BOB’s Your Stroller

Actually, BOB’s my stroller now. Or it will be once it makes its way from Chick Meri’s house in New Jersey to mine in California. What started as a conversation with me whining about the cost of jogging strollers and how much I wanted one but dude, expensive, turned into Meri shining up her much-loved but no-longer-used BOB Revolution jogging stroller.

That’s right, people, this beauty is about to become mine all mine for the cost of FREE (plus shipping).


Do you know how stoked I am about this stroller?  I am designer-handbag-on-super-sale stoked! I can’t wait to get this bad boy in my greedy little hands and take it for its first spin on the West (Best?) Coast.

As I’ve blogged about ad nauseam, I’ve yet to really get back into the swing of running. Part of it is that I’m tired and out of shape and kind of lazy and someone is stealing all of the hours in my days. But the other part of it is that I’ve got a kiddo at home who I don’t get to see a ton during the week. And with our weekends often filled with laundry and errands and family and tummy time – his and mine – I just haven’t been able to fit running into the picture.

But now that I’ve got a jogging stroller, all of that is about to change. Because now I can take the kiddo with me. Now I can take Mister Jess with me! The couple who runs together actually runs, I’ve found. I know that I’m more motivated to get out there when I have someone poking me in the arm about it. Mister Jess is a great arm-poker. 

All of this means I’m officially out of excuses. I have to run now. And I’m super excited about that (who am I?). In fact, I’m already planning some of our dates. We’ll go to Crissy Field:



Maybe run along the Embarcadero (stopping at Gotts Roadside for breakfast sandwiches, of course):


We’ll just generally explore the streets of San Francisco:



Er. Maybe not all the streets.

Regardless, I can’t wait for my new (to me) jogging stroller to get here. It’s had a great life in New Jersey and I hope it’ll have a great one here, too.

Hey, BOB? I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Any stroller aficionados out there want to give me tips on how to get started? I’d love advice, even if it’s just “Strap Bug in and GO, Jess!” 

15 thoughts on “BOB’s Your Stroller

  1. This stroller actually visited CA when G was a baby! It likes CA but still thinks the East is where it’s at. Just sayin’.

  2. Was a stroller mom for almost 4 years. As soon as my son could fit into our stroller he was doing races with Mommy and Daddy. He’s now 4 and just sold my stroller a few months ago. Got a lot of use out of it. He’s just at an age now where he wants to run too and doesn’t want to sit in the stroller for very long (had to bring the Ipad!) I loved my Giant stroller and definitely got some miles on it through the years. Bob strollers are awesome, enjoy!

  3. I don’t know who is more excited that BOB is heading to the West coast. I know Mer loves the idea that you are going to share BOB with her. Your little guy will love riding in style as his parents go jogging along with him. One day he will tell you “go faster Mom”.

    • I think we might be tied excitement-wise. I just love the thought of having something of Meridith’s at my house. Ideally it would be Meridith herself, but I’ll take what I can get!

      The kiddo is already crawling, so I think he’ll like the wind blowing through his hair! He seems to enjoy moving around a lot and wearing me out.

  4. yayyyyy for bob! looks like you ready for some adventures with that thing. although i have no children, i imagine that when i do, a stroller that is running friendly will be the only way to go


    • I’m so ready! I’m starting to feel a bit like a stroller hoarder, but every one has its own purpose, I swear! 🙂 I’m most excited about this one, though. I’m itching to get out there!

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