Always Look On The Bright Side of Life

You know what? I’ve been having a rough couple of weeks.

Not like small rough. BIG, STEAMING PILES OF POOP, rough. I’m not going to go into too much into the craptastic details. But you can trust me when I say that things haven’t been the greatest.

I’ve repeatedly stated that I can’t wait for 2014 to be over; however, just like you can’t have a bad workout and give up for the week, day, month, year… you can’t blame an entire year for some crappy days (weeks, months, events, blah blah blah).

Besides, today, I realize that things are actually going my way! Seriously, I’ve got a few awesome things that I did today. And no, they aren’t BIG things. But I’ve always been a glass half full type of person, despite what life has thrown at me so why change that now?

Without further ado:

1. I’ve saved $450 of random cash this year in an envelope.



I can’t find the exact blog post but Suzan over at Welcome to the Nuthouse mentioned that every time she got a 5 dollar bill, she set it aside to save.

Following her lead, I did just that, occasionally throwing in other random bills along the way if I had extra in my wallet that I didn’t need immediately. A few times, bills came OUT of the envelope (emergency fund/no cash in the house/have to pay for piano lessons/etc.) but overall we did a good job of donating to our cause.

Saved money = good!

2. A few months ago that we switched from a .com to a .org and with that change, we changed the look of the blog, added a few awesome Chicks, etc. However, for the life of me, I couldn’t get the LIKE button on the bottom of posts.

I really, really like the like button.

Today I finally figured out HOW TO GET THE LIKE BUTTON BACK. I mean, it’s a little thing, but this was something that I wanted on the blog. And it’s there! Happiness is being able to figure out something that you couldn’t figure out before.

(Now, if anyone has any idea how to get Facebook to post a picture from a blog post rather than pulling a sidebar image… let’s just say I would be most grateful for the insight.)

3. Christmas Crazy is slowly dissolving in my house. And I can breathe again.


You cuties can go back to your spot, nestled in the attic, until next time!

You cuties can go back to your spot, nestled in the attic, until next time!

I’m taking down decorations, cleaning up the living room and finding spots for all the new toys and gadgets. I thrive with order and the chaos of the holidays really does a number on my sensibility.

4. Awesome, awesome, awesome workout with my trainer this morning.

My gym schedule is Tuesday/Thursday (with my husband going Monday/Wednesday/Friday). My Thursday last week was a bit on the busy side, what with it being Christmas and all. Last Tuesday I was injured (part of the craptastic story) and unable to make it. Therefore, I hadn’t really trained with my trainer since 11 days ago.

What was that I said above? Oh yes, I thrive on ORDER.

This morning’s workout was so necessary and so good for me, both physically and mentally. No doubt that I’ll be sore tomorrow and grateful for it!

Thursday is New Years Day so while they are closed, Dude has graciously offered up his Friday to me.

Mark December 30th, 2014 on your calendars, friends. Because today? TODAY I WIN.

Tell me your best news of today! Big or small – just share it with me. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Always Look On The Bright Side of Life

  1. OMG I know *exactly* what you mean about the Christmas Clutter! I slowly start to put it away at like 12:01am on 12/26, piece by piece and hope that the hubby doesn’t notice it’s gone lol – Now I’m going to quote you when he tells me to leave it up: “I thrive with order and the chaos of the holidays really does a number on my sensibility.” Hear, hear!
    And cheers to a much better 2015 <3

    • I very much like that you LIKED this. See, the opportunity is now there and you took the like plunge! Thank you!

      My children have noticed that things are disappearing and they aren’t too pleased. But then I remind them that they can play with their new toys and they are okay once more. Because YES! Order! No more chaos! At least in that regard. 😉

      Cheers to an AWESOME 2015! I hope we have the chance to meet up in the new year.

  2. I took the Christmas stuff down the other day when the kids went over to a friend’s house. I did it quickly and was so glad when I was done. Best news of today….hmmm I decided to take tomorrow off from work!

    • I like your way of thinking! I’m doing it while they are in the house and they are a bit vocal about it. But they also realize that mommy needs order and that is more important that a few decorations.

      I like that news! What do you have planned for NYE? Anything exciting?

  3. I’m oddly happy to hear that I’m not the only one that has had a few big, steaming pile of poop weeks too!! I’m so over the holidays and the year for that matter. Onward, right? But thanks for reminding me to celebrate the small victories even when things are crappy!

    • Onward, FOR SURE! I definitely needed a day like today. No huge things but every small thing worked in my favor and that is a win.

      Hang in there – we’ll get through the crap. I would say that there’s a reason for all the madness but sometimes… there’s not. And sometimes we just need to make it through to the other side. What’s that saying? “When you’re going through hell, keep going.”

  4. Sending you lots of positive thoughts and well wishes!
    I love the idea of saving $5! That is genius and I am going to start doing it right away, we could always use a little extra cash.
    Love that you are looking on the bright side..look out 2015! 🙂
    Karen @karenlovestorun

    • Positive thoughts are SO APPRECIATED. Ready for a better January, that is certain!

      Yes! Saving $5 bills was pretty ingenious because it is really easy to set that aside when you pick up a $5 along the way. Love it!

  5. Most of 2014 was pretty good, but ever since a few weeks before Thanksgiving it’s just been several slams in row here too. I’m ready to move on also. I like the idea of shoving away extra cash. I tend to try to take out $100 cash to stash away if I have an larger than normal paycheck or other unexpected cash, but the idea of just saving random smaller bills is less of a bite and it adds up fast.

    • I feel you, Jen! I hope that your 2015 starts off with happiness. 🙂 I’m a big fan of setting aside little amounts so you don’t feel the sting. It’s almost like it’s not even happening. Like I said, if little things here and there were needed, we had the envelope and didn’t have to scrap together money – which was REALLY nice.

  6. Isn’t the $5 savings plan the BEST? I have a girlfriend who went to NYC over Thanksgiving and was able to take around $600 with her for “fun money” just by saving those bills 🙂

    2014 sucked for me, but things are looking up and I feel like I am finally back on track It’s nice to be back in the land of the living again!

    • YES! I’m going to take my cash with my on my trip to Florida. And there’s a new cash envelope starting this evening (along with a budget that’s going into place!).

      Welcome back! You know I’m always thrilled to see you. 🙂 We can walk through the gates of 2015, arms linked!

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