Mother Runner Party Time and Giveaway

A few weeks ago, the Mother Runners held a party at a running store here in Orlando. I first heard about the event from my local mother running group and I thought, “A night out with wine and runner chat and two of the coolest women in this community? Absolutely!” The Chicks are longtime fans of Sarah and Dimity. I love their books. Run Like a Mother was one of the first books I ever mailed to Meridith. Mer raves about their podcasts. (Which I still haven’t made time to listen to. However, I can sing all of the Kidz Bop catalog. Mother Runner, indeed.) And to be completely honest, I had heard that their swag bags for these events were THE BEST.

This party did not disappoint! I met the Mother Runners when I checked in-

photo 2-17

Dimity complimented my outfit, and she’s just a funny and tall as I thought she would be. The awesome thing about both of these women is that they’re just real. The supportive, girlfriend vibe that is uniquely them is present even in person.

After some socializing and shopping, we got down to business. They did a few readings from their book, Train Like A Mother, a book I pre-ordered on Amazon before it came out two years ago, but still haven’t read. I was pregnant and not running at the time, and frankly, it was too depressing to read it. I’ve loaned it out a few times though, and after hearing someone say they had a 13 minute PR from one of the training plans, it’s definitely at the top of my running reading list.

Then it was time for the giveaways. BEAUCOUP DE GIVEAWAYS. Sadly, I didn’t win anything. I did get to take home a pretty sweet swag bag though:

photo 4-10

I also bought this awesome shirt:

photo 5-9

And some goodies for a lucky reader!


Click the link below to enter our Mother Runner giveaway, for a super cute Sweaty Band and a motivational magnet. I will also throw in the Mother Runner book of your choice: Run Like A Mother or Train Like A Mother.


Giveaway ends at midnight on March 19, so get to it!

Are you in a running group? What would your “Mother Runner” shirt say? Do you like a bare refrigerator front or do you have things posted all over it? I used to have a million papers and pictures on ours but we upgraded to a steel fridge that only holds magnets on the sides or top corners. So now it’s plain. Boo.

29 thoughts on “Mother Runner Party Time and Giveaway

  1. I LOVE that shirt- its absolutely perfect for you! (Hi, I’m Brooke and I run things!) And I love that you got to hang with the Mother runners! (Did I tell you I met them right after the half?) So amazing!

  2. Running groups are hard to find that fit my work schedule 🙁 I am SUPER excited for the AMR party that I’ll be attending in April and I may just have to pick up a shirt like yours while I’m there. My fridge is PLASTERED with magnets, papers, birthday checks (oy. don’t ask) and inspirational quotes.

  3. That shirt is awesome! Mine would say, “You know you’re a mother runner when…” I know I’m a mother runner when while I’m running each step sets the pace to a number of kid show songs.

    My refrigerator front is clean only because we have stainless doors right now. We have magnets all over the side though. When we were in our previous apartment we had them all over the freezer door and a few on the fridge door.

  4. I think my shirt would say “bad a$$ mother runner”, and I already have it 🙂 I do need to update my fridge, I still have pictures from daycare on it, and my youngest is in first grade!

  5. I am in a few running groups but never have time to run with them because I am always running with you! 🙂 Love you, Brooke!

  6. How fun! I love the idea of comrade roe and support from a running group for moms. I know we have one in my town – not sure of the name or if there are more than one – but I get a little nervous because I just started with C25K last summer. I run and I actually enjoy it now and want to to, but I’m pretty slow and don’t know if I’d like the pressure I’d put on myself to keep up with the others!

  7. No running group. Though I would love that. I simply haven’t had any luck getting women to get together to run. Go figure. My shirt would say, “I run like a mother”.

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