There’s a new toy in my home gym (aka, my bedroom). It looks like a little black purse, weighs 15 pounds and it’s completely rocking my fitness routine.

Mama tote vs. kettlebell. The bell wins. Barely.

Mama tote vs. kettlebell. The bell is heavier. Barely.

I’m talking about the kettlebell. I first used one of these a few months ago, with my trainer. The weight isn’t evenly distributed, like it is with a dumbbell, so it can give you a more challenging workout, if you want it to. And I do!

Row with a kettlebell

Row with a kettlebell

I wanted to find a kettlebell circuit to do at home, because sometimes I don’t have time to get to the gym, and I also really like shopping for things, even exercise equipment. I googled a bit and found one that was perfect for a beginner; with pictures and clear instructions.

I’ve been doing this workout from Women’s Health once or twice a week for a few weeks now. It’s challenging. I feel like I’m getting a great workout. I love that I can do it at home, while the kids play right next to me. I’m hooked!

Squats while I watch the girls make art.

Squats while I watch the girls do artwork.

I read a fitness article in this month’s InStyle magazine, and one of the tips resonated with me.


Amazing advice for a busy mom, especially as I head into summer vacation with all of the kids at home every day. I have some ideas to incorporate workouts with them (pre-school yoga, anyone?), but I know we’ll be out and about, enjoying our break too. I’m going to try to stick to my workout plan, but I’m really happy to have a few ways to stay active when I can’t log miles at the gym (or outside because the Florida heat is hot, y’all).

Have you tried the kettlebell? What do you do at home if you can’t get to the gym? Any awesome summer plans? (I actually have an entire schedule for the kids. Lots of art, field trips, swimming, playdates, reading and some learning too.)

11 thoughts on “Kettlebellin’

  1. Love the kettlebells at my gym.

    I usually use the 30 or 35 pound ones unless I’m doing something like a Turkish get-up and then I’m using the 8 pound one! 😉 One of my favorite exercises is figure 8s. And two handed swings! I’d much rather grab the kettlebell than dumbbells; I feel like my more of my muscles are engaged.

    • I love the kettlebells but LOATHE the figure 8s. I nearly always whack myself in the knee when I do those.

      Seriously though, I do love KB workouts for core training. I did it several times a week back when I rowed.Coach had us do a whole circuit. I love the one handed pops and anything having to do with abs.

  2. I love Kettlebells! I used to do CrossFit and that’s when I got introduced to them and have since found them challenging and a great tool for working out.
    When I can’t head out for the gym, I like to do a quick run and then come home and do some squats, pushups, dips, and abwork. Every once in a while I’ll add the cardio at home with jump rope, specially if I can’t do the run.
    My summer plans are basically work and school, with a weekend retreat to Ft Lauderdale (30 min away) with my boyfriend’s company. Hoping to enjoy the beach! 😀

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