Breaking the Fast

It’s the most important meal of the day. Some people eat it on the go; others eat it for dinner. Heck, some people even eat it at Tiffany’s (bucket list!). Whether you are in the ‘can’t start the day without a good one’ camp, or your on the ‘hit the drive through if you have time’ side, breakfast is something all of us at Scoot-A-Doot have been talking about (mostly on Twitter where we are like ‘Hey, I’m eating…AGAIN!’)

We thought we’d share with you what our breakfasts look like. And hopefully, you’ll all be awesome and share with us what your breakfasts look like. We’ll beg for recipes. We have zero shame.


I’ll be honest, I’m not the best about getting a solid breakfast in my belly before work each day. Most days I pour myself two large travel mugs of coffee (don’t judge me) and run out the door to make it to work on time. I guzzle one cup in the car and the second cup shortly after arriving at my desk. I then eat a banana, or greek yogurt, depending on what I have in my pantry.

On weekends, when I have more time, I tend to make oatmeal (usually with bananas) or cereal. Sometimes I eat scrambled eggs. And lately, I’ve been turned onto protein banana berry smoothies, so they may soon take over my breakfast and afternoon snack spot as well.


You guys, I love all the breakfast foods. Omelets (with spinach and feta), french toast, waffles with fruit and whipped cream, pancakes with butter and maple syrup, and always lots and lots of bacon. I love the entire breakfast experience- sipping coffee and reading the paper (or facebook), while savoring these amazing foods that were (hopefully) prepared by someone else. Sadly, those kinds of meals don’t happen often. (And usually, it’s breakfast at dinnertime.)

My daily breakfast is almost always some form of oatmeal. My go-to is plain cooked oats with a sprinkle of cinnamon, some chopped almonds, a handful of fruit and a splash of milk. Meri introduced me to whipped oatmeal, which is so much better than my boring hot cereal, but takes more time than I have right now. More dishes to wash too!

Since the little dude arrived, I’ve been eating instant oatmeal (gasp). My favorite is Three Sisters Dark Chocolate, because it is sweet, filling and it’s ready in two minutes. I eat my cereal while I’m nursing the babe, and shove some fruit in my mouth while I’m driving the girls to school. Not the most enjoyable breakfast, but it works for now. See why I save the pancakes and bacon for dinner?


Smoothies!  I heart fruit smoothies for breakfast.  I’m not a morning eater.  If fact, I’ve spent the majority of my life skipping breakfast.  Unless it’s a pastry.  But pastries aren’t “everyday” foods, or so I’ve been told.  Instead I go all natural and get my sweets from a fruit smoothie. I have very limited time in the morning and blending up a smoothie takes less time than toasting a bagel or driving through one of those heart attack factories.  My recipe for deliciousness goes something like this:

Kefir yogurt drink.  Usually vanilla, sometimes strawberry if I’m feeling spunky.
Frozen mixed berries, either fresh that I’ve frozen or bagged.
A frozen banana. I put them in the freezer when they start to go brown.  I’m not a fan of ripe bananas.
One scoop of protein powder.  This can be tricky.  Finding a protein powder that you like can be a chore, but once you find a brand that floats your boat, you should stick with it.
Whole Flax seed, because I like the texture that it contributes.  Plus, it’s good for your bowels.

I usually just eyeball the proportions and toss in a blender.  If the mixture seems too thick, I add some water to loosen things up.  My kids love it and we can drink it in the car.  It’s my favorite breakfast on the go!


Jess and I were talking about BBQ food the other day and I said something to the effect of wanting it, just not at 8:49 in the morning (when we were emailing).  Because while BBQ is delicious, it just doesn’t lend itself well to being eaten in the morning.  However, breakfast?  You can eat that all day long.

And I would.

Smoothies, pancakes, oatmeal, Greek yogurt, omelets, scones, fruit, and BACON.  Yes, bacon.  I eat it occasionally.  And I love it.

Bring on the breakfast, brunch, brinner!


My idea of cooking is picking up the phone and dialing. I have zero skills in the kitchen, which is why I love breakfast so much. So many super delicious, ready-made options, and healthy ones at that. Look, Ma, I’m eating fruit!

My typical breakfast these days is a couple Nutri-Grain waffles (a little syrup in each square, thank you very much), a banana, and a tall glass of OJ. Get that all prepared – so easy, even a cooking-challenged lady like myself can do it – and then I shovel it all in my mouth before the baby wakes up from his nap. It’s simple, yummy and keeps my stomach full until second breakfast rolls around.


I am seriously a breakfast fiend. Most days it’s a healthy day smoothie (my absolute favorite is a Peach Pie Smoothie with chia seeds – frozen organic peaches, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, nonfat vanilla Greek yogurt, chia seeds, sprinkle of cinnamon, sprinkle of nutmeg, blend, YUM. I’m with Cam, I don’t measure, just throw in there what you think will make the amount you want). But I love a big Sunday brunch with eggs and bacon and potatoes and EVERYTHING. I just love breakfast.


In the winter, I’m big on oatmeal or a bowl of cooked grains (barley, quinoa) with almond milk and fruit. Now that the weather is turning warmer (I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER ABOUT THIS), I’ll be doing overnight refrigerator oats. If you haven’t tried these, I can not recommend them highly enough. Easy, make ahead, versatile, healthy and crazy good.

Also, I have recently redeveloped a love of Poached Eggs on toast. It’s so simple, full of protein and fiber, and tasty (even without the Canadian bacon and hollandaise).

Also, bacon. As often as I can get away with.

So, this is what we eat. If you want recipes for anything we mentioned, just let us know. We’re good sharers. And if you’re a good sharer and want to inundate us with recipes and ideas, we’ll be forever grateful.

Now, who wants to make me a cup o’ Joe?

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  1. I’m with Jess on the food front – I’m no good at making it myself, but brekkie is easy and delicious! So happy I found your blog. You ladies are inspirations. As soon as all the snow melts, I’m getting back out there to run!

  2. Hey Bec, I’m with you on the Poached Eggs. I used to eat them on toast, but recently started eating them on those cooked grains you like. I’m a big fan of quinoa or curried rice with my poached eggs. I usually do that on the weekend because during the week I don’t have time, so I go with the basic toasted bagel and cheese. I eat half the bagel at home when I get up at 5 and take the other half to work to snack on when I’m starving about 10am. Happy eating…..

    • Arlene, I never thought of doing poached eggs over cooked grains, but what a delicious idea! I’m totally going to try that this weekend 🙂

  3. Ah, breakfast. I have a weird relationship with breakfast in that I have to have SOMEthing in the morning. These days, I require coffee, and without it, I usually eat like total crap all day. It’s like the appetite depressant in that small amount of caffeine gives my body some sort of stasis or something; I haven’t quite figured it out.

    On the weekends, my husband makes the best omelets, and I love me a frittata, but here’s the thing with me and breakfast:

    If I don’t watch it, it is generally the worst meal of the day for me. Translation: I love pastries. And bagels. And donuts. Sigh.

    I’ve wanted to try the refrigerator oatmeal stuff, but I’m concerned that I will have issues with the texture. Anybody have any recipes that are perfection in a mason jar (or the equivalent)?

    • I should have mentioned coffee. I NEED IT. Also, I drooled when I read pastries. DANISH.

      Okay, this is the recipe I use for overnight refrigerator oats. Ang, they are so good, and you do make them in a mason jar. Texture… super creamy. The chia adds a texture that some people don’t like, so if you have texture issues, you might want to skip those (although they don’t bother me at all). I loved the Blueberry Maple, and there is a link in this link to another blog where there is a recipe for Stawberry Banana, which was also delicious. I also played with my own flavors and did a Blackberry Vanilla and a Peach Cinnamon. Go nuts!! I’m making some tonight!

  4. Yum to all of your breakfast options! That peach smoothie sounds sooo yummy..just bought a Vitamix and am so in love with it so I will try that one! I am also a fiend for nutmeg (and peaches together!) Fun blog, guys!

    • I have severe Vitamix envy right now!! I want one so bad. But my Ninja does a good job 🙂 Thanks for checking us out!

  5. I was so excited about breakfast after reading this last night that I ended up having a banana berry smoothie for dinner…..

    And now I am craving poached eggs. Had greek yogurt with granola for brekkie today, for the record.

  6. My breakfast this morning was wheat toast with sliced banana and cinnamon. One of my favorites! And, of course, iced coffee. Because that’s a necessity.

  7. I’m in the I-can’t-possibly-get-food-in-my-stomach-in-the-am camp. Morning for me requires coffee and not much else, but I *love* breakfast foods any time of day. After a trip to Mount Vernon to see George Washington’s place, the new favorite thing in our house is corn pancakes. The quickest and easiest way to make them is the Jiffy corn mix in the grocery store. Add eggs, hash browns, bacon…whatever else you like with them and you have a yummy breakfast (or brinner!). =)

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