Philadelphia Chocolate Tours Giveaway Winner


From the response to our Philly Chocolate Tours Giveaway, it is clear to see that you all love chocolate just as much as we do! White chocolate apparently doesn’t get much love (although a few like it but all say it’s not chocolate!). You all love your dark and milk chocolate just fine, thank you very much.

Ready to meet our winner? Ready to befriend our winner in hopes that they take you along with their companion ticket?

chocolatetourwinnerKimberly is our lucky 87 and the winner of the Philadelphia Chocolate Tours giveaway!

Congratulations, Kimberly! We at Scoot a Doot salute you and hope you enjoy your tour.

And hey, if you need someone to join you… we’ve got a couple of volunteers. Just saying.

5 thoughts on “Philadelphia Chocolate Tours Giveaway Winner

  1. Still SO. VERY. EXCITED. Eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    (Also, might you be able to link to my blog at While a little less fitness-intensive, that one’s actually updated – and even will be tonight! 🙂 Thanks!!)

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