Getting it Done (Somehow)

Did you all know that Meri is a Cityfit Girls Ambassador, and at the beginning of March, they had an Instagram photo challenge? Well they did! The prompts were great and full of variety so despite the fact that I suck at photo challenges, I joined up. The first prompt was “March Goals”. I grabbed a pen I wrote down a few things I needed to tackle.


By the end of the first week, I’d forgotten that I’d written them down. I know. I’m busy and very easily distracted. So, that green notecard got shuffled into a pile of papers on my desk and I got on with life’s tasks.

It feels like my life revolves around dates and deadlines. There are strict deadlines at work, due dates for homework and looming exam dates, not to mention actually spending time with friends and family. This month was particularly tough because my husband and I were getting our house appraised for a re-fi, so there was THAT whole ring of cleaning and organizing Hades. I was so focused on that whole process and all it entails that I completely forgot about my March goals. On the plus side, we’re done with spring-cleaning!

So when I stumbled upon my green note card on Saturday, I was pleasantly surprised. I got really excited when I realized I could actually CHECK THINGS OFF. OMG.


Like, I ACCOMPLISHED STUFF this month, you guys! This is exciting because I don’t always finish what I start. Here are the goals I forgot I cared about:

Goal 1: Get a good grade on math test. Okay, this one I was totally aware of because I studied my boo-tay off for that exam. I scored an 84% on the test, which pushed my grade up to a firm C. Yeah, I was in desperate need of that 84%. Also, did you know that math sucks?

Goal 2: Keep Training for AC Half. This one suffered a bit as deadlines took over, but I still managed to run a 5k twice a week. I feel guilty about not running more, but I’m trying to forgive myself and look ahead.

Goal 3: Add to Disney Race Jar. My Disney plans changed a bit because since the 2016 GSC takes place on my husband’s 40th birthday, I will be skipping it. Instead, I saved (a little more) for the AC Half.

Goal 4: Practice Calmness. This is always hard for me, but spring break helped and so did regular runs. Exercise is a balm for the mind and soul!

Goal 5: Tile Kitchen Backsplash. DONE. SO DONE AND SO HAPPY ABOUT IT. The completion of this project means that we are done with our four-month long DIY kitchen update project. I’m confess, I’m quite proud of us, and by ‘us’ I mean me and the Mr. He did the cutting, I did the laying. We decided we should start a tile business working together. *taps chin and daydreams* If there is a home project you’re nervous about tackling, I urge you to research, and then take a deep breath and jump. It’s so rewarding!

Kitchen BeforeKitchen_After

Goal 6: Get House Ready for Appraisal. We are purged, clean, organized, and valued higher than we expected!

Bonus Bucket List Goal Accomplished: After thirty-five years, I finally learned how to French braid my hair!

I write this post a satisfied woman. It feels really good to finish things. More than that, it feels awesome to stand back, look at my kitchen, and know that we did that hard work. Sweat equity is the sweetest! It’s also a comfort to know that although I don’t often write my goals down, nor am I always cognizant of them, I seem to accomplish them anyway. It’s quite reassuring.

How do you track your goals and manage expectations? Got any tips for finishing what you start? Please share your wisdom with me, brilliant readers!

7 thoughts on “Getting it Done (Somehow)

  1. It feels SO good to get things accomplished! I definitely need more practice in the “calmness” area. I try to see new situations that are stressed as little opportunities for me to exercise my calmness. It’s a work in progress!
    The kitchen looks awesome!

    • Thanks Karen! I know, it’s hard to remember to be calm sometimes, but mindfulness is a step! And I need to remember how good accomplishment feels when I’m laying on the couch, eating BBQ potato chips.

  2. These were all great goals and the fact that you got the majority of them done is AWESOME. Especially the french braid, Jenn. I still have to wait for Cam to come visit if I need my hair braided. That’s really the only reason I invite her anywhere. 😉

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