my butt is sticking out like a duck’s and I am not fully extending my arms. Reaching higher won’t solve the problem, and if I bend backward more to extend my arms, my lower back hurts.



In the second frame, I have tilted my pelvis forward, or “tucked my tail” to root my core. Doing this allows me to fully extend my arms and bend backward with no pain or pinching. You can see how much further my arms are extended, and my glutes are engaged. My chest is open and so is my heart. In yoga speak that is a very good thing!

Keep your back straight. This is hard because we can’t see the curve in our back. Again, think about making sure your core is engaged. Yoga is very much about core strength.  When you’re hunched over, it’s hard to engage the abdomen.

No, no and more no.

No, no and more no.

With my back is curved, my bottom foot is not at a 90 degree angle and by curving my back to bring my head to my knee, I’m sacrificing a lot of the hamstring stretch I should be getting in this pose. Bending from the waist is more effective.

Not as impressive "looking", but waaaay more effective.

Not as impressive “looking”, but waaaay more effective.

With my back as strait as possible, I lower as far as I can by drawing my chest to the floor. My back foot is at a 90 degree angle to my leg, and my arms are not as far forward. In this posture I feel the stretch from my foot all the way up to my sciatic. This is a GREAT pose for runners!

Keep your hips level with each other. This is one your instructor will guide you on depending on the pose, but to give you an idea, consider pigeon pose. In this photo, my hips are really tilted to the left and although it feels comfortable, it is not making the most out of this challenging and amazingly awesome pose (also FABULOUS for runners).

I look like I'm missing my red SOLO cup.

I look like I’m missing my red SOLO cup.

Whereas here, my hips are level to each other, my left leg is straight, and you can actually see my other foot! With this correct posture, I am getting the full benefit of this hip opening pose.


Roll your shoulders back to get them to play nice with you. Many poses have you clasping your hands behind your back or twisting with an extended reach. Roll to get into position first, and don’t forget to tuck the tail if you’re standing!

Take a Class. Or Five. For real. Once you have a basic foundation and understanding of yoga and your body’s limits, the videos and poses you see outside of class will make much more sense and hurt much, much less.

Variations are GOOD. – There is no such this as go big or go home in yoga. Use blocks to alter poses until you can fully extend. If it hurts, don’t push. If you can’t get into pigeon pose it’s okay. Do the best you can and keep practicing. That’s why it’s called a yoga practice. Crow pose and inversions are not for beginners. Trust me. You can get hurt doing yoga. Just ask my little broken toe.

Hint: When falling out of headstand, tuck and roll, do not flop.

Hint: When falling out of headstand, tuck and roll, do not flop.

Yoga is about your personal journey with your body and spirit. Yes, yoga is a fitness activity, but it began as a spiritual practice. Many fitness activities are focused on competition, spiritual activities are based on self reflection and discovery. In that way, Yoga is a private practice done in a group setting. There should be no judgement of you, by you, or anyone else. Only acceptance of your body, its gifts, and its limitations. Take it slow and forget about the destination. Live in the present and enjoy your journey in everything you do. Namaste!

Are you doing a challenge this month? Have you tried yoga or are you worried you’ll break your little toe? Let me assuage your fears in the comments!

Wear Luck Blogaversary Giveaway!

A few weeks ago, while watching Good Morning America on the treadmill, they featured the shirts of Wear Luck.

Immediately I was drawn to these because of the huge “I WILL” printed on the front of the shirt. The saying “I can and I will” has been my mantra since I started on my fitness journey four years ago; naturally these shirts called to me!

I wound up getting this one…


And while I was at it, I wound up getting this one for a lucky reader!

I will move more - eat less - be happier.

I will move more – eat less – be happier.

What do I love about these shirts? Um, everything! The fabric is very soft and it’s feels lovely. I don’t wear long sleeves often because I’m always warm. Unless I’m freezing. I don’t know, there’s no happy medium. Anywho…

These shirts are perfect because they are t-shirt material in a long sleeve shirt. Not see through, which is also a great plus!

The prize shirt is a large because I figure that if you’re smaller, it can run a little big or, if you’re built like me (aka: boobs), it will fit nicely. Plus an inspirational message is always appreciated! I’ve gotten many compliments on my shirt so I know that it speaks to others, as well as to ME.


So what do you have to do? Just click on the image below and enter via Rafflecopter. Cool? Cool.

Click here to enter!

Click here to enter!


This post is not sponsored by Wear Luck. Shirt is valued at $36 and has already been purchased in a size large. Winner must supply mailing address directly to Scoot a Doot blog in order to receive the shirt. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Check out the #winalltheprizes linkup at Running with SD Mom and Erica Finds.

Warning: This post has nothing to do with scooting my doot.

So both Meri and Kyle posted this pic today on facebook.



I’m off work today (four day weekend, thank you Mr. Presidents) and I have no children this weekend.  I saw this and I thought, man, I need a Galentine’s day, but a lot of my gals live in places that are far from me.  I thought, hey, I’ll digitally stalk them instead.  That was way too much work and not nearly as satisfying.  If I were with them, we’d be talking about stupid things that we absolutely love (and hate) or things that we love to hate or things that we love that make fun of the things we hate.  Aside from a super duper skype sesh, that’s not going to happen.  Instead I’m going to share the things that I am absolutely loving right now.

(Family and friends not included.  This is a completely self-indulgent post)

1. I am absolutely loving Southern California right now.

Guys, this is the view from my backyard.



We here in SoCal don’t believe in seasons.  We only get one.  At least it’s one of the good ones.  I’m wearing shorts today.

2. I am absolutely loving ModCloth.com right now, and probably forever and ever.

Mainly because of this picture:



But also because of these shoes.



There’s a part of me that actually tried to rationalize buying these.  “You could wear them with everything,” I said in my head.  “Skinny jeans, shorts, skirts…”

“Yes, Cam, you could.  But you wouldn’t,” I argued with myself.  Ugh, I hate it when I’m so logical.  Someone out there buy these!  And then send me pics of you wearing them so I can live vicariously through you.

3. I am absolutely loving kickboxing right now.


My kids practice karate.  They hate it.  At first.  Once we get there, they love it.  So in order to increase their motivation to practice, I too have signed up at their dojo.  They absolutely LOVE this.  I’ve been taking a fitness kickboxing class with this badass lady who, despite being tiny and probably in her sixties, could totally take me down.  I love punching things.  I love kicking things.  It’s my new favorite stress release.

4. I am absolutely loving Harry Potter.  Again.


My boyfriend and my very own brother recently informed me that they had never seen the Harry Potter movies OR read the books.  I was astounded.  How did this happen?  How did my brother, who grew up in the same house as me, NEVER see these movies?  And my poor boyfriend!  How did he live through his middle adulthood without the wisdom of Dumbledore?  Well, this needed to be rectified.  A rewatch was immediately enacted.

5. (And, according to facebook, this one stirs up a bit of emotion) I am absolutely loving this review of the movie that shall not be named.


I’m just going to leave this here.