Happy Boxing Day!

In various countries all over this beautiful blue planet today, people are queuing up to sort out those last little holiday trifles.  In Europe, stores open early and banks are closed in recognition of this day of goodwill.  In ye olde tymes, Boxing Day was a day to give gifts to those in need or in service positions.  It has since become a shopping day, akin to the US Black Friday, where shoppers can score sweet deals on some sweet merch.

Here in the States, Boxing Day takes on a whole different meaning.  I’m spending the day cleaning up Lego boxes and Amazon boxes and clothing boxes torn apart by eager little hands.  I’m packing up red and green boxes with ornaments and decorations to be stored until next year while demolishing little gold boxes of chocolate.  I’m reboxing items that need to go back to the store; duplicate presents from liked minded friends who know us so well.  And I can’t help but think it a chore.  Grumble all the way.


And this is what won’t fit in the recycling bin.


Two sets of wireless headphones. They know me so well.

The sheer enormity of what needs to be done to get my house, and my health, back in order is daunting.  All I want to do is drink wine and binge watch National Lampoon movies.   I love Christmas.  I’ve watched Love Actually four times this week.  I’ve indulged in sugar cookies and macaroni and cheese and fine alcoholic beverages.  I’ve enjoyed out of town friends and family immensely and laughed until my belly ached.  But today I’m suffering from a holiday hangover.  I haven’t been to the gym in a week, I need a sugar detox and quite frankly, I’ve been buzzed since Monday.  And it’s not even over yet!  I still have to make it through New Years.

I’ve been supposedly involved in this Holiday Health Challenge at my gym.  And I’ve completely let my team down because I have fallen off the wagon in a big way.  I’ve been so good at monitoring myself throughout this year.  I’ve felt healthy and strong and proud of my accomplishments.  In one short week, I’ve given in to this sluggish, lazy, gluttonous routine that I know I need to leave behind but I just can’t find the energy to start.

How, my fitness family, do you avoid the three signs of the apocalypse: sugar, bread, and alcohol?  I am perfectly fine with indulging on this special occasion, but now that it’s winding down, my biggest obstacle is figuring out how to stop.  I have a half-marathon in two weeks!   “Just get back on track”, they say.  Easier said than done, Pinterest.

I need some out of the box ways to get motivated.  How do you recover from the holidays?  Share with me your wisdom, internet world!

Let’s run Rock ‘n’ Roll!

I’m excited to announce that I will be part of the Rock ‘n” Roll Marathon Series’ 2015 blogger team!


I discovered RnR races back in 2010 and have run one each year since – New Orleans, St. Pete and Washington DC to name a few. I love the atmosphere of each race – and how each course is as unique as the cities they races are held in. I love to travel, to race in unfamiliar cities and to jam to live bands as I run along a course. And who can say no to a complimentary post-race beer?

rock3After 13.1 miles in DC earlier this year

And this news comes with a perk for all of you! Soon I will have a discount code to share with you all on entries for the 2015 Rock ‘n’ Roll races. The series offers 5K races, 1/2 and full marathons and challenges  that include a combination of several running events.

As I look toward 2015 and my race schedule, I already planned to run the RnR race in Washington DC, again with my friend Traci. We’re both excited to return to DC for another fun event, But I’m not sure what other races to tackle – Chicago, Philly and San Diego are my front runners. But Vegas, Savannah and Portland are also woo-ing me.

I’d love to hear which RnR races are your favorites and why! Which races shouldn’t I miss? Which RnR race is on your running bucket list?


Chick Chat: Hey Santa!

In case it’s not readily apparent from reading this blog, you should know that we all adore each other. When you get a few of us in a room together, there’s an awful lot of hugging and smiling and giggling. And inappropriate jokes, just saying.

But, since we don’t really get a chance to get together for the holiday, we like to do a litttle Chick Secret Santa Exchange. And by ‘secret’, I mean we spend most of the time trying to figure out who has who. Or maybe that’s just me? It probably is just me!

So, without further ado, I present our holiday lovefest!


I was so excited when I got Jess in the Secret Santa exchange. Jess is the West to my East. We have a history of long, LONG, emails and a shared love of bacon. But when it came time to actually shop for Jess, I got a little stumped. It wasn’t that I couldn’t think of anything, more that I thought of too many things! In the end, I picked out a stacking set of mugs that I hope will remind Jess of her trip to a city that is as gorgeous as she is <3



I was paired up with Kyle this year and I know she’s been focused on getting that ankle of hers healed.  I wanted to send her some good vibes, literally!  I opted for a lava rock and Tiger Eye bracelet from Heal Meow and a little bottle of Serenity Doterra Oil.  Lava beads are made from volcanic rock.  They’re grounding and balancing but provide strength and courage.  They also absorb oils, perfect for getting a whiff of Serenity all day long.  Tiger Eye is a protective stone that promotes commitment, focus, self-worth, luck, balance and strength. Plus, it sounds pretty badass which is perfect for this badass chick.


What do you get a marathoner and Oiselle team runner for Christmas? Yeah, I didn’t know either. I mean, of course Vic would have EVERYTHING needed for running; she’s been in the sport for a while now. Necessities were out of the question. So when I got to the Boulder Running Company, I asked the very helpful sales woman to show me the luxury! She RAVED and RAVED about the headbands from Smart Wool. Once I touched one, I fell in love, too. They were soft, sleek, and came in several pretty colors and patterns. Considering where Vic lives and runs, I decided this would be the perfect lux gift for my new New England runner friend. After all, you can never have too much cold gear, especially in upstate NY.

Vic gift


I chose this cozy scarf/wrap for Jenn for a few reasons. Firstly, she lives in chilly Colorado, and who doesn’t want to be all warm and adorable in cold weather (though I suspect she is regardless)? Secondly, the beautiful pattern – which unfortunately you can’t see very well in this picture – reminded me of something she’d wear and like. And thirdly, I’m just obsessed with Zara scarves and am the happy owner of several. I’m more than happy to pass my obsession on to Jenn and hope she enjoys it!



I won’t lie. I was SUPES EXCITED when I found out Meri was mine. For lots of reasons (you know, she’s wonderful, hilarious, amazeballs… all of that) but mostly I was excited because I knew EXACTLY what she was getting. Immediately.

You see, Meri and I have a few things in common. Like me, she lives on coffee. Also like me, she has an affinity for breakfast foods. And yet again like me, she loves her some Leslie Knope. So clearly, she NEEDED this gift in her life. Literally the best mug ever.

Mer Kyle Gift


In the fall of 2012 I traveled to Bec’s house for a girl’s weekend of fun. Jenn, Cam and myself descended on Bec’s house, ate her food, drank her wine, and made ourselves at home in her daughter’s room (full of One Direction posters). Oh yeah, we did a Superhero 5k too! While we were there, we were on the search for TOMS for Bec. We went to various stores looking for the perfect shoes but alas, came away empty-handed.

That’s why when I saw this TOMS blanket (at Target, natch), I knew that it had to belong to Bec. We spent many hours hanging out on her couch, watching movies such as Mean Girls and Grease 2. I envision her wrapped up in this blanket, watching movies, and pretending it’s a hug from ME.



For the second straight year, I got Cam!

I went shopping looking for baking-related items, because I know Cam loves to bake. Nothing jumped out to me, so I turned to Ragnar. Then I thought, Cam likely already has anything and everything Ragnar one could ever want.

So I decided to buy something for Cam that she would never buy herself – an Alex and Ani bracelet that signifies “beginnings.”

Cam’s life has changed drastically since I first met her three-plus years ago. But rather than letting those challenges overwhelm her, Cam tackles them, head-on  – for her and for her children. It’s for that reason I thought this bracelet was perfect for my dear Cameroo!

And the shirt – it’s a slice of Rochester just for you! My local running store was selling the leftover race shirts on Black Friday and I snagged one for you with hopes to someday get you to my fair city! (Plus I really liked the design this year!)

And you know what this means, Cam. Third year’s the charm. So start dropping hints now. You know I can’t actually ask you what you want once cyber Santa pairs us up again.



From our little Scootadoot family to yours, happiest of holidays <3



Let’s crunch some numbers, shall we?

Days until Christmas – 6

Shopping Days Until Christmas – 4. Or 5, but only if you are completely insane

Deadline for Christmas Eve Delivery with Amazon Free Shipping – 18 hours (but who’s counting)

Percentage of Christmas Presents Bec has purchased – Ummmm, maybe 50%

Percentage of Christmas Presents Bec has wrapped – Is 0 a percent?

Number of Christmas Cards Bec has sent – 0

Number of Christmas Cookies Bec has baked – 0

Number of Christmas Cookies Bec has eaten – Let’s not go there, hmmm.

Expected temperature in the Boston Area on Christmas Eve – 51 degrees (my face, you guys)

Amount of holiday spirit Bec has – 0 is definitely a percent.

Maybe it’s the short amount of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but basically, I’m feeling all of the rush, all of the pressure, all of the stress… and not much of the love.

I don’t like this! I usually LOVE Christmas, especially the big day of cookie baking, which I didn’t even plan this year. But my schedule has just been too crazy. The entire family has been sick on and off, work is a little crazy, the kids have swimming at various daily intervals and time is just flying by and now it’s LESS THAN A WEEK. What???

And it’s warm. Okay, it’s not warm, but for almost winter in New England, it’s WARM. It’s just doesn’t feel like Christmas.

Am I the only one who just isn’t feeling it this year?  Have you had a holiday season like this?

The other day, Chick Jenn posted some awesome tips for a crazy busy holiday season, and I will totally be pulling those out the next time I have one of those packed holidays, at the very least, the Wassail.

But what about a holiday season that isn’t so much busy as it is just…meh. Any ideas for that? Here’s what I’m planning this weekend to help me get into the spirit!

Do Good

I challenged the kids at Thanksgiving to come up with a charity that they wanted to support this holiday season. They talked about it and agreed (MOM WIN) on Toys for Tots. So, we’ll be dropping off some toys at the fire station tomorrow. Do you have a special holiday charity that you do?

Get it Done

Come Sunday evening, the shopping, both food and gift, will be done. So it is written…  Seriously, I think having so little done is seriously crushing my holiday mojo.

Something Sweet

Even though we aren’t doing a big day of cookie baking, I will at least make a couple batches of my Great Grandmother’s Sugar and Spice cookies. They are my absolute favorite, and they taste like Christmas!

Remind Myself

My sure-fire cure for the holiday meh is Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life. Since none of the family has anything going on tonight (!!!!), we’re going to cuddle on the couch and watch, and I’m going to let George Bailey remind me just how wonderful it is.

If you’re feeling the holiday meh, what are you doing to turn it around? And if you’re heavy on the holiday spirit, do you have any tips for Bec? 


Crazy Christmas Coping

Let’s be honest, the joyous holiday season is sometimes not very joyous. The decorating and shopping and party going and hosting and cooking takes a toll on us. I didn’t even mention the cleaning for guests, the wrapping of presents, or the shelving of the elf.

Carlos is concerned. (Mer is so clever.)

Carlos is concerned. (Mer is so clever.)

And there are those members of the family that just lie around, soaking up the Christmas cheer while you do all the work.



Can I open my presents YET?

Can I open my presents YET?

All the hustle and bustle can zap us of our holiday cheer. I know you know that I know that you know. We all know the trick is to remember what the season is really about and to focus on the big stuff. To be clear, by big stuff I do not mean giant tins of caramel corn. There are techniques to avoid eating your holiday malaise because your visiting relatives are driving you bonkers. Here are some ways we cope with the Christmas crazy.

Crazy Christmas Coping Tip 1: Many Christmas’ past, my family decided to draw names instead of buying gifts for everyone. It’s quite possible that this is the best family decision we ever made. Here’s how it works in our jolly clan. After Christmas dinner, the adults each draw a name, and they buy for that person the next Christmas. This strategy gives us a year to shop for the perfect gift at the perfect price. There is a set dollar limit, and we keep track so that someone doesn’t draw the same name two years in a row. Everyone buys gifts for all the kids in the family (as it should be).

Because this is about my level of Christmas spirit come the 25th.

Because this is about my level of Christmas spirit come the 25th.

Crazy Christmas Coping Tip 2: Wassail, my friend. Yes, as in “Here we come a wassailing among the leaves so green…” It’s warm, it’s cinnamon-y, it’s divine. It’s an inexpensive cupful of winter warmth and cheer that guests will rave about. Plus, it’s just the thing to curl up with Christmas night when the kids are tucked away in bed and you can enjoy the blessings of the day like your family and your health and the existence of wassail.

Always buy the BIG bottle of rum.

Always buy the BIG bottle of rum.

Crazy Christmas Coping Tip 3: Why is setting reasonable expectations of ourselves and our time SO HARD? We feel like we can do it all and then some and still be creative and adorable to boot. We totally can be that person who hosts a gingerbread house party and makes her own gifts because we can do it all. But we shouldn’t have to. So we need to delegate. We need to make parties we’re hosting a potluck. We need to  shop online to free up time and stress. We need not worry about getting it all done. Instead, we focus on doing what we realistically can accomplish and remember that those who love us don’t us judge us.

Lots of stockings on the wall means a big happy family lives here.

Lots of stockings on the wall means a big happy family lives here.

This goes without saying, but this season, try to remember what’s truly important. Pause and be grateful for your blessings. As life swirls on around us, the need to take a moment every day to be present and compassionate is more important than ever.

How Mer retains her sanity:

The majority of my holiday shopping is done online. We hit the stores here and there for little specialty gifts but otherwise I am Amazon Prime’s biggest fan!

Additionally, I’m cutting down on the hustle and bustle of this time of year by taking short cuts. Usually I bake cookies for all of my neighbors but this year I saw tins with shortbreads – 4 for $10 – at Sam’s Club. We have four neighbors, how convenient! Done.

I’m trying to focus on what’s important to me and my family and not stress about the rest.


Wassail Recipe:

In a crock pot or large stove top pot, combine 1 part oj to 1 part cranberry juice to 2 parts apple cider. Add rum or spiced rum to taste. Add ground cloves, ground cinnamon, and a pinch of allspice. Stud an orange with cloves and tie 2-3 cinnamon sticks together and drop them in the pot. Let simmer and serve hot. The alcohol will burn off after a while so you may need to add more.

Enjoy, and be sure to collect people’s keys!


How do you cope with holiday stress (besides running your feelings out)? What are your favorite holiday traditions? Does the Elf on the Shelf creep you out, too?


The Not Very Cold ColderBolder

Sometimes, the Universe aligns and graces you with experiences that surpasses your expectations. Sometimes, those experiences lead you to learn new things about yourself. And sometimes, if you’re really lucky, the Universe will throw in a few giant jogging chipmunks and penguins for perspective. And when the experience is over, you swear that you’re happier, and that the world would be happier, too, if there were more giant jogging penguins. Personally, I vote for giant jogging koala bears. Such was the blast I had at last weekend’s ColderBolder, the companion 5k race to the BolderBoulder10k.

This year, the ColderBolder turned out to be…not very cold. Well, “not very cold” as Colorado would define it anyway. Last year’s race temp was a balmy -5˚. For the record, it is highly likely I would have wussed out if it had been THAT cold this year. Fortunately the temperature at race time was 42˚, and although walking to the start was a bit chilly, the view made it worth it. The course takes runners through the University of Colorado’s beautiful Boulder campus, which has a front and center view of the Flatirons.

It's sooo purrrdy.

It’s sooo purrrdy.

Woot Woot, 2014CB5K!

Woot Woot, 2014CB5K!

After the epic fail at my company Turkey Trot a few weeks back, I was determined to make this race count. I’d planned carefully, made sure I had all my gear, and was eager to try out my first pair of compression socks. We arrived forty-five minutes before my start time and had some time to check out the expo. I’d already picked up my packet so we bypassed that long, but fast-moving, line.

Organized Chaos

Organized Chaos

Look y'all, chipmunk runners!

Look y’all, chipmunk runners!

The crowd was cheerful and energized, and not nearly as big as the BolderBoulder (BB10K) even though the race had sold out. We headed toward Blach Field House to see the finish line and check out the vendors. There weren’t many booths, but I totally spied the beer booth despite it being 9:30 in the morning.

The Old Chub has scotch in it. #I'llpass

The Old Chub has scotch in it. #I’llpass

Expo Vendors

Expo Vendors

We bumped into my aunt Sandra and my soon-to-be-new-uncle Bill who is an avid runner. After chatting for a few minutes, Bill and I left to head to the start, while my husband and aunt found a place to cheer. Indoors. Where it was warm.

Bill and I lined up with our wave and I assured him that I was as slow as molasses, and to please not wait for me. He assured me he wouldn’t. And he didn’t either! We heard the gun shot and he was off! Go, Uncle Bill, go!

Just keep waiting, just keep waiting...

Just keep waiting, just keep waiting…

Here we go!

Here we go!

The first mile was great; my legs felt strong and my new shoes that I’m still getting used to felt like springy pillows on my feet. My asthma combined with the cold air, however, didn’t make for a happy Jenn. I wasn’t far into that first mile before I had to start alternating jogging with walking. I tried to walk as little as possible, and when I did run I tried to be conscious of my form and pace. I’ve been working on following the Chi Running Technique, and I do feel as though it helped my speed and enhanced my comfort while running this race.

Miles two and three were fun! I was feeling determined despite my difficulty breathing. When I was running, I felt like I was flying past everyone! I can honestly say I’ve never felt that free running, and I think I caught an inkling of that running addiction thing. Plus, I could NOT STOP giggling at the running penguins and their bobbing tails. Clearly, I was suffering from runner’s joy.

Running Penguins!!

Running Penguins!!

What a view for mile two!

What a view for mile two!

I powered though as much as I could and puffed on my inhaler more than I would have liked, but still felt strong at the finish. The third mile marker gave me the push I needed and I picked up my pace. The course support and volunteers were great, and there were quite a few spectators cheering us on for that last half mile. It’s really amazing what a little love from the crowd and positive race energy can do for you! As I turned the corner to the finish line, I spotted my husband , aunt, and Bill cheering for me. It was nice to have some friendly faces and a bit of love at the race. I think that made this race my happiest finish yet!

Happiest Jenn!

Happiest Jenn!



When it was all said and done, I was pretty darn pleased with myself. My official time was 38:29 and pace was 12:23. I will so take that action. This race was a blast and it taught me that I may not perform at my best in the winter cold, but I can still have fun and get out there. Favorite perks of this race were the cute pink and blue hat, and of course, beer. I am officially one of the cold and the bold.

Cute warm hat + beer = content

Cute warm hat + beer = content

What winter races are you looking forward to this season? DO YOU LIKE HATS TOO?

It Made a Difference For That One: 5 thoughts on volunteering

Hi, I’m Meridith and I’m a professional philanthropist.

I always joke about this with friends (especially Brooke, who is also a professional philanthropist) but I’m only somewhat kidding. I volunteer my time… a lot. And it rocks.

If you’ve read Scoot a Doot for any amount of time, you’ve probably figured out that we chicks are big on the doing good things. Do good, feel good! That’s our motto.

Okay, no it’s not. But it’s our secondary motto. (Do those exist? Well, they do now!)

When the PTO needs a secretary… or a vice-president – yeah, I’m holding two positions this year – I’ve got my hand up.

Food drive? Here’s the tuna fish!

Gifts for the holiday giving tree? We’ll take two requests!

When you’re looking to do good, there is never a shortage of opportunities. In fact, it can all be a bit daunting. As a professional philanthropist, I feel it is my duty to share different ways that you too, can volunteer.

Selfie with one of the snuggle pups, Star. ADOPTED

Selfie with one of the shelter snuggle pups, Star. ADOPTED

Front and center on my volunteering stage recently has been my local animal shelter. The want to do this was always present; the reality of me being able to make this happen started in August.

Let’s break it down. I’ll be using the animal shelter as my emphasis but really, this works for many volunteer positions.


It’s usually a good idea to make sure you’re fully interested in volunteering for a cause. For example, I wouldn’t volunteer to be a children’s archery instructor because I have bad aim and bad luck.

Many volunteering positions are one and done opportunities, and that’s great if you’re short on time or looking for a quick jolt of feeling good!

An example? Recently the shelter was low on food. As in, so low that they weren’t sure how they were going to feed the animals for the next month. A local news station picked up the story as a human interest piece and then this happened.


A-maz-ing. Photo credit: Camden County Animal Shelter

Community members far and wide came together to donate cat and dog food, beds, laundry detergent, and other daily shelter needs. It was truly incredible to see!

Some people want to do even MORE. That’s when they come out to volunteer interest meetings. Shelters, hospitals (I was a junior volunteer aka candy striper, once upon a time), PTOs – they all have these meetings to tell you more about the organization and what you can do to make a difference.


Time is something that everyone seems short on these days and I can appreciate that. I do have more time than many as a stay at home parent, which is why I like to fill my time with things that are valuable in meaning.

I love dogs and I would have all of the shelter dogs living in my house if I had the option. However, I do like my husband and he’s told me that we are good with ONE dog for now. Sigh. 

Anyway… runners and walkers, take note because this is for YOU.

The dogs in shelters NEED exercise. They want nothing more than to get out of their kennels and frolic with me. I walk with many but there are some who are all about running! I spend approximately a mile per dog, which adds up for both dogs and mileage! It’s a win all around.

Also, some of those dogs require upper body strength because they are STRONG! Total body work out, heyyyyy.


Oh, you’re not independently wealthy?

Yeah, me either.

Until I hit the lottery or find a suitcase of 100s, I’m not always able to give financially. However, I have plenty of things in my house that are useful.

And I bet YOU do too.

Shelters need old bedding, towels and sheets to make their animals feel comfy cozy in their temporary homes. Recently I went through my linen closet and pulled older things I no longer used and then reorganized my closet. Donation for the shelter AND a clean closet. Look at me, being all domestic! (This happens less often than it should so yes, I’m totally patting myself on the back.)

In the case that you ARE independently wealthy, I hope you’re donating to your favorite causes!


There is something that speaks to me about being a representative of someone or something that might not otherwise have a voice. The animals at the shelter don’t have Facebook, they don’t have blogs, they don’t get a chance to get out much…

But I do.

As a volunteer, I am able to bring a pup to get pictures taken at an amazing photographer.


Sweet Lexus on the way to her glamour shots! She is available at Camden County Animal Shelter.


Photo credit: Valerie Bruder Photography

As a volunteer, I am able to take a dog to a local park in hopes of having them meet people who are looking to add a new member to the family.

Shawna at the park! ADOPTED!

Shawna at the park! ADOPTED!

As a volunteer, I am able to sign up for events such as parades and mall visits to get the pooches out of their kennels and visible in the community.

It’s good stuff. And when you’ve got a big mouth and a willing audience, you cannot be stopped!


Listen, when it comes down to it, a big reason that people volunteer is that it makes them feel good.

I love animals, I love spending time with them, and I want to help them in any capacity that I can. Since I don’t live on a ranch and since I’m not independently wealthy, volunteering at the shelter is the absolute best thing I can do to love on the dogs there (and cats – I’ve ventured into the cat room too, I’m still learning the ropes there).


Kiwi – Available at Camden County Animal Shelter (edit to add: ADOPTED!)

I have many four-legged friends and yes, I’ll admit that I miss them when I enter the kennel area only to find a new little face looking up at me.

But that’s also the best day, because it means that they’ve found their forever home.

And that new pup will need a friend to love on them, to walk them, and to give them treats. I’ll be there, leash in hand.

What are your favorite ways to give back to the community? Is there a volunteer opportunity that’s on your bucket list? What’s stopping you?

This is 40?

A year ago, I wrote a post about being a year out from my 40th birthday. It feels like I wrote that yesterday. But yesterday, I actually did turn 40, so apparently, an entire year has passed. I don’t even know how that happened, but the older I get, the faster time seems to go.

That post was all about plans for the year, ways to get healthy. I didn’t really do any of them. If I’m being honest, I forgot most of them as soon as I finished writing the post. This year passed, like so many others, in a blur. There are moments that stand out, good times and bad that will ultimately define this year in my memory, but the year leading up to 40 was no more significant than turning 40 itself. I tend to idealize moments, think that when I hit a certain point, things will be magically different. I had this idea that at 40, I would somehow have everything together, be this paragon of maturity and grace, the perfect picture of modern working motherhood. And I guess I sort of was?

At the exact moment I turned 40 years old, 4:26PM yesterday, I was in the middle of picking up both kids at school/daycare, wishing I’d taken the day off from work, and jamming to Ariana Grande on the radio. And then the moment was gone, slipped by, and it wasn’t noteworthy, except to note that it’s pretty indicative of my life. And it’s a good life. A really good life.

In terms of where the plans for the past year went…

Weight loss? There was none. Well, there was some but not for more than a minute, and I’m roughly in the same place I was last year. It’s okay. I’ll get there. I don’t know when. I don’t know how. But I’ll get there.

Running? Nope. That half marathon didn’t happen, couldn’t happen, and there hasn’t been any running since then either. It’s okay. I’ll get there. Or I’ll decide that isn’t where I want to go, and I’ll get somewhere else.

General health and happiness? Sometimes? I don’t stop and enjoy the little things enough. I spend too much time on the internet. I let anxiety get the best of me. I beat myself up for bad choices. I worry, even though I know worrying won’t change the outcome of things. I think, far too much, about where I should be, instead of embracing where I am.

It’s okay, I’ll get there.

I woke up today, my first full day of being 40, and I felt… exactly the same as I did yesterday. Except that I have a whole new decade stretching out ahead of me until the next big birthday, and it just feels full of possibility. What will my 40s be? What will I make them?

I have no idea. Well, I have a lot of ideas, but right now, they’re all sort of swirling around in my head like confetti dropped into a wind tunnel. They are idea-lets, none of them fully formed.  Eventually, the wind will die down, and it will be the time of making lists and making plans and making decisions. And I will. And it will be okay. And I will get there.

But for now, I’m off to spend some much needed girl time with my bffl. Coffee and shopping and giggling somewhere, because we are us and that just sort of happens.


And then later, I’ll pick up the kids while jamming to Jason Derulo, and be glad I took today off.

And it’s Friday, so we’ll get take out and maybe go to the mall.

And tomorrow morning, I’ll drive my son to swimming and my daughter to her job and I’ll go grocery shopping.

And I’ll take a minute here and there to look around, to soak it in, to remember.


This is 40.

Sparkle Athletic Giveaway

The scoot chicks love the holidays. Since we’re preparing for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and FESTIVUS, we thought we’d share a special sparkly prize with you.

chickssparkleMouseketeers always sparkle – at the 2013 Wine and Dine

You may have noticed that the chicks love to sparkle. We often wear Sparkle Athletic skirts and visors at races – chances are you’ve seen Vic working the Sparkle booth at a few race expos.

Nov13 to May14 859Working the TinkHalf Expo

Nov13 to May14 857Vic and Sparkle diva Kelly


Meri sparkles in her gunmetal visor with pals Maureen and Keri

With the holiday approaching, we decided to share some Sparkle Athletic goodies with YOU! So up for grabs are the Headsweats brand Rainbow Checkerboard visor and Silver Wing shwings. Vic personally picked these goodies out for one lucky winner.

Click on the below photo to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway:


Giveaway begins December 3 and ends at midnight on Dec. 8. Contest only open to U.S. residents. We will notify winner via email and on our Facebook page.

Please note that Vic purchased these prizes on her own. This post is not sponsored by Sparkle Athletic in any way. We just love their products and all the company represents. Prize package is worth $35.