The Color Run – We’ve got the hook up!


Hey Scooters! We’ve got an awesome opportunity for those of you wanting to check out The Color Run (that’s all of you, of course). The Color Run, aka the Happiest 5k on the Planet, is a unique paint race that celebrates healthiness, happiness, individuality and giving back to the community. Each kilometer participants are doused from head to toe in different colors, painting a kaleidoscopic array all over your entire being. As we’ve mentioned in a previous post, these runs are a great way to let loose, have fun with friends and get painted with color!


The lovely folks at The Color Run were kind enough to hook up our readers with some incentives. Holla!

Firstly, we’ve got promo codes for $5 off of registration at four, yes FOUR, locations. We picked these locations all over the country so that hopefully you’ll be near one of the sites listed. If you’re not, why not plan a road trip to visit a friend or family in the area?

Grandma lives in Columbus? Grandma can take part too! (Honestly, who can resist the post-race Color Festival? Not Grandma, that is for sure.)


Anyway, what we’re trying to say is feel free to share the codes on Twitter, Facebook, by carrier pigeon or where ever your heart desires. The more, the merrier!

  • August 31, 2013 event in Englishtown, NJ – use the code: COLORSCOOT1
  • June 29, 2013 event in Pomona, CA – use the code: COLORSCOOT2
  • October 19, 2013 event in Charlotte, NC – use the code: COLORSCOOT3
  • July 20, 2013 event in Columbus, OH – use the code: COLORSCOOT4

A couple of things about the codes that you should keep in mind:

– The promo code will take $5 off your registration fee. The codes are race specific so make sure you snag the right one. If you sign up as a group (that’s a “Team” opposed to an “Individual” during registration) you’ll get an additional $5 off.

– Remember that even if you’ve got a promo code, it doesn’t guarantee a spot in the race. These races fill up quickly, due to the sheer awesomeness, so if you’re planning on joining in the fun, make sure to register ASAP.

Additionally, and super amazingly, The Color Run also provided us with a free race entry to one of their events! Enter the giveaway and if you’re the lucky winner, you get your pick of The Color Run locations (so long as it isn’t sold out – take a look-see at the list of locations).
Click the pic to enter

Click the pic to enter

*This giveaway is for one entry to any Color Run event that is not sold out. Once the winner has been chosen, we will share your name and email address with the folks at The Color Run to get you set up with your run of choice. We have not been compensated for this post although The Color Run provided the colorful pictures.

ROY G. BIV – Colorful Runs!

Have you heard of Holi?

Holi is a Hindu religious festival, one in which brightly powdered colors that are thrown amongst participants in addition to bonfires, chants, and the celebration of spring.

Photo attributed to Jorge Royan:

Photo attributed to Jorge Royan:

Not long after I’d first learned about Holi, I saw a brightly colored ad for The Color Run, which began in January 2012. Touted as the Happiest 5k on the Planet, it was first inspired by Disney’s World of Color, paint parties, mud runs, and festivals throughout the world. The Color Run is known in the industry as a “paint race” and promotes healthiness, happiness, celebrating individuality and giving back.

And not too long after that, I heard about other color runs! Color Vibe, Color Me Rad, Run or Dye – the color powder is a’plenty and the party-like atmosphere is a good one.

"Color runs are awesome because you sweat rainbows." - Cam

“Color runs are awesome because you sweat rainbows.” – Cam

A couple of the Chicks have done their fair share of color throwing thus far; Jess, Cam and myself (Mer) took part in The Color Run 2012 San Francisco.

"Color runs are super awesome because everyone's there to have fun and get colored and give high fives." - Jess

“Color runs are super awesome because everyone’s there to have fun and get colored and give high fives.” – Jess

I volunteered at The Color Run 2012 New Jersey and soon I’ll be running at Run or Dye Philadelphia.

Bec‘s done both Color Me Rad 2012 Boston and The Color Run 2012 Boston and has another Color Me Rad coming up this summer.

" Color Me Rad is the perfect name for it. It was totally chill (as chill as an 88 degree July day can be), and I love that it was about playing and color and FUN. No timing, no pressure, just getting down for some good, clean (errrr) fun." - Bec

“It was totally chill (as chill as an 88 degree July day can be), and I love that it was about playing and color and FUN. No timing, no pressure, just getting down for some good, clean (errrr) fun.” – Bec

However, Victoria has yet to experience a color explosion and so we thought she’d be the perfect, unbiased, candidate for our comparison post!

Ring the bell and meet our two contenders in the COLOR THROW-DOWN!




Color Vibe was founded in March of 2012, first under the name Graffiti Me Color Series before later changing to Color Vibe. Both races encourage the wearing of white (even after Labor day – GASP!), do not have timing chips, and encourage their participants to have THE BEST EXPERIENCE EVER.

Victoria, we hope you’re ready to party!

Color Vibe and The Color Run have both graciously provided entry for Vic’s experiences and she’ll be coming back here to share everything with the Scoot a Doot readers. Not to fret, this is a friendly competition where the boxing gloves are more like fist bumps and everyone is looking to have a good time.

First up is the Rochester Color Vibe which takes place today, April 20th.  Vic is looking forward to it and will report back next week!

Will you be there or at another colorful event this spring/summer? Have you been to a Holi celebration? Let’s hear about it!

While Color Vibe and The Color Run have compensated Vic for the races, this post and all others regarding it are not sponsored. All thoughts/opinions expressed are our own.