Straight to the Core

I’m about to start my third session of Body Back.  After 16 weeks, I’ve lost 15-17 lbs (because it varies day to day) including 6 inches off my waist.  The two pictures below are from weeks 8 and 16.

Kicking Ass and Taking Names

Kicking Ass and Taking Names

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am very very pleased with this progress.  But I’m having one little issue: my frutt, also known as, the front butt.  You see, there’s this extra skin that has accumulated around my lower abdominals, the result of creating two big babies.  Well, when I wear pants, it tends to look a little like a behind.  Hence the term, front butt.  Please note below:

On the plus side, my booty is looking fab!

On the plus side, my booty is looking fab!

See how the distance from my hip in the front is the same as in the back???  No matter what I do, it seems to never disappear.  I’m sure some of you ladies with babies know what I’m talking about.  I’m not going to pretend I haven’t considered surgery.  I really don’t want to go that route; it’s dangerous and painful and expensive and not to mention a little vain (because I’m so incredibly humble and modest, ha!).  But I’d really like to hope there’s some natural way to shrink my gut.  Why does it matter?  Well, it doesn’t look too cute and all my pants fit weird.  And I feel like I’ve been working really really hard.  I have a vision for myself and it includes (one day in the far future) a bikini or a slinky dress.  It does not include front butt.

My Body Back instructor asked us to take on a 30 day challenge this month and I chose this one from  Thank you pinterest!


I’m not giving up on a natural solution.  I definitely know how far I still have to go until I even find my abs under all these stretch marks and loose skin.  But I know I’m headed in the right direction.

Have you lost your front butt?  Is it possible to do it without surgery?  Please share in the comments!


A Day in the (Thug) Life – Cam

Welcome to the jungle!  I am currently on summer break so you’re going to see a lot of boring pictures in this post.  But I thought you’d all might like to know what a teacher does with her summer vacation.  I know it’s supposed to be ONE day, but I kept forgetting to take pictures.  So I have many days rolled into a synopsis.

Mon-Fri my alarm wakes me up at this god-awful time.

2014-06-19 11.35.27

And I usually look like this…

wake up

And I am usually met with this face. Sookie likes to sleep on my chest. Because she’s trying to suffocate me.


I head out to my first workout, Body Back.  After my divorce, my parents added on a suite to their house so my kids and I could live with them.  In-house babysitting is awesome!  Of course, everyone is still asleep at this time. This particular day we were doing circuits in the studio with a one mile run.  I fuel before the fun with banana and almond butter on an English muffin.  And I sweat.  A lot.

Morning workout

Look at my new, new shoes! Skora Core are the love of my life right now, thanks to the recommendation from one of our readers, kylejkranz .

I come home to find this…I don’t know about you other parents out there, but my kids are obsessed with watching YouTube videos of other people playing video games.  They don’t actually want to play the video games, just watch other people do it.

Summer break is off to a monumentally boring start.

Summer break is off to a monumentally boring start.

After we lounge and eat breakfast, I’ll head out for my second workout of the day.

This day, it was Cardio Barre.  Some days, it’s yoga.

workout no 2

That yoga mat towel is one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Without it, my mat is like a slip and slide.

After I get home and shower, I try to work on homework.  I’m taking classes to earn a Professional Certificate in Common Core instruction.

computer time

I usually start off working and end up reading YA fiction.

On this day, my kids had karate so we headed on down to the dojo.  After my hammock nap, of course.


Kicking ass and taking names. They are very excited they both earned a stripe today.  After karate, we went to Islands for dinner.  They have amazing veggie tacos!

After karate, I had some new patio furniture to put together so I broke out the power tools.

My helper!

Bitches get shit done.

My day usually ends with me fighting my kids to get in bed.

And then I drink a bottle of wine whilst watching Orange is the New Black.  Like a boss.


Life After Body Back

I’m wrapping up my second session of Body Back.  With 2 more weeks to go, I’ve been involved with this program for about 14 weeks now.  I’ve lost almost 20 lbs on the program and I couldn’t be more pleased.  But I’m starting to worry about what happens next.  I’ve already signed up for another session but I realize I can’t do this for the rest of my life.  And the truth is, I’m scared to death.

This session, I’ve increased my workout frequency to 7-8 times a week.  I know this sounds excessive, but a lot of this is yoga.  I’ll admit, I haven’t been running as much as I should.  But I’m lighter, I’m stronger, and I’ve pushed my body to do things I never thought I’d be able to do.  I can do *almost* one pull-up.  Just knowing that I CAN has made all the difference. Truly, I feel invincible right now.  I feel like I could take on any physical challenge and complete it.  I probably won’t be the strongest or the fastest, but I will finish.  The Body Back program has not only strengthened my muscles, but has given me a much needed kick in the good old self-esteem.


I want to be successful in maintaining my fitness level.  But I really suck at it.  If I were any good at it, I wouldn’t need Body Back right now.  It’s just so frustrating to know that I was exactly this size a few years ago and I blew it.  I’ve been in this exact place before and I gained it all back.  What’s it going to take to motivate me to stay on track?  I’m a firm believer that I have to get my head in the game.  I feel like it’s going to be 90% mental and about %10 sticking to my routine.

In other, more exciting, news…there’s this…



Yep, it’s that time of year.  North West Passage Ragnar is rapidly approaching and I’m starting to get excited.  I’m dusting off my megaphone and ninja stars and preparing to cart my various Ragnar supplies to Washington next month.  I’m interested to see how my new training and new shoes (yep, I bought new, new shoes…more about those in a bit) impacts my stamina for this race.  I haven’t ran a relay in quite some time, and NWP will be my only Ragnar this year.  So I’m determined to make it the best ever.

How do you stick to your routines?  How much of a mental challenge is fitness?  Are my meme making skills epic or what?  Share with me in the comments! 


Do you doTERRA?

My gym has recently started holding information sessions for doTERRA Essential Oils and I’m always interested in new and magical products.  I’m a sucker for a great sales pitch, a marketers dream, really.  According to their website, Essential Oils are natural compounds found in seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other various plant parts and have therapeutic benefits for all kinds of ailments and bodily issues.  And man, do I have bodily issues.  They can be applied in various ways.  Aromatically, they stimulate hormones and metabolic processes…aromatherapy.  Topically, they absorb easily into the skin and immediately go to work on the applied area.  Internally, they can be used as a dietary supplement, although not all essential oils should be ingested (Read beginners guide to essential oils).

Needless to say, I was instantly hooked.  I’m constantly looking for a more natural way to medicate.  My daughter has severe asthma and takes a daily steroid to control it.  I’m pretty sure my son is ADHD, as it’s hereditary and he’s a “behavior concern” at school.  I take about billion pills a day, for depression, Adult ADD, birth control, intestinal issues, inflammation, insomnia, etc.  I’d love to be able to control all these bodily malfunctions with nature.  You know, so I won’t be a mess during the zombie apocalypse.  Although, something tells me my out-of-the-box thinking via ADD will come in handy with that one.


Who comes up with these names?

I started with a metabolic stimulating blend a week ago.  Because obviously, I have priorities.  The oil is very, very herbal.  The directions say to dilute 4 drops in water and drink but I’ve found that takes too long.  So I’ve been putting the drops under my tongue and then chugging water.  The blend I’m using is called Slim and Sassy and includes grapefruit peel, lemon peel, ginger root, cinnamon bark, and peppermint plant.  And last week I lost 2 lbs.  I know what you’re thinking, it’s a fluke.  Or it’s a placebo.  And it totally could be!  One week is not long enough to warrant any significant data.  I know, I took statistics in college.  When people see me dropping oil in my water, I’m met with a roll of the eyes or a this-poor-kid head shake.  I’m not a sucker!  It works, dammit!


No, seriously, does it work?

Have you tried herbal/natural remedies or dietary supplements?  What do you think, do they work?  Do you have any unbiased information for me???

In related news, these are my stats from my final assessment in Body Back.  I was pleasantly surprised and pretty damn proud of that 11 minute mile!  My weight conveniently got cut out of the picture.  Weird.

Like a Boss

Like a Boss

Dear Pizza, I Miss You

This is definitely going to be a TMI post.  But I’m okay with it if you are.

All I’ve ever wanted was to be one of those people who could just eat like a normal person and not worry about gaining ten pounds immediately.  I don’t think it’s too much to ask.  I don’t even want to be skinny, I just want to be able to eat the food I love.  And I love food.  How could I not?  I grew up sneaking rolls in my family’s Italian restaurant.  And it just so happens my grandma makes the best berry custard pies on the planet.  Seriously, they’re magic.  This culinary-rich childhood has led to an extreme appreciation for really, really good food.  Unfortunately, the metabolism gods hate my guts.

Side ponytail for the WIN

Side ponytail for the WIN

My Body Back session is wrapping up and I’ve already enrolled in the class again.  I’ve lost about 10 pounds in 8 weeks.  Which I’m fine with because I’m stronger today than I was 8 weeks ago.  What I’m not fine with is the fact that I’ve lost and gained over 100 pounds during my twenties and thirties.  I’ve tried every fad diet known to mankind and I’ve been pretty successful with some of them but I always revert back to my old eating comforts.  I’ve come to the reluctant realization that those comforts have to be replaced if I’m ever going to maintain a body I’m healthy in.  Forgoing my favorite foods has been incredibly hard for me.  My family IS food.  Whether it’s crepes that taste just like my great grandma’s or homemade pizza from a secret recipe, every family memory I have is wrapped in a meal.  How can I just give that up?

Well, my future satisfaction with my life depends on it.  Because right now, I’m not satisfied with the quality of that comfortable life.  My energy levels suck.  Dairy has declared war on my intestines.  I’m medicated for depression and medicated for the side effects of depression medication.  I’m pre-diabetic and anemic.  And all I want to do is comfort myself with a giant, cheesy, slightly burnt piece of pizza.

I don’t know if I’ll ever get over my cravings for comfort food.  I don’t know if I SHOULD get over them.  Part of me wants to scream fuck it and eat a damn piece of pizza.  And then some cake and coffee.  Because I’ve worked really hard these last two months.  I deserve it.

Another part of me knows these foods will actually provide very little comfort, especially all that dairy.  How do I find new comforts?  How does this become a life change?  How do I come to terms with the stuff on the inside so I can be comfortable with the outside?  When will I stop being tired?

The key word here is change.

Ramble On

In other words, the post in which Cam rambles about the various going-ons in her fitness-seeking world.  I have lots to share!  Some of it is exciting.

A. I purchased a new pair of running shoes. 

Finally!  They weren’t even one of the pairs from my list.  I went to a shoe outlet in Lake Arrowhead, because, you know, I was on vacation and what else to do but shoe shop.  I tried on a few pair but these babies caught my eye. They’re colorful and fun and wide…three of my favorite things.  I tried them on and I’ve been kicking them ever since.  I like them still…so far.

New Balance are my new flavor of the month.

New Balance are my new flavor of the month.

I also made the decision to make the switch to a more natural shoe.  Nothing I’ve tried seems to be “made” for me and since I’ve been doing more barefoot exercise, like Barre and Yoga, I’ve come to accept that maybe my feet aren’t made for shoes.  I’m going back to my hunting and gathering roots and trying out what nature gave me.  I don’t intend to go full on nude, but definitely minimal.  I’m going to slosh around in these New Balance until after the April Fools Half in 12 days.  Then, I’m simplifying.

B. I’m playing dodgeball!

And I have never been this sore.  It seems, during my regular workouts, I’m not exerting maximum effort.  Only when there’s a chance of some dude hurling a rubber ball at my head do I really move my ass.  Sure, it stings when you get pegged.  But it’s a total rush and the perfect mix of core, arm/shoulder, and cardio workout.  Moving directions so quickly really does a number on the bod.  And if you get your SO involved, you get to throw balls at each other.  It’s like free therapy.


C. I’m kicking ass at Body Back. 

Yep, down 8 pounds in two weeks.  I’ve been working out like a maniac and eating as clean as I can.  It hasn’t been easy, the meal plan calls for no alcohol.  Not even wine.  I’ve also given up sweets, coffee, dairy, and fast food.  Let’s have a moment of silence for those foods I’ll miss the most…

Brie Cheese


Soft-Serve Ice Cream

In’n’Out Cheeseburger with grilled onions

Chips and Salsa

Chili Cheese Fries

Did I mention cheese?

But I can still have tacos!  Winning!

I love this program.  I feel like it’s exactly the type of exercises I need to get rid of my pouch…you know, that flap of skin left over from my two c-sections.  And I love my trainer.  She’s an inspiration for health and strength, not just a smoking hot bod.  But seriously, she’s smoking hot.  Like fitness-competition-she’s-going-to-be-in-a-magazine hot.  I’m kind of smitten.

Burn, baby, burn!

Burn, baby, burn!  Powering through Power Yoga.  It hurts so good!

D. My kids are kicking ass in karate.

Did you know ADD is genetic?  My dad has it.  I have it.  And I’m almost positive my children have it, in various forms.  My daughter is more mentally distracted.  My son doesn’t stop moving.  Ever.  We’ve tried baseball and cheerleading but the dojo is where we feel at home!  My kids started taking karate at our local U.S.K.O. and they are loving it.  I love the focus and self-discipline it requires of my kids.  And these instructors are amazing the way they corral these kids and keep them under control.  They both just earned their first stripe and they were so excited.  They’re learning respect for their bodies and I can visibly see the boost in self-esteem and confidence.  I can’t say enough good things about it!

Sweep the leg!

Sweep the leg!

All You Need is Love?

There are just certain things that I absolutely love.  My fella, my friends and family, of course, and my animals.  My children…I love them the most.  But there are other things in this world that inspire me.  That make me just a little bit happier each day.

Like The Beatles.  I love The Beatles, especially circa Sgt. Pepper.  I love vanilla ice cream splashed with a little milk so that little milk ice crystals form.  I love eggplant and sushi and well-prepared coffee.  I love shoes and knee socks and clever t-shirts.  I love that show Intervention and I love Meg Ryan movies.  I love Bethesda video games and board games and old card games.  I love math.  Yep, math.  It’s so reliable.

I love exercise.  I love the way my legs feel like jello after Barre class and that post workout soreness, despite the fact I can hardly sit down to pee without wincing. I love it when I can’t breathe because my abs hurt so bad.  I love when I inhale during yoga and exhale just a little bit deeper into a pose.  I love that point in my run when I forget that I’m running and my body takes over and I truly believe for a minute that I can run forever.  And I love when I’m done.  Oh, how I love the finish.

I love me.  I really do.  But I’m not taking care of myself like I should be.  Which is why I’ve signed up for Body Back, an eight week diet and exercise counseling program that is offered at my gym.  The classes are capped at 12 people and from what I’ve heard, the hour long session consists of some body conditioning and some mental conditioning.  We’re given a plan for food and we’re asked to journal everything we eat.  All of this sounds fantastic.  I like the idea of combining the physical with the mental because as we all know, if you’re not at peace up in the noggin, you can’t really find peace anywhere else.  I really want to fix my relationship with food.  There’s just one tiny thing that’s making me a bit nervous.

We’re weighed each class.  Like on a scale.  With a number.

Here’s the thing, I haven’t weighed myself in over a year.  I won’t even look at the number when I go to the doctor.  I gauge everything by how I feel, how my body feels, how my pants feel, how I feel about what I see in the mirror.  Numbers used to rule my life…the number on the scale, the number of calories I ate versus the number of calories I burned, the number of days I worked out, the number on my clothing tags.  Those numbers made me feel like shit because they not only quantified my success, but my failures as well.  I put the numbers behind me because I don’t like to fail.  And I really don’t like to feel like shit.  But now I’m putting myself in a position where numbers will once again dictate my success.

I’m in a much better place now, emotionally, mentally, physically, than I was back then.  I’ve learned to forgive myself for my failures and accept that failure is the only way we grow.  Mistakes are just learning experiences.  And I love learning things.  I’m really excited to start this program because I don’t like the way I feel right now.  I don’t like the way I feel about what I see in the mirror.  I don’t know what to expect but I’m going in with an open mind.  And maybe I’ll even learn to love those numbers again.