Announcing Scoot Stitches Sewing School

We are super-duper qua-triple excited to announce a brand new feature on the blog!


That’s right! Next month, we’re launching an ongoing series of sewing tutorials with a focus on equipment, basic sewing skills/techniques, and making running costumes.  Some installments will be in video, some will be text posts with photos, some may even end up on Periscope!

The best part is we REALLY want to hear from you! Have you seen costumes on Facebook and wished you could be that crafty? Did you inherit a sewing machine and wish you could use it but don’t know where to start? We can help! Tweet, Facebook, or Instagram your questions and requests with hashtag #ScootStitches and we’ll cover it for you in the series.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never sewn a button or if you’ve made your own tent (kidding, only my amazing mom has done that), you’ll learn something from us Chicks. We’ve got over sixty years of combined needle-wielding experience here.

I promise you that you can make anything you’ve seen us make on this blog. We’ll teach you how. You CAN do it!

The first lesson will post 5/11 and cover sewing machine info like what all the knobs and settings do, basic care and feeding, and how to thread the darn thing.

In the meantime, check out our past tutorial on how to make a running skirt with a waistband pocket.

Don’t be shy, send us your questions and requests on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using #ScootStitches. We love emails and comments in our posts (below), too!

5 thoughts on “Announcing Scoot Stitches Sewing School

    • We’re gonna change that, Megan! I’m super excited, too. Don’t hesitate to ask questions of make requests; I’m here to help! 🙂

  1. I’ll be watching and learning and maybe periscoping my mishaps along the way. 😉 Very excited for this, Jenn!

    • It’s going to be so AWESOME. Sewing is a dying art, and I want to pass along what I know. I’m glad I’ll have you for a student! <3

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