July StrideBox

Every month I get a box of running goodies from the folks over at StrideBox! Getting mail is one of my favorite things – especially fun mail and not bills.

I love checking out all of the new-to-me things and also the tried and true ones which I know work for me. Here’s what’s in the July StrideBox…

Summer hydration essential – StrideBox water bottle

I have a collection of the stickers, love these!

Evoke Museli – good to mix with yogurt, milk, or cooked in the microwave.

bluerub natural lip balm

sticker from Miles & Pace

amino VITAL drink mix

Pure Clean Performance – Beet’ums sport chew

win – high performance sports detergent

nuun hydration – strawberry melon

The heat wave here has finally broke so I’m ready to get outside and MOVE! Have an awesome Monday!

StrideBox Giveaway and Coupon Code!

It’s CYBER MONDAY and I think you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who is not a fan of a good online deal!

Which is why I am so very excited to share this StrideBox news with you. Scoot a Doot has a special code to share with our readers!

If you haven’t already tried StrideBox, now is an great time to do so. It’s a runner subscription box that brings a whole lot of AWESOME to your mailbox each month.

We’ve been big fans around these parts since 2013! Some of the products included in the monthly box are new to me, while others are tried and true. It’s an easy and fun way to try products and you just might find your new favorites through it!

You can check out past Scoot a Doot StrideBox posts here: June 2013September 2016March 2017, June 2017

Are you ready for the code? ScootDoot10 will give 10% off of 3 month and 6 month gift subscriptions. The expiration date is 12/24/17 so you have plenty of time to jump over to StrideBox.com and check it out!

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How much fun is that?

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Have you tried StrideBox before? How do you fuel for a longer run? 

June StrideBox

It arrived Saturday afternoon. By the evening, I’d put two items to use.

Now that’s what I called a StrideBox!


I ripped the massage ball out of the package and immediately started using it on my foot. Ahhh! It was a little slice of heaven.


This is the Foot Rubz in action. Never heard of it before. But it’s my new bestie. It’s a massage ball to rub on your feet, hands or any other sore muscle. Loving it! (PS – I need to vacuum.)

And yes, it’s June and I live in the tundra where I must still wear jeans and a sweatshirt.

Next, I tossed the PowerICE pop into my freezer. I pulled it out of the freezer the following morning after a short (and sticky) 3 mile run.


Refreshing, delicious and only 30 calories per electrolyte ice pop. Yes, I’ll be back for more of those. Bonus: For folks with dietary restrictions, these pops are also gluten-free and kosher.

As some of you may remember, I subscribed to StrideBox last month on the recommendation of a friend and it was love at first sight.

The June box marked my second monthly subscription box, and it was as fantastic as the first.

What else is in this month’s box? Let’s take a closer look:

Lock Laces – these elastic shoe laces have a special locking mechanism to keep your shoes snug. And if you are like me, they will keep you from having to repeatedly bend over mid-run to retie your shoes. A few of my running pals swear by these, so I’m excited to try them out.

Blue Steel Sports anti chafe cream – this non-greasy, not sticky cream provides an anti friction layer for athletes. It also has a touch of tea tree oil.

Skratch Labs – this lemon/lime all-natural sports drink mix gives runners another option of liquid fuel to it use before, during or after exercise.

Pocket Fuel – almond butter and bananas are my typical pre-race fuel. I love both, but what I eat before a half or full varies depending on whether I flew to the race location or drove in my car. This sample combines my two faves! It’s also a single serving size that will easily fit in my TSA toiletry bag when I fly. The almond butter is 100% natural.

ElectroDelytes – electrolytes, simple carbs and no caffeine are what goes into this energy bar. It’s suggested to be eaten before or during a workout for sustained energy. I ate this Monday morning after crew practice. Very lemony – it tasted a bit like pie to me, and I love pie!


As I said last month, I’m a big fan of samples and trying new things. According to StrideBox, the idea is to help runners try new products without having to commit to large purchases or the legwork of finding those products.

Each box also comes with an online shopping and price guide, to help you find the (and purchase) the products you’ve tested.

By the way, I haven’t stopped using that massage ball. It’s the tops!

What would you like to see in a future subscription box? What samples have you tried that have won you over?

A little bit of this…

I’m the first to admit it. I love sample packs. Some might even say I collect them. There’s something about trying new products that you never even knew existed.

After all, that’s how I found my hot iron gel.

Lately, I’ve been hearing rumblings about niche sample boxes. They’re actually a new spin on an old classic, sort of like your modern wine, cheese or beer-of-the-month club, but with a bit more packaged flair.

Today’s specialty boxes feature samples in just about every genre – from beauty products to vitamins to canine treats.

So when I heard about StrideBox, a sample boxes filled with running accessories, gear and snacks last month, I was intrigued. My friend Cori had previously purchased (and loved) the box. She assured me I wouldn’t be disappointed by the product inside.

I plunked down my money ($15 per month) and ordered the May box. Two weeks later, a cardboard box stuffed with products any runner would desire arrived in my mailbox.

I danced a jig after I brought the box into my house. Really, I tore it open, eyed the contents and swirled in a circle, box in arms. There wasn’t one item I didn’t want to try inside.

Here’s what I found inside the May StrideBox:

box1My StrideBox!

The Klitch – a clip that attaches your (sometimes dirty) sneakers to the outside of your gym bag. Nifty and handy.

Honey Stinger Energy Chews – fuel for a long run. My running partner Gary swears by these when he ups his distance. I’ve been meaning to try them and now I will – in cherry cola flavor.

VFuel endurance gel – I’m always looking for a new gel! I’m traditionally a GU girl, but will always try new gels.

Betty Lou’s Just Great Stuff bar – the name alone wins me over. This is a vegan, gluten free, organic recovery snack bar. While I’m not on a restricted diet, I appreciate that there are fuel options for athletes dealing with this hurdle. Note: I just ate it and it was rather tasty!

Bonk Breaker Bites – a peanut butter and jelly flavored energy bar. I scarfed this mini bar down on day 1. Delicious!

Perfect Fit protein powder– vanilla (my flavor!) vegan protein powder. I’ll be trying this in my next banana berry smoothie.

Sports Beans – carbs and electrolytes in a jelly bean. Yes please! I’ve had these before, but only in rather odd-flavored sample packs received with race swag.

Clean Ethics Bottle Bright   water bottle cleaner tablet. My fuel belt is in dire need of this product.

Pro-Tec Athletics Blister Bands – I totally could’ve used this item last week, right after my 10-mile race. But I can always use these after future longer races.

The catch? You don’t know what you’ll be getting before the box arrives. That said, you know that when you sign up and pay for your box. That’s part of the allure. In turn, you receive a box full of goodies which is akin to digging into your stocking Christmas morning!

I should note, my StrideBox purchase was my second attempt in as many months in the subscription box craze. My first box came from a different company and I wasn’t impressed with its contents. But I learned from that experience. I later realized that I wasn’t completely interested in the products I was signing up for, just the idea of the sample box.

My advice? When selecting a subscription box, make sure you’re in love with the  genre or you will never use the enclosed items.

According to StrideBox, the idea is to help runners try new products without having to commit to large purchases or the legwork of finding those products.

Each box also comes with an online shopping and price guide, to help you find the (and purchase) the products you’ve tested.

Or, if you’re obsessed with samples like me, you can simply wait for your next box to arrive!

Have you tried any type of subscription box? What did you think? What sort of samples would you want delivered to your door? Have you later purchased items you first tested in a subscription box?