2016 SkirtSports Ambassador

My first experience with SkirtSports was last summer when I participated their 13er race event. It was a really fantastic women-only race on a gorgeous course where I got a 10k PR and made a few new friends. How can a race get any better than that? Oh yeah, CAKE. THAT’S HOW. Cake is always going to be the way to my heart.


At that event, I met Noelle, SkirtSports’ Community Outreach head cheerleader. She told me about the monthly clinics and fun runs they hold at their Boulder headquarters and I decided to check it out. Lo and behold, they were a blast! They even let me Periscope a talk Dimity McDowell was giving.


Before leaving that clinic, Noelle gave me one of their skirts to try out in exchange for an honest review.  I was already crushing hard on the vibe SkirtSports was giving off at their events, but the Lioness skirt turned my crush into full blown twitterpation. The quality was impeccable, and its smart construction and pockets, it definitely helped me get through my toughest half to date.


So when I found out earlier this month that I had been chosen to be a 2016 Ambassador Captain for SkirtSports, I was over the moon. I’m learning that this is a fantastic group of inspiring women, and I’m honored to be among them. I am so excited to get to know them and learn their stories. That’s one reason why it was easy for me to put my name behind the SkirtSports brand. There were other reasons, too.


The SkirtSports Message is all about supporting real, everyday women of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds pursue and achieve their healthy living goals. Pro triathlete and founder Nicole DeBoom was inspired to start the company after noticing her reflection in a window on a training run. She decided  to find a way to offer flattering performance wear to support all women in being the best version of themselves.


#REALwomenmove is a social media campaign intended to encourage each other in our fitness activities and achievements.  Who is a REAL woman?  She is proud of who she is. She is confident. She does not judge, but rather, encourages other women. She is comfortable in her own body. She accepts and loves herself as she is. She prioritizes health and fitness in her busy life.
This is a message I can get behind 1000%.

Running Start Program  is designed to pair beginner runners who face barriers to developing fitness goals with Personal Motivators who help them overcome those challenges. Personal Motivators are women who’ve also overcome obstacles to fitness in the past and can share their experience and support. Anyone can apply to join the program.

Photo Credit: SkirtSports Website

Photo Credit: SkirtSports Website

The Clothes are well made, well priced, and most importantly, adorable! They carry sizes XS to 22, and as a seamstress myself, I’m definitely impressed with the construction of their garments. The prints are super cute and colorful, and they make some of the most practical running clothes I’ve seen. Their phone pockets are a big hit with me, and they are working on the Gotta Go Skirt which will make life much easier for all of us on those long runs when nature calls. Seriously, they’re thinking of everything.

I’m beyond excited to be a part of this program for 2016 and to have the opportunity to share all the good things (and discount codes) with you. These ladies are doing amazing things and spreading an inspiring message of love and support of one another. I know we can all get behind that!


Are you a Skirt Sister? Who inspired you to start your running journey? What is one thing you try to do to support others at races? Let’s chat in the comments!

Road Tested – Skirt Sports Lioness Skirt

Today, I’m dishing on one of my favorite topics, clothing-slash-fashion-slash-cuteness. I firmly believe that your outfit sets your entire tone for your day, or your race. If you feel like you look good, your confidence naturally rises and you feel better able to meet whatever challenges you may face. It’s a philosophy shared by Skirt Sports, which is the main reason I signed right up when they offered me a skirt to try out. It’s called the Lioness, and it’s new this fall. This color is called “Razz”. Also? IT’S SUPER CUTE.

I love the pattern in the contrast fabric.

I love the pattern in the contrast fabric.

The back is as cute as the front!

The back is as cute as the front!

I only had one reservation about the skirt. After looking at their adorable clothing online, I was wondering about the price. I mean, the price is comparable to other companies making similar garments, but the seamstress in me always asks two things: can I make it myself (and then show you how to make it), and is the price fair given the quality of the garment? Is it made well? It is going to hold up over many races and washings and trips to the dog park?

After getting the skirt home and really inspecting its construction, I’m a firm believer that that price is worth every shinny  penny! It’s so nice to be able to say that!  I’m a stickler for quality construction, and I can’t tell you how often I shake my fist because the new shirt I bought two weeks ago already has a button missing. SkirtSports surprised me with the quality of the skirt. Their garments are made in Cambodia, and the skirt far surpassed items I’ve examined from other high-end athletic wear companies. It would cost me well above the retail cost of this skirt to make it myself when I factor in time and materials. I love it when you can get more than you pay for! Well done SkirtSports!

Encased elastic makes it much more comfy.

Encased elastic makes it much more comfy.

Rubber nubs keep the shorts in place on your leg without chaffing.

Rubber nubs keep the shorts in place on your leg without chaffing.

One of my favorite features is the pockets. There is a zippered waist pocket in the back and a side pocket on each leg of the shorties. The right pocket has a reinforced hole to feed your headphone wire through. This skirt had plenty of room for my key, ID, phone, earbuds, and my stupid inhaler. I still had room for an energy gel or two if needed. I would like the waist pocket to be a little bit bigger, but that’s just because it seems like I’m always carrying a lot of stuff. The other plus for me is the built in shorties with the silicone dot grippers.


Now for the real test, wear-ability! I donned the outfit I want to wear for my second half marathon this coming Saturday. Head to toe: Headsweats visor (thanks Vic!), Champion running shirt, the most adorable running skirt ever, a slick pair of neon pink PRO Compression socks, and my New Balance kicks. I snapped a few goofy photos of which I’m required to share at least one, and I was off!

Test Run

I went for a 3 mile run in 90 degree heat. The skirt was so comfortable and cool. It held all my stuff and my stuff didn’t annoy me. The silicone grippers on the shorts kept them in place and I wasn’t constantly adjusting…anything. It was so great to not feel encumbered by a bunch of stuff because everything was in its place nice and snug and my hands and arms were free. FREEEE! I’m pretty sure I’ll be sporting this skirt at my race this weekend, and as I climb 400 feet in elevation over two and half miles, I’m hoping this skirt will make me feel as powerful as its namesake!

Do you prefer running skirts to shorts or pants? Do you have feelings about looking cute on the course? Do you wear make-up when running, or only when it’s part of the costume? Tell me all about it in the comments!

*Skirt Sports gave me this skirt to try for the purpose of reviewing it. No other compensation was given.


Race Recap: Skirt Sports 13er

Hi all! Today I’m recapping the Skirt Sports 13er that took place on June 14th at Davidson Mesa in Louisville, Colorado. I know it’s a little late, but trust me when I say the lateness of this post doesn’t mean the race wasn’t fantastic, because it totally was. And not because there was cake at the finish, but that didn’t hurt, either.

Photo Credit: SkirtSports Website

Photo Credit: Skirt Sports Website

I ran the 10k, mostly because I know the area very well, and let’s just say that there was no way I was running the last hill in the half marathon course. No way. It’s classified as a cat 5 climb, but, yeah, my eyes say it’s more like a cat 2. It’s a brutal hill, man, and I knew my butt was not ready for that action. So I skipped the half in favor of the 10k. I swung by the Sport Skirts headquarters to pick up my packet the Friday before the race. One of my favorite things about this race was the bib! I loved how they incorporated the elevation map in the design!

See the "get over bad relationship" hill? Yeah...I'm OUT.

See the “get over bad relationship” hill? Yeah…I’m OUT.

The 10k course suited me just fine, nice and flat after the first long hill, and the views can’t be beat. I’ve run/written about this trail before, and it is one of my favorites along the Front Range. As usual, I ran the race without a partner. No matter! The weather was GORGEOUS, and I was looking forward to getting some sunshine and fresh air.

So much inspiration!

So much inspiration!


I know it says finish, but it’s really the start.

The only real hill on the 10k course is still no joke; it’s long and slow, and most of the 338 feet of elevation on the course is gained on that hill. It was less than fun, but I pushed myself to jog as much of it as I could. I didn’t even put my earbuds in. Instead I focused the birds chirping and the beautiful day.


I ran alone for the first two miles until I stopped to take a photo and a nice lady named Rachel Taylor stopped too, and offered to take a photo of me if I’d return the favor. Runner code, right!? Of course I was down, and she snapped this shot of me with Boulder in the valley behind me.


Rachel and I ran intervals the rest of the race and I told her the names of the mountains in our view as we ran. She was from Texas, and had driven up for the race. We talked about running, races, and how the running culture is so different between Texas and Colorado. The rest of the gravel trail was flat  as we ran along the top of the mesa. Then, we ran through a paved business district to the finish at a local Home Depot. The course was easy and breezy, and Rachel made the race a lot of fun. Before I knew it, we were crossing the finish line! I even PR’d by 6 minutes!


I had completely forgotten about the cake! Luckily Rachel reminded me, and we made our way over to the cake tent. The cakes were all gluten free and there were so many to choose from! Rachel grabbed a slice red velvet, and after hemming and hawing between the carrot cake and the chocolate, the chocolate won out. IT WAS SO GOOD! I never knew gluten free cake could be so divine!

SO delish!

SO delish!

Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of Rachel, mainly because I suck at remembering to do that kind of stuff, but she is awesome. And so was this race. I am in love, and if they do it again, I’m all over it. There was such a great supportive vibe throughout the entire experience. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll do the half. Let’s face it, there’s CAKE at the end, and half finishers get a cute running skirt! Done and DONE! I highly recommend this one, folks!