Are you ready to meet our PRO Compression winner?

procompressionwinPRO Compression socks and sleeves are always a favorite among runners so we weren’t surprised to see how many of you were jazzed about the giveaway! Thanks to all who came our way to check it out.

It sounds like there are an equal amount of you who use compression socks during runs and after, for recovery. And heck, some even do both! Wild and crazy bunch.

Enough with the chit chat though! Our winner is:


Congratulations, Lisa N.! We’ll be emailing you soon with the details.

And don’t forget –  that PRO Compression is offering 40% off purchases and free shipping on marathon socks and sleeves with the code BLG13.

Hook, Line and Sinker! Sport Hooks Giveaway Winner

First off…


Everyone grab your sombreros and maracas (apparently we are at a Mexican restaurant). Shake what your momma gave ya and help us wish Cam a very happy birthday!


Happy birthday, Cameroo! We love you!

Speaking of love, what a fantastic response to our Sport Hooks by Heavy Medalz giveaway! We are very excited to announce the winner of the 5 hook Sport Hooks medal display.

Give a round of applause for…


The Scoot a Doot chicks salute you, Brandy! Make sure you check your email, we’ll be contacting you shortly.

Another giveaway coming soon. What will it be? Hmmmmm.

Sweaty Bands Winner


Hey gang! We had a terrific response to our Sweaty Bands giveaway! Some of you are tried and true Sweaty Bands users, while other lamented along with me about slippery headbands/odd-shaped heads and want to give the Sweaty Bands a try for the first time.

Let’s give a hand to the winner of the Pearls of Wisdom Sweaty Bands…

sbwinnerEmelia, also known as Half Crazy Mama, you are our winner! The Scoot a Doot chicks salute you and will be emailing you shortly about your prize.

For those who didn’t win, definitely check out the Sweaty Bands page, find them at a nearby retailer, or look for them at expos this fall!


Philadelphia Chocolate Tours Giveaway Winner


From the response to our Philly Chocolate Tours Giveaway, it is clear to see that you all love chocolate just as much as we do! White chocolate apparently doesn’t get much love (although a few like it but all say it’s not chocolate!). You all love your dark and milk chocolate just fine, thank you very much.

Ready to meet our winner? Ready to befriend our winner in hopes that they take you along with their companion ticket?

chocolatetourwinnerKimberly is our lucky 87 and the winner of the Philadelphia Chocolate Tours giveaway!

Congratulations, Kimberly! We at Scoot a Doot salute you and hope you enjoy your tour.

And hey, if you need someone to join you… we’ve got a couple of volunteers. Just saying.

The Color Run Giveaway Winner


Are you ready to paint the town blue, pink, yellow, green, and purple? We’ve got coupon codes for a few lucky locations. Snag, share, and save!

  • August 31, 2013 event in Englishtown, NJ – use the code: COLORSCOOT1
  • June 29, 2013 event in Pomona, CA – use the code: COLORSCOOT2
  • October 19, 2013 event in Charlotte, NC – use the code: COLORSCOOT3
  • July 20, 2013 event in Columbus, OH – use the code: COLORSCOOT4

Okay, now that we’ve shared those, let’s not wait any longer!


The winner for the Scoot a Doot’s The Color Run giveaway is…


(We really hope that you pressed play for that. It really brings a little something extra to the post!)


Congratulations Mary! The Scoot a Doot chicks salute you. We’ll be contacting you via email to get you all set up to participate in any Color Run that isn’t sold out. Additionally, we’re offering you an opportunity to write a guest post about your experience for Scoot a Doot! Rock on!