When Things Aren’t Perfect

Life can be fricking hard, yo. I don’t have it figured out, but I do know what helps me when things get tough. Today, I’m sharing some thoughts about dealing with life’s struggles. I hope they help you, too, and always be kind to yourself.


2 thoughts on “When Things Aren’t Perfect

  1. I love these videos so much because I feel like you and I are almost together! Anyway, I think people do videos in their cars because the car is a great place to collect your thoughts and sort them (as you drive). This makes so much sense and speaks to me.

    You’re right, there are many projects or life tasks that Jay and I purposely do not tackle because we have the kids and we don’t want to stress them.

    It will be absolutely incredible once you’ve reached your goal and I know that it will be so well worth the wait. (I’m saying this to both you and me with the bathroom project!).

    We have each other to lift the other up when we need it, we’ve got this! ❤️

    • We should always be together. You’re bathroom will be amazing and fabulous just like everything you accomplish. Thank goodness we have each other, I need you to lift me up. <3<3

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