Wine and Dine Expo Expert

Victoria here!

I spent much of Friday at the race expo, in part to collect my bib, in part to visit with friends and in part to get a bit of work done.

Vic, Brooke, and baby bright and early at the expo, when it opened!

Brooke, baby J and I arrived at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports around opening time. We immediately retrieved our race bibs and changed Brooke’s corral placement so we could run together in C.

We collected our race shirts -love them- and set off to shop!

A few of the Chicks’ favorite vendors were at the site and we wanted a few souvenirs. We got some much needed fresh Balega socks and each bought a Sweaty Bands headband to coordinate with a costume for a future runDisney race. Baby J picked up an item too – yogurt!



There was a bit of everything for the runner at hand – fuel, socks, sneakers and official race gear included. And by going early, we didn’t have to battle the crowds.

Shortly before Brooke and I parted, I heard my name yelled from across the room – “Victoria!” I turned and saw Tinker Bell herself, my pal Kelly! Hooray!


We chatted for a while before I scooted off. I visited with a few more friends, including the lovely Capt. Linz, who I’d been itching to hug! Mission accomplished!

I ultimately settled down at the ESPN cafe for a few hours to get some work done and grab a bite. I chatted with a few friends while there, and of course, downed my lunch in an embarrassingly speedy pace.

By mid-afternoon, my dear Meri and my friend Traci both arrived and we all repeated the expo process. Along the way, Traci spotted champagne. We got a few glasses and toasted the weekend!


Cheers to friendship and fitness!