Marathon Training: Hiking Edition

So, sometimes, marathon training can get tedious. I mean, think about it, running miles on miles on miles, week in and week out, trying to find new routes, trying to avoid others, battling heat and humidity… It has a tendency to wear a runner down. Literally and figuratively.

How does one fix that kind of nonsense?

Find a fun way to cross train.

Typically, my cross training is cycling, but I usually do spin classes at my gym, and while that’s a great workout, it’s inside. Being inside all the time when it’s gorgeous outside is stupid. And I’m a little crunchy granola child who needs her trees and water and alive things to be happy.

Fortunately, my training partner Sarah feels the same way. Sarah is also the friend who will go backpacking with me for days on end, so it should be no surprise that the two of us decided that despite our very busy summer schedules, we needed to get at least one hike in before the fall.



Great Falls Park. Gorgeous.

Due to the aforementioned summer schedule craziness, an overnight backpacking trip wasn’t in the cards (poo), so we determined that a day hike would be the next best alternative. Living in Northern Virginia, we’re fortunate to have a lot of hiking trails relatively close – a fact that is a little surreal when you also consider the fact that the nation’s capital is also a stone’s throw away.

We got a date on the calendar, invited some friends and last weekend took a short jaunt up to Great Falls Park to get our hike on. Mind you, we did this the day after running a very hot and sweaty 9 miles. Sarah, myself and my friend Courtney are all training for the Baltimore Marathon in October – and we all needed a little bit of a break from the monotonous mileage.

Though the morning was very warm, it was a beautiful day to be outside. The park was pretty busy – lots of folks hit these trails because of their proximity to the city – and we saw everyone from families out for a walk in the woods, to people running with their dogs.

The trails in the park run along side the Potomac River and offer some beautiful vistas. It’s such a nice change of pace to surround oneself with nature after days on end of office buildings and city streets.


Sarah and the Hon Monster.

It’s also nice to get to play with Sarah’s dog, Honey, since I don’t have a pup. I’ll use any excuse to get puppy time – and hiking is always a good option!

While our hike wasn’t super long, we were all pretty beat by the time we stopped to eat the lunches we packed with us. It was a hot day and our legs we pretty tired from our run the day before. We tried (unsuccessfully) to map our mileage for the hike, but gave up after Courtney’s Garmin kept losing the satellite. Oops.


Training Partners. Hiking Partners.

Sarah and determined that we might be heading back up to the park to do a trail run or two before training season is over – the hills alone would be good for us, and the scenery can’t be beat. Mostly, it’d be something different than the bike paths and streets that we run on every other day.

Mostly, I just want another excuse to go run around in the woods and see things like this:



I seriously can never get enough. Give me all the nature. Always.

Road Tested – Skirt Sports Lioness Skirt

Today, I’m dishing on one of my favorite topics, clothing-slash-fashion-slash-cuteness. I firmly believe that your outfit sets your entire tone for your day, or your race. If you feel like you look good, your confidence naturally rises and you feel better able to meet whatever challenges you may face. It’s a philosophy shared by Skirt Sports, which is the main reason I signed right up when they offered me a skirt to try out. It’s called the Lioness, and it’s new this fall. This color is called “Razz”. Also? IT’S SUPER CUTE.

I love the pattern in the contrast fabric.

I love the pattern in the contrast fabric.

The back is as cute as the front!

The back is as cute as the front!

I only had one reservation about the skirt. After looking at their adorable clothing online, I was wondering about the price. I mean, the price is comparable to other companies making similar garments, but the seamstress in me always asks two things: can I make it myself (and then show you how to make it), and is the price fair given the quality of the garment? Is it made well? It is going to hold up over many races and washings and trips to the dog park?

After getting the skirt home and really inspecting its construction, I’m a firm believer that that price is worth every shinny  penny! It’s so nice to be able to say that!  I’m a stickler for quality construction, and I can’t tell you how often I shake my fist because the new shirt I bought two weeks ago already has a button missing. SkirtSports surprised me with the quality of the skirt. Their garments are made in Cambodia, and the skirt far surpassed items I’ve examined from other high-end athletic wear companies. It would cost me well above the retail cost of this skirt to make it myself when I factor in time and materials. I love it when you can get more than you pay for! Well done SkirtSports!

Encased elastic makes it much more comfy.

Encased elastic makes it much more comfy.

Rubber nubs keep the shorts in place on your leg without chaffing.

Rubber nubs keep the shorts in place on your leg without chaffing.

One of my favorite features is the pockets. There is a zippered waist pocket in the back and a side pocket on each leg of the shorties. The right pocket has a reinforced hole to feed your headphone wire through. This skirt had plenty of room for my key, ID, phone, earbuds, and my stupid inhaler. I still had room for an energy gel or two if needed. I would like the waist pocket to be a little bit bigger, but that’s just because it seems like I’m always carrying a lot of stuff. The other plus for me is the built in shorties with the silicone dot grippers.


Now for the real test, wear-ability! I donned the outfit I want to wear for my second half marathon this coming Saturday. Head to toe: Headsweats visor (thanks Vic!), Champion running shirt, the most adorable running skirt ever, a slick pair of neon pink PRO Compression socks, and my New Balance kicks. I snapped a few goofy photos of which I’m required to share at least one, and I was off!

Test Run

I went for a 3 mile run in 90 degree heat. The skirt was so comfortable and cool. It held all my stuff and my stuff didn’t annoy me. The silicone grippers on the shorts kept them in place and I wasn’t constantly adjusting…anything. It was so great to not feel encumbered by a bunch of stuff because everything was in its place nice and snug and my hands and arms were free. FREEEE! I’m pretty sure I’ll be sporting this skirt at my race this weekend, and as I climb 400 feet in elevation over two and half miles, I’m hoping this skirt will make me feel as powerful as its namesake!

Do you prefer running skirts to shorts or pants? Do you have feelings about looking cute on the course? Do you wear make-up when running, or only when it’s part of the costume? Tell me all about it in the comments!

*Skirt Sports gave me this skirt to try for the purpose of reviewing it. No other compensation was given.


Recipe Box: Summer Veggies Three Ways

If you’ve been following along the last couple of Fridays, me and my chicks have been posting all about eating local. You know what happens when you’re hitting the farmer’s market and getting produce delivery?

You have a LOT of veggies laying around.

I don't even know what my counter looks like anymore.

I don’t even know what my counter looks like anymore.

Which is great! Except what the heck are you going to do with them all?

Here are three recipes I found to help me use up these beautiful bounties. And as a bonus, all three of these recipes are vegan, gluten free and paleo friendly, because I’m nice like that (it was mostly coincidence, but lets roll with it).

The first is recipe is adapted from the awesome vegan cookbook, The Kind Diet. If you don’t know this one, it’s written by Alicia Silverstone. I’m not a vegan (right now), but vegan cooking is happening a lot right now due to the dairy elimination. If you don’t know much about succotash, get ready to make the ‘ewww, Lima Beans’ face. Honestly, though, lima beans are awesome. And if you really, really hate them, you could swap in edamame instead. Don’t let the beans scare you off though, this is delicious.

Summer Succotash

Lima beans, the bane of my childhood existence, getting some action with my fresh corn and tomatoes.

Lima beans, the bane of my childhood existence, getting some action with my fresh corn and tomatoes.



1 tablespoon Earth Balance butter
1 teaspoon olive oil
1 diced red onion
1 clove garlic, minced
1 (10 ounce) package frozen baby lima beans, thawed
1 cup fresh or frozen corn (I used ridiculously fresh local corn, cut right off the cob)
1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved
2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley
2 tablespoons chopped fresh basil
1 tablespoon red wine vinegar

Heat the butter and oil together in a large skillet over medium heat.  Add the onion and saute until the onions begin to brown (5-7 minutes).  Add the garlic and cook 1 minute longer.

Stir in the lima beans and saute another 5 minutes.  Add the corn and tomatoes, saute 1 minute longer until heated through.  Remove from heat and add parsley, basil and vinegar.

This can be served warm or chilled. And it’s great either way. Do it. You’ll love it. All I am saying, if give (lima) beans a chance.

The next recipe came from Pinterest, where I spend far too much time pinning recipes I will likely never make. But this one, Warm Zucchini Salad, I did! And it was fab. Pinterest led me to Vikalinka, a blog I hadn’t heard of before.

When you have a LOT of zucchini, make this.

When you have a LOT of zucchini, make this.

Go here to check out the original recipe post, her pictures are stunning.

The last recipe came from a trip to the library, where I stumbled upon The Real Girl’s Kitchen cookbook. I didn’t actually notice that it was written by Haylie Duff (do I secretly have a thing for cookbooks written by blonde actresses? maybe.), I just liked the pictures. Thank goodness I like pretty things, because this cookbook provided me with a few great new recipes, including this one.


I hesitate to even call this a recipe, it’s that simple. Like, even if you can’t cook, you can cook this. And you should, because I’ve made it three times in the last month, and I’m making it again this week. And you know, I DON’T like repeats.

Haricot Vert Salad

Five ingredients never looked so good.

Five ingredients never looked so good.


1 pound of french green beans (I used regular green beans, they’re just French, only fatter, and I feel it’s important not to judge beans on their size)
1 cup of cherry tomatoes – quartered 
Fresh Dill
Red wine vinegar
Olive oil
1 teaspoon whole grain mustard
Salt & Pepper to Taste

Blanche green beans in boiling water for 4-5 minutes (you want them still crunchy, but not raw), and the put them in an ice bath to stop the cooking process. Once cooled down, drain and put them in a large bowl. 

Cut tomatoes in quarters. Or halves. Don’t stress it. Add those to the beans, along with the chopped dill. 

Mix the red wine vinegar and mustard together and drizzle over the beans and tomatoes. Or just dump those in the bowl and mix everything around. Salt and pepper to taste, and you’re good to go.

Now, get a plate. Or just stand there, eating it out of the bowl with your fingers. You know, as one does.

Don’t you just want some veggies now? Do you have any great vegetable recipes? Please feel free to share! 


Jog ‘n Hog – Taking on the WHOLE HOG


Sometimes, okay… often, I succumb to peer pressure when it comes to races. The past two years, I’ve been a half hogger, which, in the most technically terms possible, means running a 5k while scoffing down a pint of ice cream smack dab in the middle.

I’m a half marathoner, after all. No need to rock the boat, or the stomach! However, this year when Boss Hog challenged me to go WHOLE hog (instead of a pint, you eat a quart), I was all “YEAH! I AM TOTALLY GOING TO DO THIS!”

I told anyone who would listen. And even some people who probably didn’t listen. I’m going to run! AND EAT A WHOLE QUART OF ICE CREAM. And run!

Never mind the fact that I’ve never eaten a whole quart of ice cream, in my life. Heck, it was a challenge the past two years to eat the pint size.

But I was committed! I was excited!

And then this happened the night before the race…

What is "this" exactly? Victoria and myself in my yard. With wine. And s'mores. And a dinner of popcorn. Oh, and frozen yogurt before that. Pre-gaming like CHAMPS.

What is “this” exactly? Victoria and myself in my yard. With wine. And s’mores. And a dinner of popcorn. Oh, and frozen yogurt before that. Pre-gaming like CHAMPS.

And then THIS happened the day of the race…

TL;DR - the gist? HEAT WARNING. Grab your personal belongings and run to the nearest air conditioner unit!

TL;DR – the gist? HEAT WARNING. Grab your personal belongings and run to the nearest air conditioner unit!

The news said we needed to AVOID strenuous activity. So naturally the logical conclusion was to head out to Shady Brook Farm (I call shenanigans with that name, by the way. Not much shade!) and prepare for the Jog ‘n Hog.

I love races that have race morning packet pickup, in fact I vote that all races should. Stopped by, got our shirts and bibs, and said hello to the Brothers Smith, the co-creators of the Jog ‘n Hog.

Parking and the start are pretty much right next to each other and the “hogging” area is a roped off area with a local radio station providing fun tunes.


Vic and I brought sprinkles and cones this year and were trying to figure out the logistics of how we’d run (or walk – I’d already declared that I was going to be walking – my plantar fascia is still acting foolish) when we saw the hogging area lined with planters.

Could we? Should we?

Yes and yes. We figured that if anyone else stumbled across our toppings, they could use them too!

Yes and yes. We figured that if anyone else stumbled across our toppings, they could use them too!

Soon after, we ran into the lovely Jes of Runs and Crafts! She’d done a triathlon the day prior (or well, part of one, the run got rained out!) and she was very cool hanging back with me while Victoria decided to take her jogging and hogging more seriously. She had her eye on the prize!


Exhibit A: The prize!

I give major kudos to anyone dressed up at this race because honestly, if nakedness were a viable option, that probably would have been the preferred choice of many.

We found a Spoon! She made her costume and said she had a plate in the crown to make it stand up.

We found a Spoon! She made her costume and said she had a plate in the crown to make it stand up. That is dedication!

We lined up near the start and about 10 minutes later, we were off. Note to the Jog ‘n Hog bros, we couldn’t hear you in the back with the megaphone. Nope. Not a word! But that’s okay because I know the drill. Jog. Hog. Jog.

There’s a water stop along the way out (and again on the back) and decorations from both Halloween and Christmas.

I was sweating before we even started and let me tell you, salt in the eyes does not feel so awesome. Jes and I had a fast walk going on and we chatted the entire way. I’m sure this surprises approximately no one!

As we neared the hogging portion of our experience, we found Vic peeling out of there. She ate the WHOLE thing.

As we neared the hogging portion of our experience, we found Vic peeling out of there. She ate the WHOLE thing.

We grabbed our Uncle Dave’s ice cream (Jes wisely registered for the pint).

I stared at mine.

What am I going to do with you?

What am I going to do with you?

I figured that maybe sprinkles would help the cause.


Eating all the sprinkles, it was more like soup than ice cream. I would have done well drinking it except that there was still a solid mass in there too and I was afraid that it was going to fall directly on my face. I was melting. The ice cream was melting. We were all melting. MELTING.

Don't judge me fellow Jog 'n Hoggers!

Don’t judge me fellow Jog ‘n Hoggers!

So, I decided that I was going to take some ice cream for the journey to the finish in a cone. Because I was bound and determined to use at least one cone!


I felt bad throwing away so much ice cream. Because seriously, there are children starving around the world and waste not, want not and a whole slew of other saying that I could break out here. How much ice cream did I eat? I’m pretty sure it was less than a pint, which is truly pathetic.

Will next year be the year I actually conquer the whole hog? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

Thanks to Jog ‘n Hog for providing us with complimentary entries this year. You rock! No other compensation was given.

Doozy for Dimity Contest Winner

Last week, we wrapped up our Doozy for Dimity Contest!

Congratulations to Kimberly who will receive the prize package below plus a $10 iTunes gift card!


Kimberly sent in her winning question via Facebook. She asked Dimity the following totally relate-able question:


Dimity answered in true Bad Ass Mother Runner fashion! Of course! We expect no less.

It was a great pleasure meeting Dimity and we thank her SO MUCH for her response to Kimberly’s question!

The Speaker Event was fantastic, the SkirtSports folks are as sweet as can be, and Dimity was hilarious and witty and charming. Here is just a snippet of her hour long talk.

I left the event with a huge smile and an arm full of loot. Dimity gave me a copy of Another Mother Runner, I won some awesome neon pink Pro Compression Socks, AND SkirtSports gave me one of their new Lioness skirts to try out; it’s a new design for Fall and so adorable. I had to have a pink one to match my new socks! I can’t deny I am certainly a fan of both Dimity’s and SkirtsSports!


The biggest take-away I got from Dimity’s talk was to not feel guilty taking care of yourself.  You deserve to take the time to care for yourself, to nurture yourself, and to restore yourself. It is just as important as all the demands that others make of you. If we don’t care for yourselves, we aren’t able to care for those who need us so much. Be kind to yourself, everyone!

Are you a Mother Runner? What takeaways do you glean from your fellow runners and friends? Do you like pink too? Tell me all about it in the comments!

Keeping It Local, Part 2

So, last week, we talked about different places you can go to get local produce; farms, farmer’s markets, community gardens. But, if those aren’t options in your area, there are some other options. Namely, CSAs/Produce Delivery and home gardening.

Now, none of are currently participating in a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share, but it’s an idea we fully support. CSAs have some risk, in that if the crops don’t do as well as expected, your return on investment might not be as high. But, a worthy risk in that it supports your local agricultural system. And fun bonus? You’ll get to know fruits and veggies you’ve never met before (some of which look like aliens. I’m looking at you, kohlrabi.)

The newest thing in local produce seems to be delivery. We’ve got chicks on both coasts getting boxes of fresh veg!


When we first started this quest toward healthy eating, we were looking into joining a CSA.  During my investigation, I stumbled across Farm Fresh to You, a home delivery company that drops farm fresh veggies and fruits directly on your doorstep.  You can pick how big of a box you need, when, where, and how often it’s delivered, and you can even look up online exactly which farm your food is coming from.

Box of awesomeness

Box of awesomeness

I love, love, love being able to customize my box, especially because there are a bunch of picky eaters in this house.

It's just what I wanted!

It’s just what I wanted!

I also love that every Tuesday morning there’s a box on my doorstep, because, well, I’m busy (read lazy) and I really hate grocery shopping.


As an added bonus, there’s always a couple recipes included with the invoice that incorporates produce you picked for your box.  How considerate is that?!?


Listen, I’d love to have a home garden, but my thumb is as black as tar. I am barely keeping the basil plant in the window alive at this point. So, what’s a busy (and gardening challenged) lady like myself to do when I want fresh produce?

Get it delivered!

It's like a present!

It’s like a present!

Like Cam, I can customize my basket. I can substitute out things I don’t like, and I can add on things like fresh eggs and bread. And bacon, I’m just saying.




The absolute best nectarines in the world

The bananas aren't local, but they are organic. And bananas go like hotcakes, and sometimes go in hotcakes, around my house.

The bananas aren’t local, but they are organic. And bananas go like hotcakes, and sometimes go in hotcakes, around my house.

As much as I’d love to do a CSA, this is my preferred method of supporting my local growing community. Each week, they tell me where all my produce comes from, and give some recipes for the lesser know veggies. Like these…

Garlic scapes. If garlic grew in heaven, it would look, and taste, like this.

Garlic scapes. If garlic grew in heaven, it would look, and taste, like this.

And there’s no risk. I can cancel for the week when I go on vacation, or take a break from delivery if I’m not going to be home to cook much for a while. If you can find a produce delivery company in your area, I highly recommend checking it out!

We do have a couple of green thumbs in our group, though!


Hubs and I love to garden. We have a full acre and typically plant a 25 foot-by-25-foot garden in the backyard each spring. Hubs grew up on a farm and harvesting a garden each year is among his favorite activities.

Zucchini, tomatoes, broccoli, peppers, green beans and parsley are our favorites. Just ask the neighborhood rabbits…and squirrel…and deer.

Vic’s luscious garden midsummer in its prime. We snapped this one in 2011, before the critters became so brazen.

Vic’s luscious garden midsummer in its prime. We snapped this one in 2011, before the critters became so brazen.

Until we add a substantial fence, we decided not to plant. It’s a lot of work for few results in recent years, so we decided to table it this year.

“What’s the definition of insanity?” my husband asked. “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

It was a tough call, but it’s where we are just now. To get our fresh veggie fix, we head regularly to Rochester’s Public Market or my beloved Wegmans for delicious, local produce. And our dear neighbor has been generous enough to share his CSA share with us. We loved what we’ve tried (SNAP PEAS!!!) and find it fabulous that each share was in the ground just hours before we cart it home.

Snap peas, (my favorite!), lettuce, Swiss chard and other greens in a shared CSA haul from Vic’s neighbor.

Snap peas, (my favorite!), lettuce, Swiss chard and other greens in a shared CSA haul from Vic’s neighbor.

If we don’t have our fence installed by next spring, we’ll definitely be signing up for the CSA!


Fresh food options in my local vicinity are much harder to find than one might assume. My area is very agricultural, and generally, pretty active and health conscious.  My little town has a farmers market, but it seems to be one-half food and one-half handmade crafts, and I’m not talking about honey or jam.

Not much going on here, folks.

Not much going on here, folks.

No one delivers out here in the not so boonies so a CSA or organic service are not options. I could get in my car and drive 10 miles east to buy the freshest seasonal fare, but that seems like it’s missing the point. I heard on NPR that eating local meant eating food that comes from within a 10 miles radius of your home. There’s a Whole Foods three miles from my office, but at my house we call it Whole Paycheck. If we wanted to eat organic and healthy and conveniently, there was one solution left.

Welcome to my home garden! I’ve never gardened before. I really have no idea what I’m doing and am relying on my husband because he has some experience in this realm of food growing.  First, we built raised bed boxes.

I got to use a hammer and drill!

I got to use a hammer and drill!

Next, we scored some fantastic compost from a local farm for TEN BUCKS. My husband and I were ridiculously excited about it and repeatedly called it beautiful.

Yep, we were happy as two pigs shoveling this…stuff.

Yep, we were happy as two pigs shoveling this…stuff.

Then, we ran to Home Depot to buy some plants and seeds. Since it’s late in the season, we focused on fall harvest plants. We also did some homework on companion planting and had a loose plan before going shopping. We decided on cucumber, zucchini, three kinds of peppers, carrots, broccoli, a blueberry bush, a slew of herbs, and bed dedicated to bee-attracting wildflowers.

The berries have grown SO MUCH already this season!

The berries have grown SO MUCH already this season!

We're planted! Not start growing, plants!

We’re planted! Not start growing, plants!

I’m SO excited to see how this works out and hope that in a few weeks, I can just go in the backyard to pick my salad greens and smoothie berries. I bet they will be the best greens and berries in the history of ever!

Do you garden? Get produce delivery? Have a CSA share? Tell us about it! And next week, we’ll give one last look into how we eat local. Enjoy! 


What is Periscope?

When I attended Fitbloggin15 in Denver a few weeks back, I heard about something new and fun and exciting. Something, it is rumored, that will soon be ALL the rage.  Of course it was something I’d never heard of until that weekend. Likely because it’s really, really rare that I’m on the cutting edge of anything, much less technology and anything app-y. Let it be known that I have no teenage children from which to learn these vital things from. So, really and truly, thank goodness for the savvy bloggers at Fitbloggin, without whom I may never have found my new favorite social media app. It’s called Periscope, and it’s basically like having your own live T.V. station.

What: If you’ve heard of or used Meerkat, Periscope is the same concept but it’s owned by Twitter. Periscope is a live broadcasting app that allows you to broadcast whatever you’re doing (as long as it’s within their use agreement) to all of your followers, and interact with them in real time. It’s a powerful tool, and I imagine that it will revolutionize the way news is delivered. The possibilities are only limited by you and your feelings on voyeurism. You could “scope” the protest unfolding in the streets right in front of you, or you could scope your adorable cat getting its belly rubbed. Your choice. Just know that scopes are only active for 24 hours. After that the spell is broken, and not even the Fairy Godmother can bring them back.

Who: Periscope was purchased by Twitter and launched in March of this year. Since the two are connected, you can create a Periscope account using your Twitter login. Doing so will let you see all of the people you follow on Twitter who also have a Periscope account. When you follow them on Periscope, you get a notification every time they are live broadcasting. News organizations, business, celebrities, and industry are getting on board, too. Like it or not, this app is likely here to stay. The nice thing is since it’s so new, your preferred user name might still be available! HURRY! RUN NOW!

Why:  The app has so much potential, I cannot even begin to touch on its power. Not only does it let you broadcast whatever, but your viewers can comment and interact with you in real time as you’re broadcasting. I watched a scope of Bill Nye the Science Guy being interviewed by USA Today after the Pluto fly-by yesterday and IT. WAS. AWESOME. Viewers commented and asked Bill questions as the scope filmed, and viewers showed their love by tapping the screen to give the broadcast hearts, the indisputable social media currency.

Bill Nye

Bill Nye!

This is a fantastic tool for bloggers who want to do a social media chat, give a talk, and/or have a live Q&A. You could scope a live workout sesh. You could scope seeing a cute dog at the dog park. You could scope your trail run, or tips for foam rolling, or your favorite smoothie recipe. You can scope just about anything! Not to mention this is a fantastic medium to get to know people and to build real relationships.

Bill Nye actually answers this viewer’s question! HOW COOL.

When: Whenever! I told Meri it would have been fun to scope our finish at the BolderBOULDER as we ran into the stadium, and us Chicks intend to use the app quite a bit in the future. You can scope from the corral with friends as you wait for the race to start. You could scope the race expo, or the beer drinking afterward, or you hit a moment of doubt and you need some motivation/inspiration; your fellow Scopers will be there for you. Sharing unique live events (that aren’t copyrighted) is a perfect use for Periscope, and a sure fire way to get a lot of those adoring hearts from viewers. Just be sure to respond to people as they comment on your scope. It’s considered bad form to not respond to your viewers, and it’s the real-time interaction that sets Periscope apart from YouTube.

The map view shows you who's scoping all around the globe.

The map view shows you who’s scoping all around the globe.

Where: You can watch scopes happening all over the world on a huge variety of topics, and that variety is only going to expand. One night, my husband and I watched three guys scoping from their living room in Belgrade. One of them was oil painting a unicorn. It was randomly awesome. A common genre is the travel scope where people scope while on vacation and share the sights with their followers. The iOS version of the app has this nifty map feature which lets you see where people are scoping all over the world. This is my husband’s favorite feature of Periscope, and sadly it’s not available on the Droid version of the app yet. You can see a list of all the scopes happening everywhere, but without the map you can’t tell where they are broadcasting from.

Beware, be VERY Aware: Two big no-nos I’ve seen on Periscope so far is people broadcasting live events such as live concerts and the like, and X rated broadcasts. I watched an entire Rush concert and a U2 concert. I have not yet, nor do I plan to, watch anything with X in the title as I’m scared. Very scared, and that’s…just not my thing. No judging here, but I would be very careful with this aspect of the app, especially with kids. The folks in charge say they have staff keeping an eye out for inappropriate material, but I’ve seen a few titles that read XXX, and really, that only means one thing. Usually anyway.

Aside from that, it’s way neat and can be a lot of fun. I think it will get to be more fun when more people are broadcasting meaningful content. People like you. People like us. I’m hoping Meri will scope the ice cream at the Jog-n-Hog this weekend because I KNOW we all want to see that!

Do you scope? Do you have questions about scoping? Did you think (at first) that I was referring to mouthwash? We are on Periscope at @Scootadoot and hope to see you there! Share your handle in the comments!