June StrideBox

It arrived Saturday afternoon. By the evening, I’d put two items to use.

Now that’s what I called a StrideBox!


I ripped the massage ball out of the package and immediately started using it on my foot. Ahhh! It was a little slice of heaven.


This is the Foot Rubz in action. Never heard of it before. But it’s my new bestie. It’s a massage ball to rub on your feet, hands or any other sore muscle. Loving it! (PS – I need to vacuum.)

And yes, it’s June and I live in the tundra where I must still wear jeans and a sweatshirt.

Next, I tossed the PowerICE pop into my freezer. I pulled it out of the freezer the following morning after a short (and sticky) 3 mile run.


Refreshing, delicious and only 30 calories per electrolyte ice pop. Yes, I’ll be back for more of those. Bonus: For folks with dietary restrictions, these pops are also gluten-free and kosher.

As some of you may remember, I subscribed to StrideBox last month on the recommendation of a friend and it was love at first sight.

The June box marked my second monthly subscription box, and it was as fantastic as the first.

What else is in this month’s box? Let’s take a closer look:

Lock Laces – these elastic shoe laces have a special locking mechanism to keep your shoes snug. And if you are like me, they will keep you from having to repeatedly bend over mid-run to retie your shoes. A few of my running pals swear by these, so I’m excited to try them out.

Blue Steel Sports anti chafe cream – this non-greasy, not sticky cream provides an anti friction layer for athletes. It also has a touch of tea tree oil.

Skratch Labs – this lemon/lime all-natural sports drink mix gives runners another option of liquid fuel to it use before, during or after exercise.

Pocket Fuel – almond butter and bananas are my typical pre-race fuel. I love both, but what I eat before a half or full varies depending on whether I flew to the race location or drove in my car. This sample combines my two faves! It’s also a single serving size that will easily fit in my TSA toiletry bag when I fly. The almond butter is 100% natural.

ElectroDelytes – electrolytes, simple carbs and no caffeine are what goes into this energy bar. It’s suggested to be eaten before or during a workout for sustained energy. I ate this Monday morning after crew practice. Very lemony – it tasted a bit like pie to me, and I love pie!


As I said last month, I’m a big fan of samples and trying new things. According to StrideBox, the idea is to help runners try new products without having to commit to large purchases or the legwork of finding those products.

Each box also comes with an online shopping and price guide, to help you find the (and purchase) the products you’ve tested.

By the way, I haven’t stopped using that massage ball. It’s the tops!

What would you like to see in a future subscription box? What samples have you tried that have won you over?

16 thoughts on “June StrideBox

  1. You and me both on that massage ball. I’ve used it on my feet and my back (though I look really silly doing that… whatever). I’m also in love with the pocket fuel – but we already know how I feel about nut butters. That’s a dangerous road for me to go down.

    This month’s box was a winner. For sure.

    • I am seriously obsessed with the massage ball! And I totally plan to order those ice pops.

      I haven’t tried the pocket fuel yet (I will this weekend) but I usually have almond butter on a bagel flat before a race. (and/or a banana) this could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship!! Did you try it Kyle?

  2. Yessss. It was delightful. Had it before my run on Saturday. I’ll be doing my review of the June box tonight on my blog – I have a lot of love to lay on it.

    I’m pretty sure those ice pops are magical and I’m really pumped to try them this week. I have a mid-distance run scheduled for tomorrow after work and it’s supposed to be stupid hot out. Freeze pop post-run sounds BRILLIANT. (I got two in my box. WINNER.)

  3. I totally agree about the massage ball! I tore into that poor thing so quickly! 🙂 Although, I’m pretty sure it has now rolled underneath my couch and into the land of never to be seen again!

    • It’s worth braving the undercarriage of the couch to retrieve it! Wasn’t it fantastic? ahhhh! I’m so glad I don’t have a dog. I can see one easily swiping that!

  4. Um, that popsicle looks delicious! it’s a really fun idea–getting samples of lots of different things to try them out. I got a Luna bar sample at an expo that I’ve been buying ever since and I got a sample of MaxFreeze for Feet that I never would have bought and now LOVE. Same with Salonpas pain patches. That was a great sample that I still love.

    • It really was. My running partner last summer introduced me to fruit pops after a long run. (hello Edy’s!) so to find one with electrolytes as well is great!

      I do love it when a sample leads me to a new relationship with a product. I found the Cliff CRUNCH bars that way (in a swag bag at some expo…)

      That said, I’ve also tried many samples that didn’t wow me. Eh, what can you do?

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