Scoot Stitches – Lesson 1, Machine & Tool Basics

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This is it, the first lesson in Scoot Stitches Sewing School. We’re happy you’re here and we hope you enjoy the lesson! YOU CAN DO IT! Let’s get started…

Aside from a few shakes of the tripod and a lovely view of my shoulder (sorry about that, I ran out of time to re-film), I think this went swimmingly! Please let me know if you think so too. Get to practicing and let me know if you have questions. Tweet us, Facebook us, or email me at Thanks again for watching. See you next time! #scootstitches


4 thoughts on “Scoot Stitches – Lesson 1, Machine & Tool Basics

  1. Okay, so I watched the first 2 videos and I figure that maybe I’ll wait until after I get into the new house and unpack and maybe get a new machine before I actually attempt anything/watch the third video. But I’m really excited for this and can’t wait to learn! There’s actually a vacuum and sewing store nearby so I’m going to see if I can get a new machine (or should I try with the one I currently have?).

    Also, how is it that you have all this experience but look like you’re 25? Is there a fountain of youth in Colorado that you’ve discovered?

  2. Jenn! You make it look super easy!

    I learned how to sew on an ancient Singer–it may actually have been their first model that wasn’t a hand crank. That stodgy old machine turned out many a hair scrunchie!

    And now you’ve got me seriously considering buying that brother machine from Target, despite the fact that I have no room, and I’d have to turn my yarn budget into a “yarn and fabric” budget.

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