Why Fitbit is My Boyfriend

It’s SO RARE that you encounter a company that takes customer service seriously. Seriously, right? When I’m fortunate enough to find that in a company, they can guarantee they have a customer for life. I know I’m sounding sales-y, but let me say that I am receiving nothing in the way of compensation for this post. This is all just pure fangirling over Fitbit, because they treated me so well when I lost my One recently that had we been on a date, we might have gone to third base.

So July 4th weekend, I lost my Fitbit One somewhere in this red circle:

Kiss that baby goodbye!

Kiss that baby goodbye!

I tweeted my heartbreak and tagged Fitbit. I’d gotten that One right before my trip to Paris and had it on through my first half marathon; we’d been through a lot together. Fitbit Support tweeted me back, offering to help me find my One. Since I lost it in an area likely the size of Rhode Island, I knew my One and I would never be reunited.

Fitbit reached out and asked me for some proof my One purchase and said that they’d review my case to see if they could replace my One as a “gesture of goodwill”. A GESTURE OF GOODWILL. I could not believe it! I sent them a copy of my online purchase invoice, and a new One was in the mail the SAME DAY, Y’ALL. When it arrived just in time for last weekend’s half marathon! I was legit like this:


Fitbit, you are the BOMB. That is all!!


Do you have a Fitbit? Do you love it and why? Let’s dish in the comments!!


3 thoughts on “Why Fitbit is My Boyfriend

  1. Last May I got a fitbit flex and I loved this thing to death about two months after I got it it stopped charging. Right before one of the biggest races at that point I had done. I had emailed them and after the proof of purchase they where able to replace my old one. Now I have changed up to a charge HR and love it even more I will always be a fitbit customer.

  2. Wow, that’s amazing!! I have an UP, and while the app is nice, they’ve already replaced one band for me. Maybe next time instead of going through the customer service, I’ll just switch to a FitBit!

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