A Doozy for Dimity – Question Contest #scootdimity

In a few weeks, SkirtSports is kicking off their new Speaker Series with none other than Dimity McDowell. I was excited immediately because, well…who wouldn’t want to meet Dimity if given the chance? AND maybe, just maybe, I could get Dimity’s thoughts on your most burning running and mothering questions. Such as does she have any toenails left? Or when is it appropriate to to use your BOB to mow down the walkers in the way? According to retired Chick Brooke, Dimity is very funny and gracious, so I’m sure she would be more than willing to give us some insight into these, and your, burning questions.

Retired Chick Brooke (center) with Sarah Bowen Shea & Dimity McDowell 3/2014

Retired Chick Brooke (center) with Sarah Bowen Shea & Dimity McDowell 3/2014

The Contest Scoop:

1. Tweet us your questions for Dimity using the hashtag #scootdimity. Tweet as many questions as you like, but tweet them by 7/10/15.  After that, the contest ends!

2. We will select the top three questions and announce winners on 7/13/15. I will ask as many of those three as I can at the event.

3. If your question is selected, you’ll win a prize! A fun and awesome prize, no less! Even if I don’t get to ask your question, you’ll still win a prize!

So start thinking and tweeting! The crazier and the funnier, the better. The more genuine and authentic, the better, too.

Let’s show Dimity who the Scoot community is and come up with some doozies for her!

This post and contest are not sponsored by SkirtSports or Dimity McDowell. All prizes are provided by Scootadoot.


2 thoughts on “A Doozy for Dimity – Question Contest #scootdimity

  1. Dimity is absolutely awesome and you’re going to have a great time, Jenn! I was fortunate enough to meet her at the Philly Marathon expo last year and it was fantastic – felt like I could have chatted with her forever. She’s so knowledgeable, warm, and funny! Definitely check out the Another Mother Runner podcasts too because they had me giggle-snorting on the plane ride home from you last month. xo

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