Wild Thing

I’ve been going through some things lately.  Mostly difficult things.  Mentally, I’m drained.  I’m sure you parents and educators out there are feeling the Common Core crunch right about now.  I sure am!  I’m in a new grade level at a new school in a new district with new standards.  I’ve been teaching for 10 years and every day I’m hit with the realization that I might not know what I’m doing.  I am not amused.

Have you hugged a teacher today?

Have you hugged a teacher today?

I’ve been completely sucking at my food plan.  As such, my energy levels have been nilch.  I’ve had some issues in my personal relationship so as you might imagine, I’ve been feeling just plain shitty.  I feel like I spend so much energy trying to control so many things in my life; work, love, my children, food, exercise, weight…that there’s nothing left in the gas tank for actually enjoying my life.

I read this book “Go Wild” by John J. Ratey, MD.  It’s all about getting back to basics, and I mean the evolutionary basics, when it comes to food, exercise, sleep, and socializing.  It promotes a natural, hunter/gatherer diet, very paleo in nature, but the huge parts I remember are the bits about grains and sugars.  And how they’re the devil.

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I’m a sugar fiend.  I love cake.  I run just so I can have Laffy Taffy.  I’m completely and totally addicted and in love with sugar.  To hear that sugar is basically toxic to my body was heartbreaking.  I wanted to deny it!  But there’s just so much damn proof.

The book offers so many reasons why humans suffer now from all these afflictions which were virtually non-existent generations and generations ago.  Some of these afflictions are completely absent even today in aboriginal and native cultures.  The book argues that modern civilization is causing the demise of our species.  And I’m on board, ladies and gents.  Yes, I realize I just condemned modern civilization in a blog, for crying in the mud.  But there’s something wrong with our world, with our species.  Everytime I turn on NPR, I’m reminded of it.  Heart disease, cancer, childhood obesity, mental illness…I’m ready to simplify.  And I’m especially ready to change the habits I’ve forced on my children.  Processed foods, say hello to my little friend…Relax, it’s just a trash can.

I’m also attending the Wild Feminine retreat in North Carolina.  Click here to check it out on facebook.  Yep, I’ve signed myself up for some naked forest dancing (or so I hope), looking to find that goddess within that I’ve lost touch with.  I’m so very excited for this opportunity to just spend some time with myself, and get back to my wild nature.  I want to feel comfortable in my body and at ease with my role on this huge planet.  I want to experience something far more important than my silly insecurities and issues.  Are you ready for Wild Cam? Because I am.