Of course I fell. Now what?

My foot slid out from under me as I skidded partway down my staircase Saturday afternoon.

The laundry basket I was hauling landed at the base of the stairs. I, fortunately only fell several steps before I managed to stop myself with my right foot. I laid on the stairs for a few minutes berating myself.

I cursed. (A lot.)

Ultimately, I got up and picked up the laundry. Then I sat down and rubbed my foot. The pain wasn’t bad, a blessing since the New York City Marathon is a week away. And you already know I’m concerned I’ll oversleep race morning.

But when I woke up Sunday, the top of my right foot and lower leg was throbbing.

Fantastic. Now what?

I rested up yesterday, only leaving my house for a trip to the grocery store. At my nephew’s suggestion, I tossed a bag of frozen peas on said ankle for a bit. Today, I’m wearing some KT Tape and compression socks at work. I plan to ice once I am home. It’s not swollen, but is tender. I’m thinking it will be fine by the weekend, but am worried it won’t be.

20131028-100110.jpgYep, I taped my foot. That’s where it hurts.

More than anything, I’m annoyed at myself for tripping and falling days before my marathon. I am kicking myself repeatedly for being so careless.

So I turn to you, fine friends of the interwebs. What should I do to make this tweak feel better? Do you have any tips for a klutz like me?

23 thoughts on “Of course I fell. Now what?

  1. Best of luck to you before the marathon and I hope you heal up quickly! The night before my first 5K I tripped, hurt my ankle, and ended up staying awake until 1 in the morning so I could ice it down. Things worked out though and I hope they will for you too!

  2. Stuff happens at the most inopportune times. How were you careless? You have carried the laundry down the steps hundreds of times, did you ever fall before? I’m guessing no. Will you be more careful in the future, probably. For now all you can do keep taking care of that foot and hope it feels better for the race Sunday. Hoping for the best, sending love and hugs <3 <3 XOXO

    • Good point Mom2! I have fallen down the stairs before, but never while carrying anything. So twice in 8 years isn’t an awful record.thanks for the love and support. xoxo

  3. So sorry to that that you woke up feeling not so great! I’m probably not the one to ask about quick recoveries, though my 10 days off when I thought I was developing hamstring tendinitis before the ATM did seem to help… The “not swollen” is a great sign, though! Fingers crossed!!

    Also, please know you’re not alone in klutziness! I fall about once a week or so DURING my runs. (You know, cracks in the sidewalk or really anything bigger than a thumbtack…)

    Thinking of you! XO

    • thanks for the love darling, I am just telling myself it will be fine. I want to test the leg out, but know I shouldn’t. sigh. And its great to know I’m not alone in my klutziness!

  4. If I ever run a marathon my nightmares would revolve around my klutziness. I run into door frames, tables, benches – you name it… if it’s a totally normal piece of furniture not in my way I will somehow turn it into a bruise.

    I think you’re doing all the right things. This little tweak will not hold you back after all your training. Rest as best you can. Any maybe try that bubble wrap idea.

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