Yes, You Should Be Happy I’m Wearing A Backpack

There’s a line in Swingers that always makes me giggle.

Okay, if I’m being honest, the entire movie makes me laugh- massive, clutch-my-stomach, tears-streaming-down-my-face belly laughs. But as someone who was a teenager in the 90s, a girl who dreamed of living in Cher Horowitz’s closet, this line takes me back to that time.

“I spend half the night talking to some girl who’s looking around the room to see if there’s somebody else who’s more important she should be talking to, and it’s like I’m supposed to be all happy ’cause she’s wearing a backpack, you know?”

Because we all had backpacks. I had a mini silver one, similar to the one Cher wore when she failed her driving test. (Purchased at Contempo, of course.)

90s fashion is making a comeback- flannel, overalls, docs and backpacks. Now, as a babywearing mom, I’ve carried a backpack for a few years. Don’t get me wrong, I love my totes, but it’s a lot more comfortable to have my things on back when I have a baby on my front, rather than carrying things on one shoulder.

As a runner, I know that a backpack can help save my core from unnecessary stress. It can help me maintain good posture throughout my day. And lucky for us, there’s a lot to choose from this season. Thank you, style gods!

My current backpack is the Herschel Supply Camo-dot backpack from J.Crew. It’s kid-size, so slightly smaller and just so cute. Below are some of my other favorites at various price points. I love the floral Marc Jacobs or the striped Baggu for spring, and the Pashli is just drool-worthy. My littlest just spilled cold “hot” chocolate all over my bag during a recent trip to Target, so if it doesn’t come out, I might be on the lookout for a new bag. Oh, who are we kidding? I am always on the lookout for a new bag.

Backpack, Backpack

Do you carry a backpack? Who was your teenage style icon?

9 thoughts on “Yes, You Should Be Happy I’m Wearing A Backpack

  1. Wait… backpacks are back in style? See, this is why I need you, B. I had no clue. (So obviously, I don’t have one.)

  2. WOW it is so funny that you posted this! I purchased a backpack this weekend ( a super cute Vera Bradley ….which I know not everyone likes but I do!) and I wore it to into the grocery store this weekend and my guy could NOT wrap his mind around the backpack. He was making fun of me (lovingly…) and said I looked like Dora! I LOVE my backpack and it’s awesome…it holds lots of stuff, is convenient and frees up my hands. Plus it’s in a fun pattern that I like looking at… 🙂
    Here’s to rocking the backpack!
    Karen @karenlovestorun

    • Backpack, backpack! Yeah!

      I bet it’s adorable, and you know what first inspired me to post about this? (Besides the fact that chick Jess and I both carry backpacks) A style article in the WSJ on men’s backpacks. So I think that your fiancé needs one too!

  3. omg yes. Long-forgotten childhood memories of cute little stylish jean backpacks are surfacing. Amazing. It’s been so long since I’ve worn any kind of backpack other than Jansport or something for school. But it’s the best kind of trend. I must have one.

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