Happy Fatsgiving

Thanksgiving is far and away my favorite holiday. It includes some of my favorite things; food, time with family and friends, food, watching the parade in my jammies, food.

Did I mention food? I like food.

While I love to cook, Thanksgiving is the one day of the year that I go full out. Calories be damned. While I think it’s important to be conscious of what you eat, and to try and make healthy modifications, there’s no health in my Thankgiving dojo. None.

*flings sticks of butter around the kitchen*

My guest list this year stands at twelve. Every year, I worry that everyone else will have made other plans and it will just be the four of us. Which, while it’s lovely to spend time with my husband and kids, I prefer Thanksgiving to be a full house. This year was no exception, but four quickly turned into six, which turned into nine, which turned into twelve. My little house will be packed full of family and I couldn’t be happier. (I also couldn’t be more worried that we won’t have enough pie.)

So what to feed all these people? This is my menu.

Do you think it's enough???

Do you think it’s enough???

Want to come over? We can totally make room.

The meal is always a blend of scratch-made (almost everything) and no so scratch-made (the crescent rolls). I like a LOT of sides. This is not the most over-the-top year, I promise. I’m considering adding more (something squash-y). But the star?

My bird. Twenty-five pounds of turkey that I will love up on in ways that are almost obscene. I make a fresh herb and citrus compound butter and I give that baby a full body massage, including getting up under the skin. And that’s it. I don’t brine. I don’t baste. I don’t fuss. I don’t need to.

I’ve perfected the art of making sure everything is ready at the same time. The key? Don’t drink until your dinner is served. I kid you not, there was an incident with me, a glass of spiked eggnog, my hand and a burner coil. I care to not repeated this experience.

Once we’ve fully glutted ourselves on dinner, the women folk clean up and the men folk watch football. It’s all very 1952. But honestly, I don’t mind at all. As much as the kitchen is my domain on most days, on Thanksgiving, don’t even step in there without an invite. I’ve got this thing wired, baby.

And then dessert. And coffee. With booze in it. I have a semi-illicit affair with a slice of Butterscotch Pecan Pie and then start scooting people’s doots right out the door.

I kid. If you want to hang around, it’s cool by me, but I’m changing into my sweaterpants and snuggling up on the couch. You’re welcome to snuggle next to me.

All in all, I expect it to be a great day. It always is. Food and family and fabulous food. What more could I ask for? I have a lot to be thankful for, Thanksgiving day and every day.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? Do you host, or go visiting? What’s your ‘it’s not Thanksgiving without it’ dish? Tell us all about how you give thanks!

Guest Post: For Those Who Inspire AND Need Inspiration

A couple of days ago, Bec posted about change and the various stages associated with it. If you didn’t read it, go here and do so. I was pleased as punch to see the post, mostly because I was happy to see Bec in a better place.

So I got to thinking on my drive home from work, what can I do to help my good friend who has helped me so much on my journey? What’s the best way to be supportive? I thought it over, texted with Mer, and decided the truth, as it often is, was the best way to go.

Here it is: more years ago than I want to think about, Bec and I bonded over our shared love of sarcasm and angsty teenage love stories. I was in a different place than I am now, and it was a dark place. Bec and I have a lot in common when it comes to how we grew up and how we see our bodies, which unfortunately is a history of feeling simply not good enough. I remember sharing the story of how I don’t remember a time when I didn’t think I was an obese, disgusting girl in need of a diet. This includes grade school. Bec agreed.

Somewhere along the way, Bec decided it was change time. She started running. She started eating healthier. Everywhere there was Bec, there were these words:


I saw what she was doing and I started making some half-assed changes of my own. We fell off the wagon together. We got back on together. And even when Bec wasn’t on the wagon with me, she has been my fearless cheerleader (what can I say, sometimes I’m a grump).

Then there was a moment where I found myself standing in her kitchen flipping through a book about training for a marathon the night before a 5k. Bec made an off-handed comment about maybe trying a half marathon one day. I shrugged it off, thinking, yeah, right, that’s impossible. I am still too big and too slow and too just not to do anything more than walk a 5k. (To be fair, that day was hotter than the face of the sun before we started moving. Witness our fabulous pre-race look below.)


In spite of myself, I ended up reading that book that Bec assured me was fantastic. And she was right. I signed up for a half marathon after reading it. And then I kept going. I recently completed my third half marathon (Wine and Dine with some Chicks you know and love! They wrote about that too) and I’m already signed up for a bunch more. I’ve made some big changes, and though the bacon and cheese still win sometimes, I can say that I have finally gotten beyond half-assed into real change.

So what’s the moral of my story? I wouldn’t be here without Bec – because in spite of her protests, and her stumbles, Bec has been the single biggest catalyst for change in my life. Her positivity and inability to ever truly give up has gotten me through some of my tougher spots. She has introduced me to some great ladies who have continued to help me keep my chin up and legs moving.

I consider myself to be a fiercely independent person. I know Bec is pretty stubborn too. But I know I depend on my friends to see me through the rough spots in my life, and I want Bec to know we’re here to do the same. For all the pep talks I got, direct and indirect alike, I am more thankful than a few words on a blog can ever express.

Becci, you can do this. Maybe today isn’t your day, or next week isn’t your week, but you will get there in your own time. Finding a kindred soul was cathartic for me, and I can only hope that I can repay you in kind along the way. I know that horrible not-good-enough voice still lurks around the corner for us both, and I’m too honest to say it’s gone away completely, but sometimes, that bitch does shut up. At the very least, she’s gotten a lot quieter.  I will see you in April, and if you’re a cheerleader or a runner, either way, you are an amazing friend and inspiration.

Have a friend who gave you your push out the door? Or who inspires you to keep going? Or do you just love Bec like I do and want to tell her so? Comment away!

Heather is a half marathoner, dreamer and doer. You can find her on twitter.

Don’t Call Us “Mellow Yellow”

We’re painting the month yellow here at Scoot A Doot, and we’re off to an incredible start. I am so inspired by my chicks and our friends who’ve joined our team. It’s only been three days, and already we’ve run, walked, skipped or jumped over 145 miles! We’ve also raised over $600. IN THREE DAYS. I’m completely bowled over by the support for this cause, and so thankful that I know wonderful people, who know other wonderful people. (And I’m sort of lost with the words over this. Truly.)

When we decided to participate in the Million Mile Run, we weren’t sure what our goal would be. Teams are supposed to run 100 miles, collectively, and right away, we knew that we’d surpass that with ease. Some of us are training for long distance races, one of us is running her way through Napa this month, and one of us walks as her primary mode of transport. We’re a pretty ambitious bunch though, and since our mindset for this event was “Go BIG or go home,” we each set our sights on an individual goal.


My goal is 13.1 miles for the month. I’m hoping for more but i wanted a workable goal and I’ve done a half in a month before so that seemed good.

This will be achieved primarily through walking, although i am restarting C25K, so there will be some running.

Because my phone died, and my replacement phone is on backorder, I’ll be using the local high school track as my mileage guide, and logging my time manually in Runkeeper. And once my phone gets here, I’ll be all about my Runkeeper and Couch to 5k training apps.


I typically walk about three miles a day, so I know I can hit 90 miles by the end of the month without any problem. My secret goal is 100 miles – still doable but it will definitely require more effort. I’ll be stoked if I hit that!

To achieve it,  I plan to keep doing what I’m doing: by walking around the city as much as possible. Once I’m back to 100% health (summer colds are the worst!) I plan to run on the weekends as well.

I’ll be tracking miles with My Fitbit One, of course!


My miles for the Million Mile Run will be taking place during gym warm up (I usually average two prior to an hour of strength/cardio) and while my kids are at school. I’m going to try to streak as much as my schedule will allow this month and get at least a mile a day because, really, why not? The weekends will be dedicated to long runs.

I usually use my Garmin or just general knowledge to track my miles (I do my quarter mile stretch prior to the gym sans watch). However I’m getting a Fitbit within the next couple of days so perhaps I’ll use that to track my mileage. I’m excited to play with a new gadget and there’s really no better way to break it in!


The Million Mile run happens to fall into my schedule at the same time I ramp up my mileage as I prepare for the NYC Marathon. As I look at my training schedule, I see that my long runs alone total more than 60 miles in September. So – I’ve decided to set my goal for 100 miles. I think my training should bring me pretty close, if not over the century mark. I was already nearly 1/5 of my way to my goal on Sept. 1, as I run an 18-miler in Watertown, NY.

I plan to run 4-5 days each week, with a little cross-training of swimming or spinning thrown in. Now while I do train with a Garmin (forerunner 210, folks!) I typically am lax about downloading said information into a fancy spreadsheet, but I do write my mileage, pace and time on my weekly running log. Now don’t laugh, but it’s all kept in a weekly pocket calendar from Target’s dollar spot. It’s old school, but it works for me.


As for me, I plan to run 75 miles this month. I’m at the beginning of my training for Wine and Dine, and 75 is slightly over the planned mileage, but I’m going over on most of my runs already anyway. (Sorry, Hal Higdon.)

Cross training will be walking with my family or hanging with Hannah on the elliptical (does that count?), and all miles will be tracked by my trusty Garmin.

I’m sporting my yellow today (good thing I have a lot of it!) and I can’t wait to see how much we run- and raise- to help support children’s cancer research.


Please donate if you’re moved to do so. Thanks.

Have you ever done a running streak? What are you currently training for? Tell me how much you love your FitBit (my mom has a birthday soon and I’m eyeing it for a gift!) What yellow clothing do you have in your closet?

New (School) Year’s Resolutions

Tell me I’m not the only one who makes these? I doubt it.

September is almost upon us, folks. And I, for one, couldn’t be happier. While I love the beach and family vacations and cookouts, every year I am blissed out beyond belief when I see the first signs of Fall.

I love cool weather. I love hot coffee (especially if said coffee is pumpkin flavored). I love baking things. And I love pulling on a hoodie and going out for a walk and coming home NOT SWEATY.


In addition to loving ALL THINGS FALL, I also love the feeling the new school year brings. It helps me to refocus and get things organized. When you have a full time job, two kids with school and activities and a September full of birthdays, organization is your BF4EVA. Seriously. I’ve spent the last three weeks printing out schedules for the fridge, creating school year contracts for my kids and looking at what needs changing.

I spent the better part of this summer being pretty lax in terms of diet and exercise. There were many nights where we hit Dairy Queen after dinner. Heck, there were a few nights where we hit Dairy Queen FOR dinner. And our Dairy Queen doesn’t serve actual food, so I think you can guess what dinner consisted of. I rarely cooked (in part due to the ridiculously disgusting heat that was July), I barely exercised (completely due to the ridiculously disgusting heat that was July… oh and also to an extreme case of the lazy), and I’ve been a pretty unorganized mess since June.

So, with Labor Day weekend coming right up, I’ve got a plan in place and I’m ready. (I’m SO ready, you guys). It’s time to get back to health and fitness. I’ve got a half marathon in 220 days. Heck, I’ve got an obstacle 5k in 8 days! And I’ve got a lot of weight to lose.

So, tomorrow I’ll be headed back to Weight Watchers. I’ve been paying for the monthly pass since June, but curiously, that alone doesn’t help you lose weight. WHO KNEW?

And Tuesday, I’ll be strapping on my running shoes and getting back out there.  In the cool air. Looking at the pretty leaves. And enjoying the lack of ridiculously disgusting heat.

I’ll check back in a few weeks and let you know how it’s going. Wish me luck!

Disclaimer: This post was going to be filled with pictures of my schedule covered fridge and my basket of organic apples, but my phone died this morning. Sigh. 

Do you guys make Fall resolutions? Are you sad to see summer go? Or are you like Bec, running around her yard, yelling VIVA LA AUTUMN? 

What Do You Put On Your Race-Day Face?

When I was a four years old, my aunt let me play with her make-up. Shimmery pink blush, purple eye shadow, frosted fuschia on the lips and voila- I was beautiful. My mom wasn’t happy about it, but after that, it became a ritual. Every time I visited my aunt, I headed straight for her vanity. My experimenting continued as I got older; in high school, my friends and I would drive to the best mall in our city and head straight for the make-up counter at Saks. In college, my friends would “schedule” appointments with me for make-up before sorority functions. I still love make-up. I love to wear it. I love to play with it. I have fun trying different products and colors (I wore a bright fuschia lip recently, much to my husband’s dismay. He prefers my “natural” look). I could spend an hour in Sephora and then head across the street to Ulta. (Sorry, husband.)

Fun make-up for a super cool concert we saw a few weeks ago. Alright, it was Kidz Bop. Le sigh.

Fun make-up for a super cool concert we saw a few weeks ago. Alright, it was Kidz Bop. Le sigh.

Earlier this month, I went for a run at 3pm. That morning, I applied some light make-up, and neglected to scrub it off before heading outside to exercise. Well, within five minutes, my tinted moisturizer and mascara were stinging my eyes! Ouch. I sweat a lot when I run, and get pretty flushed, so there’s really no need for make-up. If it didn’t melt off of my face (or into my eyes), one wouldn’t be able to see it post-race anyway. I wondered if my friends wore make-up during their races, especially my girly-gals, so I decided it was time for some chick chat.


I don’t think I ever realized that people wore makeup for races until I was getting ready for last year’s Color Me Rad with my friend Heather and she was doing her eyes. And honestly, I was shocked. It had never occurred to me to put makeup on for a race. Even once I knew that this was a thing people do, I didn’t. Most of the time, I’m all ‘I’m a girl! I like pink! I like sparkle! I like pretty!’. But on race day, in addition to being a nervous wreck, I’m all ‘I’m about to go get truly gross and stinky and sweaty. You can keep your eyeshadow, thanks.’ The most you’ll see me rocking on race day is tinted moisturizer. And I promise you, that’s pushing it.


I wear waterproof mascara occasionally. But usually I’m just al natural.


I rarely go out into the world without makeup. The first 8 weeks of Bug’s life were an exception, mainly because I barely knew my own name! I don’t always view makeup as a necessity, but I love how it makes me feel (yes, and look) and I really try to wear makeup with good-for-me ingredients so I’m not gunking up my skin. 

A small fraction of Jess's make-up stash.

A small fraction of Jess’s make-up stash.

At any rate, I do almost always wear makeup on race day. I have to be camera-ready, even if I end up sweating the majority of it off! Typically, I wear a lightweight powder foundation with SPF to get my sun protection on, a coat of waterproof mascara, and a little bit of blush or bronzer to keep me from looking too pale. Finally, I swipe on some lip balm and I’m good to go! 


Nope. None, except for Chapstick. I used to skip it occasionally until my lip started to crack and bleed during the AC April Fool’s Half Marathon. Otherwise, au naturale for this gal. Though I will do my hair sometimes, only to have it immediately frizz up once I start running. Good times, good times.

Fresh-faced Brooke and Meri before the Rothman Institute 8k.

Fresh-faced Brooke and Meri before the Rothman Institute 8k.


If I remember to apply eyeliner before I grab my homebrewed coffee and leave for work, I consider my morning routine a success. I am a eyeliner and chapstick girl. I wear little and figure that my glasses hide most of what I don’t want people to see. (Please don’t tell me if I am wrong here, I really don’t want to know if the glasses are actually high-lighting wrinkles and dark circles.)

I’m sure it’s no surprise to hear I run without any makeup on. And races? Forgetaboutit. I’m lucky if I can get out the door with everything I need. I have a few friends who style their hair and apply makeup before sporting competitions. Hair? Hell yes, I am guilty as I love sporting pigtails.

A few years back, when I rowed in an 8-woman boat at the Head of the Charles regatta in Boston, I came across some other masters’ women wearing makeup. The killer? The group applied next to the portajohns, which no longer housed any toilet paper. (Free tip for HOTC-goers – bring LOTS tissue packs. It will save you.)

But those ladies? They were far more concerned about looking great and putting their faces on pre-race and taking some pictures. Me – I’ll stretch, check my footstretchers and use those tissues for a last-minute toilet stop.

Do you wear make-up for a race? Let us know in the comments! 

A little ‘Chick on Chick’ action- Part 2

We told you last week that we’d be conducting Chick-on-Chick interviews on Fridays, so that you could get to know us better. Here’s our second installment!

Brooke on Bec


Bec and I have known each other for about two years and while we haven’t met in person- YET- we’ve read books together (she was “with” me when I finished The Fault in Our Stars and had to hide in the pantry for a cry), planned Thanksgiving desserts together and encouraged one another in reaching our fitness goals. I think she’s pretty rad, and I know you will too.

Brooke: I know you enjoy shaking it at a good zumba class. Do you prefer group fitness or solo exercise?

Bec: Definitely not solo! I don’t need a big group, although for Zumba, a large enthusiastic group makes for an awesome class. But I don’t like to be alone, especially when I’m running. It allows me to be in my own head too much. I find it much more enjoyable with someone to chat with (especially my running partner, Sara) and the time/miles fly by so much faster. 

Brooke: I’m going through a phase where I haaaaate to run alone. And my running partner is named Sara too.

Brooke: We’ve chatted a lot about our mutual love of baking- especially pies! What is your best pie? And what’s your favorite to eat?

Bec: I love that you are my baking buddy! Can we open a bake shop? Call it B&B? Pie is a personal favorite of mine. To make, I’m a traditionalist. Apple. It tastes like fall, and I love that whether you tweak it with funky ingredients (ginger, cranberries, etc) or go strictly traditional, it always turns out wonderfully. To eat, definitely my great aunt’s Walnut Pie. Think Pecan, but darker and richer in the filling. It’s absolutely sinful. Every year, that and a big cup of coffee are my day-after-Thanksgiving breakfast. 

Brooke: I would like to try Walnut Pie. We’d definitely serve it at B&B!

Brooke: You and I read books in a similar fashion, in that we like to be completely consumed by them or it almost isn’t worth it. What makes a book good, in that can’t-do-anything-until-I-finish-this way, in your view?

This is such a hard question, seriously. Sometimes, I read a book and it’s fine and good and whatever. And then I read a book and it’s MAGIC and I’m ruined for other books for a while. What makes that magic? I wish I knew. Because then I’d only read books that have it. Or write my own. But, what it comes down to, is I want a book that will make me – make me cry, make me laugh, make me think, make me feel. Those things can’t be optional for me to consider a book great. I don’t want to feel like I might cry. I want to cry because I can’t stop myself. I want the characters to feel like my friends, my family. And I want to be left wanting more, without there actually being more coming. Does any of that make sense? Probably not, but I think you know what I mean. Also, kissing. Lots of kissing. 

Brooke: I know exactly what you mean. It’s weird because you crave that experience with every book and it doesn’t always happen. Which doesn’t mean you wouldn’t enjoy it anyway, but for me, it’s hard to keep reading. And kissing! I know I’ve sent you texts complaining about the lack of kissing in a book, haha. It’s a dealbreaker for me!

Brooke: What did you do for your birthday last year?

Bec: We usually keep my birthday pretty low key. It’s three weeks before Christmas so everyone is always super busy. This past year, I took the day off, went and had a facial, bummed around the house for a while, went and grabbed lunch and an AMAZING coconut cupcake with my mom and then had dinner with my family. It was pretty awesome. 

That sounds like a perfect day.

Brooke: You’re an accessories girl, like me. Tell me about your current handbag.

Bec: OH. It’s so pretty. It’s the Coach that I hardly ever use, because the colors don’t go with that much. But I switched to it a few weeks ago and I don’t want to switch back because I’m loving the pink! My standby is my pewter Kate Spade. I love bags. And shoes. This is just one of the many reasons we’re friends. 

You’re an awesome mom to an elementary age kid and a teenager. How do you find time for yourself between their activities? (Help me, please!)

Bec: It ain’t easy, I can tell you that much. I thought once they were older, time would be easier to come by, but with my teenage daughter being a three season high school athlete who also takes modeling classes and my son’s swimming lessons and homework and doctors and dentist and time with friends, I’m in my car a lot. What helps? I’ve got an amazing husband who helps me a lot. If they’ve both got an activity, we can split the difference, and I’ve come to love the hour we spend sitting together on a soccer field watching a game together. When I want truly ‘alone’ time, I usually take a weekday off from work and just chill or spend it with my bffl. 

Brooke: I’m tired just hearing about it. Yay for amazing husbands and best friends!

Brooke: What’s your favorite thing to do on a Friday night?

Bec: Takeout and movie night. It’s almost every Friday and it’s the perfect way to end a week. 

Brooke: If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? (yes, I stole your question to Meri. It’s a good one!)

Bec: It’s funny, when Meri said ice cream, I was like YES. But then I thought about it some more, and while I love ice cream, that’s not my pick. Cheese. Definitely cheese. 

I totally thought you would say cheese! My husband would pick cheese too.

Brooke: Who is your book boyfriend and why?

Bec: B, these book questions are HARD. I have a few. I read a lot of Young Adult fiction (although I’ve branched out into contemporary adult fiction some recently). There are a lot of swoony boys in YA. Four (Divergent trilogy) because he’s smart and strong and a badass who is also sensitive. Alex (Delirium trilogy) because he’s the kind of boy you fall in love with, even when love is forbidden. Adam Wilde (If I Stay/Where She Went) because “Please Mia, don’t make me write a song.” Adam (Shatter Me), Cricket (Lola and the Boy Next Door). And at the moment, I’m falling hard in love with Jase in My Life Next Door (which you should totally read with me, B!)

Brooke: Can Gayle Forman write an amazing guy, or what? And you know I love Four. And I’ve read My Life Next Door! Those characters are great.

See? I told you she was cool. Next week, we’ll have another interview. In the meantime, if you have any questions for Bec, or any of us, please let us know in the comments. We’re a chatty bunch.

A little ‘chick on chick’ action – Part 1

The chicks here at Scoot A Doot all know each other pretty well. There are a lot of emails, texts, phone calls and Heytells that go back and forth about everything from blog business to what we ate for lunch. (Admittedly, there are a lot about lunch.)

But, we wanted to let you guys get to know us better! And who better to interview us than… well… US!

So, for the next six Fridays, we’ll be posting some Chick-on-Chick interviews. You’ll definitely hear some stuff about health and fitness and what motivates us. But you’ll also get to find out more fun stuff about us! And heck, if there is anything we don’t cover, any burning questions you’re just dying for us to answer, just ask.

We’ll pretty much talk to anyone. About anything. We’re a chatty lot.

So, here is our first installment!

Bec on Meri

Meri representing Bec's hometown in her City Sports Boston shirt.

Meri representing Bec’s hometown in her City Sports Boston shirt.

Since all this sillyness was my idea, I took on matching up our interviewer to our interviewees. It was completely random, I swear. I have little slips of paper in my work wastepaper basket to prove it. But truth be told, I was pretty excited when I got matched up to interview Meri.

Mer and Bec snuggling in an Irish Pub.

Mer and Bec snuggling in an Irish Pub.

Meri and I have known each other for just over three years, and in that time, she has become one of my dearest friends. She never fails to lift my spirits, and she’s been known to ‘full name’ me on occasions when I really need it. Being that I’m in Massachusetts and Meri is in New Jersey, we don’t get in person visits nearly often enough, but we’ve both hung out with each other’s families and I can’t wait to see her and her’s again next Spring (if not before…universe, be kind).

Bec and Mer (with fellow Scooter Cam and honorary Chick Jenn) on the Boston Chocolate Tour.

Bec and Mer (with fellow Scooter Cam and honorary Chick Jenn) on the Boston Chocolate Tour.

Prior to this interview, I would have told you that there wasn’t much I don’t know about Meri. But I would have been wrong! So, without further ado (a.k.a. babbling by me)…

Bec:  When was the first moment you really felt like an athlete?

Meri: Well, there’s been many moments when I really DIDN’T feel like an athlete, despite taking part in athletic events. 😉 However, with running, I think one of the coolest moments for me was when I did the Run the Bridge 10k and I was able to call my time, to the minute before we ran the race.

It was my first 10k ever and hillier than any run I’d ever done (the Ben Franklin bridge from Camden into Philadelphia is essentially one giant hill, btw – I don’t think I was really cognizant of that fact when I signed up). Vic, Brandi, Sean and Kate were all running too and as we split up at the start line, I said, “Okay, I’ll see you at a 1:10/1:11 – cheer for me!” And sure enough, that’s exactly when I ran across the finish line (and they were all cheering for me).

To know my capabilities and push myself through those hills was a really fantastic experience. That’s definitely as real as it gets.

Bec: If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Meri: Ice cream. 

Bec: I didn’t know this. I mean, Meri and I share a love of ice cream, but I think I would have said oatmeal. Meaning I thought Meri would say oatmeal. I would definitely not say oatmeal. I would say ice cream.

Bec: Do you have an ultimate health/fitness goal, be it a specific weight or something you want to be able to do? What is it?

Meri: You know, it’s funny because when I started running in 2011, I was 30 pounds heavier than I am now and I was very number focused. As I’ve lost weight and became more fit, it’s become less and less about the number and more about how I feel.

I’m 10 pounds heavier than I was last summer but I’m okay with that. My goal is to be healthy and fit, but I also have an obsessive personality so finding the balance of all of these things is numero uno important. My self confidence has never been higher and I know that when I put the work in and focus on my goals, good things will happen.

Bec: Tell me about your dream ‘girl’s weekend’.

Meri: Mount Airy Lodge. Where all you have to bring is your love of everything. I still have dreams of the champagne shaped hot tub. And all my best girls, of course.

All kidding aside, I want to do Campowerment! 2014? 

Bec: I don’t even know what Campowerment is but I already kind of want to do it!

Bec and Mer and one of our best girls, Jenn, exploring Salem, MA.

Bec and Mer and one of our best girls, Jenn, exploring Salem, MA. It’s no Mount Airy lodge, but we had a great weekend!

Bec: What is your biggest challenge in being a healthy mom to two (adorable) boys?

Meri: My boys are adorable, aren’t they? Biggest challenge would be getting everything done. And having time enough at last (aka to read).

           And laundry. Always laundry.

Bec: Laundry is my world. *eyeroll*

Bec:  Best Boy Band of all time? And favorite member of said Boy Band?

Meri: Of ALL time? The Beatles. Don’t tell me they’re not a boy band – they were THE boy band.

But if we’re talking more recently, the N’SYNC. And JC. I still love him on ABDC. He’s blowin’ me up with his love. Yep.

Bec: I love this answer. So much.

So, that’s Meri in a nutshell. (Let her out! A nutshell is very cramped!) Next week, we’ll have another chick-on-chick interview. You’ll just have to tune in to see who! 

And if you have questions for Mer… or me… or any of the chicks… pop them in the comments. We love hearing from you guys! 

Chick Chat: Whatcha Reading?

We’ve mentioned before that we chicks love reading. In fact, most of our friendships were formed while chatting about our favorite writers, words, phrases and fictional characters. (And in a plot twist, we started a fitness blog. Crazy, huh?)

We share books with each other all the time, and today, we’re sharing some of our favorites with you.

What was the last book you read?

I haven’t had much time to read lately, but I did manage to finish Maine by J. Courtney Sullivan. It was good, although I think part of the reason I enjoyed it so much is that it takes place in my local area so I knew a lot of the locations in the book.

Name one book that you wish all of your friends would read.

Such a Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster. Really, anything by Jen Lancaster, but this one is my favorite. The author is frank, and funny, and basically my spirit animal.

Top books on your summer reading list?

Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham and From Notting Hill with Love… Actually by Ali McNamara. Both of these fall into my chick lit wheelhouse, and I think they’ll be fab while lounging by the pool. After an energetic swim, bien sur.

The Nonrunner’s Marathon Guide for Women: Get Off Your Butt and On with Your Training by Dawn Dais. This was recommended to me for the laughs, and considering that I’m supposed to be training for my first half, I’m hoping it will have good tips. I may follow this up with Triathalon for the Every Woman: You Can Be a Triathlete. Yes. You. by Meredith Atwood, Bree Wee and Chrissie Wellington because I really want to do a triathalon within the next few years. Stop laughing.

The Last Summer of You and Me by Ann Brashares. I’ve been reading this for over a year. It pick it up, read some, put it down, forget all about it, find it under a pile of laundry, read some more. I really like it, so I’m not exactly sure why I’m not motivated to keep reading, but I am bound and determined to finish it this summer. Which I said last summer. So there’s that.


What was the last book you read?

I’m currently reading Dune Messiah by Frank Herbert, the 2nd book in the Dune series. It’s the kind of book you need to sit down for a week and read all the way through, ignoring every other obligation. Which is why I’m still reading it. I just haven’t had one of those weeks yet!

Name one book that you wish all of your friends would read.

The Four Agreements. This book changed my life. I listen to parts of it every day, especially the part about not taking things personally. (I’m a huge fan of audio books.)

Top books on your summer reading list?

The Gunslinger by Stephen King
Watchmen Graphic Novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons
Siege and Storm by Leigh Barduga

And so many more!!! You can check out my whole freaking list on Goodreads!

Cam's nightstand, covered in books.

Cam’s nightstand, covered in books.


What was the last book you read?

Lovely, Dark and Deep by Amy McNamara. It’s a young adult novel and, as the title indicates, quite lovely. Mister Jess always says, “do you think it’s weird that you read the same books as 12-year-old girls?”

No. No, I don’t.

Name one book that you wish all of your friends would read.

In theory I would say The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. However, I don’t think I have a friend who hasn’t read it and loved it and cried over it. It is one of my favorite books of all time and worthy of everyone’s time.

Top books on your summer reading list?

I just started NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children, which so far is a pretty fascinating read about child development and how modern strategies for nurturing kids might not be so nurturing after all.

I also have The Book Thief and Me Talk Pretty One Day on my list, but I’ll probably end up reading a number of fluffy YA books!

Jess loves to read in this big, cozy chair.

Jess loves to read in this big, cozy chair.


What was the last book you read?

The last book I read in its entirety was Let The Sky Fall by Shannon Messenger. I started reading Deathless (Catherynne M. Valente) at the recommendation of a friend and the writing was incredibly rich and vivid. But at the time I began reading, I couldn’t totally immerse myself so I plan to pick it up again when I have a few days to throw myself into it. When I read a good book, I become totally engaged, where things like laundry and dishes sort of fall to the wayside. So I need a situation where that’s ideal. (Basically, I need a mom. Or at least for my kids to be at camp.)

Name one book that you wish all of your friends would read.

Just one? Within the past couple of months I read Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell, which I thought was pretty brilliant. The characters weren’t characters, they were people; as a reader, I really appreciate when authors are able to give their characters so much dimension that I’m worried about their well being after the book is over and I’m out of their world.

I tend to lean toward reading Young Adult books. Not necessarily because that was the best time in my life; it was not. But I suppose it’s when the feelings run rampant and characters are more likely to do things that they wouldn’t as adults. There’s such a fine line between believability and taking it a step too far so when an author is able to find that very delicate balance on the line, I notice and respect it.

Top books on your summer reading list?

Currently I’m reading The History of Love by Nicole Krauss (thanks to Kyle for that rec!). I’m hoping to return to Deathless. And just today, we had to stop at Barnes and Noble for a potty break for Littleberry. Since we were there, I bought Dad Is Fat by Jim Gaffigan.

No e-reader for Mer! (Just kidding, she has one of those too.)

No e-reader for Mer! (Just kidding, she has one of those too.)


What was the last book you read?

Dead Ever After, the final book in the Sookie Stackhouse series, by Charlaine Harris
(I just mailed a pic of this – why? Because I borrowed it from the library a few weeks back and was the FIRST person to borrow/read that copy) that’s never happened to me before… was really excited about it. Book was meh.

Name one book that you wish all of your friends would read.

The Fault in our Stars by John Green (Brooke loaned this to me! Thanks B!)

Top books on your summer reading list?

Inferno by Dan Brown
Revenge Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger

I just started reading J.K. Rowling’s latest, The Casual Vacancy. So far so good. I borrowed this one from the library too because I love not having to buy new books to enjoy them!

Vic was the first reader to borrow this book from her local library.

Vic was the first reader to borrow this book from her local library.


What was the last book you read?

Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan, which made me laugh so hard. I kept taking screen shots of passages to text to my husband until I finally told him he just had to read the entire thing.

Name one book that you wish all of your friends would read.

This is a tough question because I always want my friends to read everything I read. It’s one of the reasons I still buy actual books; so I can loan them. Wonder by R.J. Palacio is a beautiful book that made me want to hug all of the characters by the end. And I’m always bugging people to read the Divergent series because FOUR. The final book will be out this year and the movie is coming and FOUR.

Top books on your summer reading list?

The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak and David Sedaris’s new one; Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls. I also picked up the first Harry Potter on audio book so maybe I’ll finally get around to those. (I know. I knowwwwww. We can still be friends, right?)

Some of Brooke's summer reading.

Some of Brooke’s summer reading.

What’s your favorite book? Tell us what’s on your summer reading list! Or you know, flail over Four with Brooke. (or lecture her about reading Harry Potter)

Chick Chat: Who’s who? And why?

What’s in a name? And what’s in a name that we get to choose for ourselves? And if asked to pick a pic, any pic at all, to share with Scoot a Doot readers, what would it be?


VICTORIA: My userID, VFreile, is the least inventive of the Scoot a Doot bunch. It’s my first initial and my last name. It’s the same for my twitter handle and instagram account and pretty much anything I use professionally. I kept it simple because of my job. As a newspaper reporter I cover a lot of tragedy, so using something cute or trendy just wasn’t an option.

This pic was taken last year by a colleague in the Hall of Justice. I was reviewing my notes and calling my editor with an update (to be posted online) in between court cases. I can’t specifically remember the two cases involved, just that they were high-interest. But I do recall my colleague snapping this pic after the first court appearance ended, before the second.


REBECCA: Bec2point0 – It’s like me, only better! I have a history of reinventing myself. Pretty regularly, actually. I’m a writer. I hate writing. I’m a runner. I don’t feel like running anymore. I’m not a runner; but I’m a vegan! Where is the cheese?? Lather, rinse, repeat.

I feel like most of my life I’ve been in a constant state of evolution. I don’t really know what I want to be when I grow up, and I think that’s okay. Because no matter what I am, I’m always me.

Here’s me with my fellow Scooters Cam and Mer, and honorary Chick Jenn, wandering the streets of Boston, eating chocolate and just being us.


CAMILLE: Camoozle is the blending of my first and last name sounds.  It originally started with my “Who” name.  Every good teacher has a Who name, it’s mandated in our credential.  I was christened Cammy Zoo Who.  Which eventually got shortened to Cammy Zoo, then, out of sheer laziness, got turned into Camoozle.

My Rainbow Sisters were the first to nickname me Cammy Zoo.


MERIDITH: When I was a wee lass, I was an only child. As an only child I had an overactive imagination, which included my imaginary friend: Jenereesa.

Jenereesa was a pretty cool chick. She opened doors for me (aka automatic doors – remember when you had to step on a mat to make that happen?) and was always down to take the blame if we did something wrong. She also could do what I could not because she was magical.

Somewhere along the way, right around the time that I began my healthy living journey, she reappeared as the “person” I wanted to become.


JESSICA: WriteitDownJess – I have a terrible memory and need to write things down in order to remember them. I’m always telling myself, “write it down, Jess!” Beyond that, I’ve always been a bit of a storyteller (in written form only. Please don’t ever ask me to tell a story if it’s not written out), so it seemed like a fitting name for me.

My personal motto:


BROOKE: BeeWhoBabbles – Because my first name is Brooke, I hear some variation of “Oh, babbling Brooke?” from at least half the people I meet. (Clever, no?) When I set up my twitter account, I tried to use “bwhobabbles”, but it was already taken. I didn’t want to use that name plus numbers, so I settled on “beewhobabbles” and now, I like that better. It’s a perkier, cutesy spelling and I can be a chatterbox- so it fits.

My new favorite running shirt (that I haven’t actually run in yet) from Run Pretty Far. It’s super lightweight, soft, and I put it on as soon as it arrived. Love!


What’s the story, morning glory? What’s the word, hummingbird? How’d you settle on your name?

I am…

Part of why I am a blogger, and a writer, in the first place is that having a forum to pour my emotions into, good or bad, helps me to process whatever I am going through or whatever I have going on. Regardless of how many people read, turning my feelings into words is cathartic.

And right now? I need some damn catharsis. Or something. I really need something. I need to vent and let it all hang out. 

Here at Scoot A Doot, we tend to keep the posts fairly light and positive. Sure, we talk about things like being busy moms trying to fit in exercise, or runs that we struggled through. But mostly, upbeat. And we’re generally a pretty perky bunch of chicks, so the positive nature of the posts is a natural extension of us.

This is not one of those posts. This post was hard to write, and will likely be hard to read. It’s raw and uncomfortable and uncensored and painful. And necessary, for me. So here goes…

I Am

I am… many things, to many people. I am a good listener. I am an amazing cook. I am a hard worker. I am funny. I am kind. I am generous.

I am… morbidly obese. I hate that phrase. It’s ugly and humiliating and harsh and accurate. I am literally so overweight that it’s killing me. Slowly, but still. The reality of my situation is that if I don’t change it, I will die younger than I should. I will rob my children of their mother, and my husband of his wife, far before I ever expected and far before I have a right to.

I am… sick. I have High Blood Pressure. My joints ache, all the time. My back hurts. I have trouble sleeping. I get winded walking up a flight of stairs. And when I work out or run? Everything hurts.

I am… tired. Truly exhausted. Physically and mentally, the act of carrying around this weight every day is so unbelievably tiring.

I am… angry. At myself. I know this serves no purpose, but I am so damn angry at myself for allowing this to happen. I am absolutely furious at myself for letting every ten-pound milestone that I swore I wouldn’t cross come and go.

I am… addicted. To food. I come from a long line of addicts. Drugs, alcohol, cigarettes. I’ve lost so many people far too early because they were ruled by their addictions. I have been fighting this addiction since I was ten years old.

I am… terrified. That I will join them. That I don’t have enough strength to conquer my own addiction. That I will fight my whole life, only to fail.

I am… sad. I am missing out on parts of my life that I will never get another shot at. I avoid air travel because I’m afraid I won’t be able to fit in the seat. I’ve flown once in the past twelve years, and had to ask for seat belt extenders. I was miserably uncomfortable and the thought of going through that is enough to make me never want to fly again.

I am… disappointed. In myself. I was supposed to be a better role model for my children. My son is now ten, and I see the beginnings of my battle in him every day. He is already struggling with weight. And food.

I am… ashamed. I feel weak. And small. I can’t look in the mirror without cringing.

I am… in pain. Physically, sometimes, but mentally, always. This hurts. On my best days, and believe me, I have great days, there is still some part of me, deep down, that is hurting.

I am… in a bad place right now. I have times when I feel like I have a handle on things. Lately, I don’t.

I am… struggling.

I am… lost.

I am…349 pounds. This is not my heaviest weight. I have weighed as much as 391 pounds. Typing that out is agony. Not erasing it is almost impossible. But putting that out there in the world doesn’t make it real. It’s already real.


I am… a good person. A good mother. A good wife. A good friend.

I am… trying. To get better. To feel better. To be better.

I am… strong. When I put my mind to it, I can do amazing things. I can do anything. I can do this.

I am… hopeful. I have seen people change their lives. I know that is it possible. I still have hope that I will be one of them.

I am… talking about it. Because no one wants to talk about what it’s like to be morbidly obese. Especially people that are morbidly obese. But not talking about it, making it a dirty, ugly, fat secret? That doesn’t help.

I am… determined. To keep trying. To keep going. Because the other option is letting myself be beaten by my own addiction. That is not an option.

I am…not done fighting. Ever. I may never win, but I will never quit.

I am… morbidly obese. But I don’t have to be.

I am… ready. For change. For hard work. For whatever it takes.

I am ready.