Of course I fell. Now what?

My foot slid out from under me as I skidded partway down my staircase Saturday afternoon.

The laundry basket I was hauling landed at the base of the stairs. I, fortunately only fell several steps before I managed to stop myself with my right foot. I laid on the stairs for a few minutes berating myself.

I cursed. (A lot.)

Ultimately, I got up and picked up the laundry. Then I sat down and rubbed my foot. The pain wasn’t bad, a blessing since the New York City Marathon is a week away. And you already know I’m concerned I’ll oversleep race morning.

But when I woke up Sunday, the top of my right foot and lower leg was throbbing.

Fantastic. Now what?

I rested up yesterday, only leaving my house for a trip to the grocery store. At my nephew’s suggestion, I tossed a bag of frozen peas on said ankle for a bit. Today, I’m wearing some KT Tape and compression socks at work. I plan to ice once I am home. It’s not swollen, but is tender. I’m thinking it will be fine by the weekend, but am worried it won’t be.

20131028-100110.jpgYep, I taped my foot. That’s where it hurts.

More than anything, I’m annoyed at myself for tripping and falling days before my marathon. I am kicking myself repeatedly for being so careless.

So I turn to you, fine friends of the interwebs. What should I do to make this tweak feel better? Do you have any tips for a klutz like me?