Doozy for Dimity Contest Winner

Last week, we wrapped up our Doozy for Dimity Contest!

Congratulations to Kimberly who will receive the prize package below plus a $10 iTunes gift card!


Kimberly sent in her winning question via Facebook. She asked Dimity the following totally relate-able question:


Dimity answered in true Bad Ass Mother Runner fashion! Of course! We expect no less.

It was a great pleasure meeting Dimity and we thank her SO MUCH for her response to Kimberly’s question!

The Speaker Event was fantastic, the SkirtSports folks are as sweet as can be, and Dimity was hilarious and witty and charming. Here is just a snippet of her hour long talk.

I left the event with a huge smile and an arm full of loot. Dimity gave me a copy of Another Mother Runner, I won some awesome neon pink Pro Compression Socks, AND SkirtSports gave me one of their new Lioness skirts to try out; it’s a new design for Fall and so adorable. I had to have a pink one to match my new socks! I can’t deny I am certainly a fan of both Dimity’s and SkirtsSports!


The biggest take-away I got from Dimity’s talk was to not feel guilty taking care of yourself.  You deserve to take the time to care for yourself, to nurture yourself, and to restore yourself. It is just as important as all the demands that others make of you. If we don’t care for yourselves, we aren’t able to care for those who need us so much. Be kind to yourself, everyone!

Are you a Mother Runner? What takeaways do you glean from your fellow runners and friends? Do you like pink too? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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