How I spent my Spring (non)Break

The orange blossoms are blooming.  The bees are buzzing.  The noses are sneezing.  It can only mean one thing, Spring has sprung.  Now, here in Socal, spring is no big thing.  Really, it’s just like winter, but with more allergies.  We do, however, still get to celebrate spring break and let me tell you, I need this break like no other.  I’ve wrapped up my second quarter of grad school and my fifth graders are suffering from the hormonal imbalance I (and Thumper) like to call, twitterpation.  I very much do not want to see the inside of a classroom for a good long while.  Or at least a week.  Which is exactly how much Spring Breaking I get to do.

Beside prepping to see my gals in Atlantic City next month, I am going to be spending this week not working out.  That’s right, I’m banning myself from the gym.  Except for kickboxing.  Because shit gets crazy when I have to carry around all that pent-up aggression.  Trust me, it’s for the good of everyone that I get to kick and hit things twice a week.  But other than that, I’m taking my fitness to the streets, Step Up style.  I’ve even compiled a list.

10 Ways I Will Kind of Not Workout This Week  (a la Letterman)

10.  Bowling – Serious arm workout, son.  I plan on using a heavy (well, heavier than the normal 7 pounder I throw) ball and switch arms with every throw.   Luckily I care not about my score!

9. Roller Skating – The skating rink in my town is offering a discount in honor of spring break and I plan to take advantage.  I’m seriously looking into becoming a Derby girl, I just have to see if I still got the skillz.  Couples skate, anyone?

8.  Hiking – I want to do a one-nighter, overnight hiking trip this week.   In preparation of the Muir trail, of course.  And to try out my portable potty.

7.  Body Boarding – Yes, I plan to get my booty in that cold Pacific and ride some waves.

6.  Moving Furniture – I love rearranging furniture.  When my stuffs in one spot for too long, it kind of makes me crazy.  I’ll be mixing things up this week.

5.  Zoo/Disneyland – San Diego Wild Animal Park and Disneyland are on the docket for kid entertainment.  We have passes that are sitting at the bottom of my purse so it’s time to put them to good use.  Must resist the Churro cart.

4.  Backyard Wrestling – This may or may not include alcohol.  I love to wrestle.  I know, it’s weird.

3.  Trampolining – We’ll be frequenting the local Sky Zone as soon as my kids start bouncing off the walls at home.  Trampoline dodgeball is also a possibility.

2.  Bike Riding – I don’t even own a bike, but I really want to start family bike riding excursions.  I live very close to shops and the fact I get in my car and drive the mile down the street to the grocery store is super sad.  Time to get me a dope ride with sick shocks, yo.

1. Rock Climbing –  This week I want to go to high places and I want it to be hard to get there.  No gym required.


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