Adventures in Anaheim: Tinker Bell Half Marathon weekend

I flew across the country, then I flew 13.1 miles through Anaheim!

A whirlwind weekend of food, fun and running brought me to the Happiest Place on Earth for the second time in a year. I planned to visit with friends, cheer my dear Heather as she tackled runDisney’s inaugural Tinker Bell 10K and run the Tinker Bell Half Marathon.

My time in LA zipped by in a flash. Rather than share my traditional race recap just now, here’s a few of my favorite photos from the weekend. And be sure to tune in Friday, when Heather shares her adventures running the Tink 10K for Team Lemon!

heathervicHeather and I wandered through the expo!

20140120-131602.jpgThen we drank our lunch at the Disneyland Hotel

20140120-131733.jpgI worked at the Sparkle Athletic booth on Friday with Kelly (Tink!)

20140120-125454.jpg We watched the sun set at the pier at Huntington Beach Friday night. Then we inhaled a delicious dinner.

20140120-125412.jpgHere I pose with Tara at the start of the Tinker Bell 10K. Congrats to Tara for finishing third in her age group, while still stopping for a photo!

20140120-131708.jpgPal Mindy prepares three of her students to run their first-ever 10K. They ROCKED it! Great job girls!

julieJulie (aka Donald) tackles some runner’s yoga!

20140120-125522.jpgCheering Tinker Bell

20140120-134516.jpgFreezing Minnie Mouse

20140120-125303.jpgTinker Bells cheer for 10K runners.

20140120-131537.jpgHeather and Tony race to the finish. I chased her down to get this pic.

Before I knew it, it was Sunday morning and time to race 13.1 miles. I ran with Kelly and we laughed our way through the course, stopping to pose with all of the characters and finishing in under two hours. I’ll share more about my own race experience later this week.

Editor’s note: Click here for Vic’s race review!

Have you run the Tinker Bell half marathon or 10K? Have you run a race at Disneyland? Did you see me cheering for you? Tell us about your Anaheim race experiences in the comments!

17 thoughts on “Adventures in Anaheim: Tinker Bell Half Marathon weekend

  1. I ran both this weekend, and it was super fun! But I am ignoring your remark that you posed for all the characters AND had a sub-2 hour finish. 🙂

      • It was my first Disney 10K and I enjoyed it. I felt like I could really enjoy the character stops and photo ops, knowing that if I was falling behind I wouldn’t have to work too hard to make it up once I got out of the parks.

    • Hooray! I love the Disney 1/2s! I’ve run all but Disneyland and Tink is by far my favorite one 🙂 Let me know if you have any questions, as I’m happy to help!

  2. Well, I posed for all the pictures and had a sub two hour finish on the 10k Ha Ha! The Haunted Mansion characters were my favorite and well worth the 15 minute wait!

    • That’s fantastic! I just started looking at my official race pics. HAHA! They are pretty darn funny! Am so glad you had a blast! What did you think of the 10k? I heard mixed reviews

  3. I ran the half on Sunday (my first) and was on the lookout for you and Kelly, but you speed demons were way ahead of me! Those first 5 miles just fly right by, don’t they? It was so much fun. I can’t wait to do it again next year!

    • Congratulations on your first half marathon Melissa! What did you think of it? Were you happy with how it went?

      I love the Tinker Bell race – it is hands down one of my favorite runDisney events. I can honestly say I’ve never zipped through a Disney race so quickly before, but I loved every moment of this run!

      Be sure to say hi if you spot me – or any of the chicks – at a future race! What’s next for you? Any more races planned?

  4. I visited the Sparkle Athletics booth on Friday, but you weren’t there then 🙁
    I ran both the 10k and half! I was a little nervous since I don’t run back to back days, but I did just fine!

    • Aw, darn! I’m sorry I missed you Summer. I was Sparkling mid-afternoon for a few hours.

      So glad to hear that the 10K and half both went smoothly! I heard lots about the 10k, what did you think about it?

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