Scoot a Doot’s 5th Blogaversary (with a BOCO Gear giveaway!)

Exciting news in the video! We have a new Scoot a Doot Chick joining Kyle, Jenn, and myself, a new giveaway, and a new cast! Well, okay, that last one might only be exciting to me – but it is purple!

Watch me ramble and then click down below for the giveaway.


Click the pic to enter – now through 2/5 at 12am est

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ETA: I am such a dolt. ASHLEY IS A RAVENCLAW, not a Hufflepuff. I have no good excuse. At least I know I’m a Gryffindor?

11 thoughts on “Scoot a Doot’s 5th Blogaversary (with a BOCO Gear giveaway!)

  1. Welcome Ashley! I’m stoked to hear more about running in Florida, it’s a mystery to me how you do it in that humidity. I’m Slytherin, but don’t hold it against me.

    And I love BoCo gear because not only is their stuff the WARMEST, but it’s all made here in my home town. Support local biz!

    • YES! I really enjoyed schooling Jay (as I always do) on what BOCO stood for! Yeah, Boulder, CO! Happy to support them, they have awesome stuff that is quickly taking over every inch of my closet.

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