Are you ready to meet our PRO Compression winner?

procompressionwinPRO Compression socks and sleeves are always a favorite among runners so we weren’t surprised to see how many of you were jazzed about the giveaway! Thanks to all who came our way to check it out.

It sounds like there are an equal amount of you who use compression socks during runs and after, for recovery. And heck, some even do both! Wild and crazy bunch.

Enough with the chit chat though! Our winner is:


Congratulations, Lisa N.! We’ll be emailing you soon with the details.

And don’t forget –  that PRO Compression is offering 40% off purchases and free shipping on marathon socks and sleeves with the code BLG13.

3 thoughts on “Are you ready to meet our PRO Compression winner?

  1. I can’t believe I won. Thank you! I’m on a business trip and was just lamenting last night that I should have packed another pair of compression socks. I’ll reply to your email as soon as I decide on a color!

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