Haddonfield Adrenaline 5k 2012 race recap

March 2013 brings many things including “springing ahead”, leprechauns, and egg hunts. However, the one that I’m looking forward to most is the kick-off to race season, and more specifically the 2013 Haddonfield Adrenaline 5k. If you’re from the NJ/PA area, you’ve probably heard of or participated in this race. It’s a favorite in the area; it’s USATF certified, has chipped timing and substantial cash prizes (not that I’m anywhere close to getting a cash prize, but I’ll admit that the awesome medal does have a certain draw!). This year’s race marks the 16th year of the race’s existence and the 8th that it’s been sponsored by the Haddonfield Running Company.

I’ll be there, as will Chick Vic, and in his running debut, my husband, along with more than 1,050 other runners.  This was one of my first of twelve races last year (ever, really) so I figured I’d share a bit about the 2012 event to get pumped up for THIS year’s race.

What? You don’t see me? That’s because I was nowhere near those people.  They were going for cash. I was going for not puking and the medal!

March 17, 2012 was a perfect day for a race. Low 60s, nice relaxed atmosphere. My friend (and coach) Brandi, her husband Sean (with their daughter in the running stroller) and I started out near the back of the pack and steadily gained speed for the first mile. According to my Garmin, we did that in ten minutes.

Which was super fast for me and comfortable for them. So after that mile, I waved them ahead and fell into a far more comfortable pace. The best part of this race was the nice downhill in the second mile, it breathed life into my legs (even though that was my slowest mile at 11:11). Of course, as the saying goes… what goes down must come up. Or wait, is the saying the other way around? In any event, just before we hit the third mile, there was a HILL.

Now, I don’t know about you all but I’m not what one would call… a fan of hills. In fact, at that point in my running career, I usually walked them. I started walking this one but I could see the clock at the top of the hill so I said, “Aw, f- it!” and ran up the hill.

The last part of the race was on the main street in the town, which is very Gilmore Girl’s Stars Hollow-esque. I’m always a fan of the last half a mile of a race because there’s just something very motivating about the fact that I can see the finish line. The knowledge that there are people cheering me on near the end and also that I’m nearly DONE is a strong draw. And since I always want to finish strong, I throw myself into it. It’s just a good feeling!

There I am, in the home stretch, smiling and waving in my Running Skirt!

My final time was 33:01, which was and IS my 5k race personal record (PR). I actually don’t run that many 5ks and the ones I’ve done since haven’t been the most ideal conditions.  I’m hoping that the March 16 race will offer me a chance to set a new PR.  The fastest woman last year finished in a bit over 17 minutes, which is impressive since I basically took twice as long.  The male winner finished in 14:51. That’s pretty speedy!

While I don’t have any delusions of finishing in that amount of time, I do have a plan on being able to PR.

What is that plan?  Well, quite simply, I’m going to chase Vic through the streets of Haddonfield.  She’s faster than me but she’s graciously offered to stay ahead of me so that I can use her as a carrot to my rabbit. I tend to “store my energy” in a 5k, since I’m used to longer races.  And really?  I don’t need to do that with 3.1 miles.  So with her help, I’m hoping to go full out and use up all the gas in my tank (without going out too fast either – something that I fear). While ten minute miles were a bit fast for me last year, I believe I can conquer them now.

So I’ll put my fast playlist on while Vic leads me on a footrace through town.  Maybe I’ll pretend she has chocolate!  MAYBE I’LL GIVE HER CHOCOLATE TO HOLD AS SHE RUNS! I would say ice cream but that doesn’t make much sense.

Picked up the race packets for Saturday!  And new kicks, which I’ll share soon. ;)

Last year, my oldest son Pooks participated in the kid’s race.  He’s sitting the 2013 race out since Jay and I are both running. However, he’s joined the Track and Field team in our town so he’ll be having plenty of time to run.

1/4-mile race for the kids – such determination!  By the way, he got nervous when he saw some of the fast runners puking in the chute at the end of the 5k… he thought he was going to puke too.  Thankfully, there was no puking at the kid’s race.  At least, not that we saw.

A proud finisher!

As of yesterday afternoon there were less than 250 spots available so if you’re considering the Adrenaline 5k, now’s the time to sign up. And hey, if you see us there, come say hi!

We’ll be in reporting back in few weeks with our recap of the 2013 Haddonfield Adrenaline 5k, our Philadelphia Chocolate Tours trip and, of course, City Sports for our giveaway winners!  And, who knows, maybe I can talk Jay into sharing his first race experience!

Do you go into races with a strategy?  Does it involve chocolate, chasing, or promises of money?

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  1. I can’t wait! I typically go into each race with a strategy — even if my strategy is to just enjoy the ride and have a blast! We’re going to get you to that personal record!!

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