Show Me Your (Medal) Rack!

The medal is one of the best things about racing, right? We work so hard for them, and they represent our big accomplishment. I don’t know about you, but if I had 5 minutes to evacuate my house, my medals are coming with me. It’s only right that they are given an honored place in our homes and are handsomely displayed. Just like our dreams should be.

Cam's Wall of Triumph

Cam’s Wall of Triumph


Meri's bib board (a few years back)

Meri’s bib board (a few years back)

But my two half marathon medals deserve a nice rack on which to be proudly displayed. Currently, my two medals are in my office at work, hanging from a coat hanger.

It's tragic.

It’s tragic.

Since I like to make stuff I’ve decided to make a rack myself. I went to Michaels today and got a nice 12×16 wood  blank plaque that I can do whatever I like to!

And a coloring book because of reasons.

And a coloring book because of reasons.

The thing is, what to do? I found some inspiration (thank you, Pinterest), and imagine I will incorporate some of these elements into my rack.  I love this one because you can use any old shelf or hard surface since you’ll cover it with the bibs using Mod Podge. We love upcycling!


This one I liked because it’s so beautiful you could display your bling anywhere in the house!


I will probably end up using a little chalkboard paint because I like having the option to track times or to just write myself a note to stay motivated.


I can’t wait to get started on this project! I’ll share the progress in Instagram, but please share photos of your rack. Or pile. Or coat hooks. Lemme see what creative ways you’re honoring your bling!

7 thoughts on “Show Me Your (Medal) Rack!

  1. I can’t wait to see what you come up with, Jenn! I know whatever it is will be just as awesome as you are. Are you thinking of hanging it at home or at work? And what medals will be added to it soon???

    • Thanks Mer! I’ll be hanging it at home, the medals aren’t doing anything for me at work. Around here you have to run a half to get a medal. Local 5 and 10ks don’t give out bling. Not sure why. So next will likely be my Star Wars RC 2016 set!

  2. These are all great ideas. I have a medal rack that I ordered from Gone for a Run a few years back, but it is getting overloaded – I will have to try out being crafty for once, because the ones you posted are awesome!

  3. I love seeing how other people display their bibs and medals! There are some real creative folks out there. I have some hooks from Allied medals and sport hooks but I have also made some displays too. My favorite is using a rectangular picture from and attaching a dowel rod to the bottom of it. That you can display race pics on top and medals on the bottom!

  4. I think you need an expandable one that can be added on to as you get more.
    Because if Mer is any example, there will be more once you are hooked. And, Cam’s is so neat, which I love. Maybe a mountain scene as the background to represent where you live? Have fun you crafty woman!

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