What’s in your belt? SPIbelt giveaway

What essentials do you need while running?

Recently, during one of our (many) long emails threads, the Chicks got to chatting about the must-haves for training runs and races.

Which naturally lead to us talking about how we carry said essentials because the little pocket in the back of our pants or skirts can only fit so much, like a singular key or some cash.


See that little pouch on Brooke? That’s the SPIbelt and it’s what quite a few of us use to hold our stuff. It’s like the mom of running gear – shove everything at it and you’re good to go!

A runner’s spin on the “dump your purse” pictures, we decided to dump our belts.

Some of us, like Brooke, don’t need much.


Brooke’s minimalist approach.

While others need everything and the kitchen sink!


Vic’s stash includes her expired driver’s license and extra pins.


Mer’s non-minimalist approach. She has an order of placement too; the money is always tucked in the very back.

And still others want more…

Brooke's husband, Josh. Okay, fine, you can't fit wine bottles in the SPIbelt. We've tried.

Brooke’s husband, Josh. Okay, fine, you can’t fit wine bottles in the SPIbelt. We’ve tried.

SPI stands forย Small Personal Item belt and what we love about these are that the material stretches to fit quite a few items. The belt snaps on and off easily and holds the pouch to you snug, so nothing is bouncing around. Additionally, SPIbelt sells toggles so you can attach a bib to the belt.

We picked our SPIbelts up in 2011 (at the Philadelphia Marathon expo) and have been happily using them ever since! The SPIbelt saved Mer’s phone during a tropical storm run.


Happy Mer runs on Broad St. in Philly.

After we emailed (ahem… fanmailed) SPIbelt to tell them of our love for their belts, they contacted us and offered up an Original belt for a giveaway to our Scooters! Super stoked? Yep, us too!

Check it out and let us know in the comments what essentials YOU bring along on a run. And hey, if you want us to dump our purses too, let us know in the comments and we can probably work that up for you.

Click the pic to enter!

Click the pic to enter!

The entries for this giveaway begins 5/30/2013 and completes 6/4/2013. An Original SPIbelt will be mailed to the winner so that person will need to provide their address when contacted. The color of the SPIbelt will be chosen at random.

116 thoughts on “What’s in your belt? SPIbelt giveaway

  1. I swear by my SPIbelt! It is the absolute greatest thing. I hate hate hate carrying stuff in my hands when I run (how my mom holds her cell phone AND the dog leash, I have no idea) and I don’t really like wearing an armband, either. This little pouch of wonder is like Mary Poppins’ bag, it holds EVERYTHING you might need (though I have yet to see if a hat stand actually fits… that Mary Poppins is a tricky broad).

    So, yeah. That was me gushing about mine. They’re awesome. Just thought I’d throw my two cents in (I convinced Kimberly to get one last weekend, too).

    • I love you, Kyle! It seriously IS the Mary Poppins bag with its stretchy material. (If we could just get those wine bottles to fit!) I got it before my first ever road race and have worn it ever since, with much love.

  2. I don’t own a SPIbelt. I do have a friend who was trying to get me to get one this year at Bloomsday, but I didn’t. Oh well! I take a lot with me though on runs, with very little room! I carry gels, keys, phone, ID, Money, Debit card. Water from time to time. It’s a tough life, but must be done!

  3. I carry GU, chapstick, yummy trail mix, chomps, sometimes gloves, a headband and/or my sunglasses. I am amazed at how much stuff I can cram in there! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • GU is always in mine; as soon as I use one during a race or training run, it gets replaced. What are “your” flavors? I always go with Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Outrage, Espresso Love, or PB.

    • Sometimes I run with my phone in hand but I’m always scared I’m going to drop it. The SPIbelt is a huge help!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only person who needs chapstick. My lips get incredibly dry when I’m running – probably because I’m breathing more through my mouth than usual. Without the chapstick, I wind up with bloody lips. And that’s attractive to no one.

  4. I have this tank top with a shelf ‘bra’… it’s useless for keeping the girls in line, but it creates a nifty pocket over my sports bra. This is where my phone and key ride when I run.

    • I always carry money because I figure “What if I want a snack?” I like snacks. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Best of luck, Carie!

  5. I won’t enter the contest because I have my own SPI Belt already, but I will second (third? fifteenth?) the “SPI belts rock!” sentiment. Most of the time, though, I don’t carry anything at all on runs. Crazy, right? I have a RoadID bracelet, and if I need to take a key, I tie it to my shoe. My skirts all have pockets, so if I do need a phone, that’s where it goes. I guess I usually wear a SPIbelt in the winter, because my tights don’t have pockets and I usually need tissue in the winter. =)

    • The keys are always what get me because as much stuff as you can shed, that’s a pretty important one. I usually only carry my spare car key. Good luck!

  6. I would keep phone, key, ID and some cash (if needed). These seem great for races when you may have limited/no easy access to your stuff and can have it right on hand (or hip for that matter).

    • Precisely! That’s why I got my belt too! Now I’m constantly shoving my phone in, taking it out ( so I can take pics for the blog of course…)

  7. If I could actually get it away from my husband, I would wear mine :). He takes it all the time. I add my ID, keys, and usually a chomp or 2 to get me through my runs.

  8. Sounds awesome since Im freaking out about what to do with my car keys next month, Im doing a race alone and I feel bad asking my friends to come because it’s at 6:30 AM on a Sunday

  9. Key, cash, phone, gel and garbage. I CANNOT bring myself to toss stuff on the course. I just can’t. I forget to empty my belt after a while and it is filled with trash o_0
    P.S. Tell Josh that is what Camelbacks are for.

    • I love that you aren’t littering. ๐Ÿ™‚ it must get darn full in there though!

      Josh was on a mission, but we will pass on your fantastic suggestion! Next time we will try to fit in some tiny wine shooters, oh yes, it will happen!

  10. I got a SPIbelt almost two years ago, and I love it! I usually only put my keys in there, unless I’m running long, then I’ll throw in my chews. I usually carry my phone in my hand, but if it fits in the belt (haven’t tried yet), I should probably start putting it in there.

    P.S. Mine is polka-dotted. I get a lot of comments about it.

  11. Love my SPI belt and what runner doesn’t have a spare of everything running! I keep my phone, gels, ID card, money or credit card, key and my chapstick!!!

    • Amen! I love having spares – especially since you never know when you might need an extra. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Good luck, Lisa!

    • They’re just the right size for GUs. (And they stretch to fit a zillion. I should do an experiment on how many would fit…) Good luck!

    • Nice! I just got my new iPhone for Mother’s Day and it’s awesome! I’d be counting too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I try to keep it simple too… it just never quite works out that way. At least when I’m doing races. But for training runs, that’s basically what I’ve got in there.

      Best of luck to you!

  12. I have never used a spi belt. But they sound great. I usually bring my bigger belt with water bottles but would love a smaller belt for runs when I don’t need water.

  13. I just bought a SpiBelt a couple of weekends ago. LOVE it. I got the more waterproof one. I keep $, ID, chap stick, keys and my Advocare Rehydrate Gel in mine. :0)

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  15. Don’t know how I missed this post. I have a flip belt and love it. Similar idea but it holds more stuff. Just what I needed, right? Luckily, I have somehow avoided turning it into a black hole like my purse…..

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