Secret Ho Ho Hos – 2016 Edition

It’s that time again! A time for giving and caring and sharing!

This was our 4th Secret Santa exchange and as always, it was so much fun to see what we got one another. Our parameters were staying within a $20 limit and picking something that we think the recipient will love. We used a website to match us so we would be extra surprised (and some of us didn’t include a gift message so we’re still figuring it out!)

If you need to grab a last minute gift, maybe one of these will inspire you.

I got Kyle, and I chose a hand-thrown mug and lid for her, along with a few of my favorite teas. I struggled with choosing a mug, there were two that I thought she would like. One had a woman turning into a bird in hues of blue and aqua, and the other had lovely music notes and staff. I know her love of music and signing, so I ultimately went with the mug with notes.

Then she messaged me to say that the lid arrived ok, but that the mug had not. ūüôĀ Sooooo, I’m off to the Celestial Seasonings Factory Gift Shop, and I really hope they have another one with music notes. At least she’ll have some nice peppermint tea to keep her warm while she waits!

Knowing our newest mama chick hasn’t been doing a ton of running lately, but has been playing with her cute kiddo, I wanted to get her a gift that a new mom would appreciate. I reached out to another friend who has also recently had a baby and asked what her favorite mom swag was. As an athlete herself who is trying to get back in the swing of running and working out, her answer was no surprise. She recommended a nursing sports bra – which she touted as not only comfortable, but also easy to use and wear. I knew that while Vic hasn’t been putting the miles in lately, maybe something like this would help that transition when the time comes!

Third time’s the charm! Once again, I was paired with the fabulous Cam. I laughed out loud when I saw my match because I was Cam’s Secret Santa the first two years of the exchange. I hope I nailed it those first two years, but I wanted to do something different without repeating themes or ideas.

Knowing that Cam loves to bake, I got her two themed baking items.

I splurged on ninja cookie cutters since Cam’s Ragnar team is centered around ninjas! These things are adorable!

Cam’s second gift is also to be used in the kitchen, but apparently won’t be delivered until after Christmas. (Thanks for misleading me on that one, Amazon) so I don’t want to say what it is here. I’d rather Cam be surprised when it¬†arrives. Let me just say – it’s out of this world! And I know Cam will enjoy the force it brings to her recipes!

Obviously, the gift I chose for my Secret Santa was motivated by our upcoming Ragnar adventure.¬† I wanted Meri to have everything she needs for her night run in Pennsylvania this June.¬† I found her a stylish purple headlamp and matching blinky light to guide her way through Amish country.¬† This Ragnar has been a long time coming and I can’t wait to share it with her!¬† Happy Happy Holidays, my sweet friend!

I was paired with Jenn! She and I obviously have some good brain share going on because I sent her a mug as well, knowing that she enjoys drinking her tea. We originally met through our love of books and reading so when I saw this “banned books” mug, I knew that she would appreciate it. Jenn is a non-conformist and she doesn’t follow the rules when it comes to writing. I fully expect to see an update of this mug with a book that she’s authored¬†listed (and we’ll read it anyway because we do what we want).

I also sent her this sweet yoga top that I’ve been eyeing for awhile, just waiting for the perfect time to send to her (this was it!) and a little Whisper sign from My Favorite Sign Company, a small business with whom I work closely. Jenn’s dogs are her world and I knew that she’d be nodding her head with this message.

We hope your holidays are merry and bright. If you’d like to check out our past exchanges, click on the years below.

2013, 2014, 2015

What are your favorite gifts to give? Get? We’d love to hear about what you’re looking forward to this holiday season!

Secret Chick 2015

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! One of my favorite posts is our annual Scootadoot Chick Secret Santa post. We just love each other, a lot, and we love you guys a lot, and we loving sharing with you how much we love each other, and you.

I promise, I have not been dipping into the spiked eggnog. Yet. I’m just pretty grateful for the wonderful people in my life, these ladies and all of you included.

So, without further ado…


After waiting with bated breath to see whose name I would draw for our little exchange, I was super excited to get Jess! (I would have been excited to get any one of these ladies, let’s be honest, I love them all!) Though Jess and I have never met (womp), it seems pretty clear that we’d get along smashingly. I mean, she loves Beyonce. That’s kind of the basis for all solid relationships, amirite? Anyways. When I drew Jess’ name, I hemmed and hawed for a while deciding what to give her – she’s a stylish chick, so I knew I wanted to find something to complement that. She’s also active – if she’s not running, she’s taking care of her totes adorbs little one. Whatever I got needed to fit that kind of lifestyle. I ended up finding a pretty and functional headband. It’s great for the working out (sweat-wicking!) and fun for the fashion-forward (multi-style!). One could wear it while running. Or while enjoying a lazy weekend. Or, my favorite, while going hard in the “athleisure” paint. Functional fashion at its finest!




It’s our third year of Scoot a Doot Secret Santa and I have yet to get the same person twice! Is that a record? I’m not sure! But I do have to say that I was pretty stoked to be paired with the lovely, talented, and gosh-darn awesome CAMILLE!

Cam is my ride-or-die chick and I always know that when we are together we are basically going to have fun, no matter when we stumble across. This year she came to visit in the spring and we (Jenn, Cam, and myself) took to the streets of Philly for a walking tour. I had SO. MUCH. FUN. with them. I still giggle when I think about how excited Cam was when she spotted someone walking around with Yuengling (because it’s hard to find in CA! Who knew?).

When I found the trivet that covered a few of the places we visited, I knew it would be a great gift for Cam and make her smile. There are so many places on there that we haven’t visited yet, so she’s just going to have to come back!




I was matched with Kyle this year. I love everything about this chickadee and wanted to get her something that proved useful (but pretty) for a multisport athlete – – runner, footgolfer, basketball diva. So I got her an Oiselle tank. I knew she loved their clothes since she borrowed some of mine on a few occasions and has some great pieces of her own. Happy holidays!




At a recent trip to the SkirtSports headquarters, I spotted this shirt and thought of Meri. I can hear her voice saying it as if she coined the phrase herself. And hey, we can all relate, right? I think we can all agree there should always be adult beverages at the finish line. Never mind if it’s 8:30 in the morning.



I gifted Bec with tea that has literary quotes on each bag. It blends two of her favorite things – tea and words (the second of which we bonded over to begin with). I hope it keeps you cozy and well-read, my dear!



My secret Santa this year was the lovely Vic. I knew immediately I wanted to get her something kitty related. I also know that Vic shares my love of baking. So I went out searching for cat baking supplies. Yes, that phrase is now in my Google history. I found lots of fun stuff and it was really hard to decide, but I knew the apron was the winner as soon as I saw it. ¬†I can’t wait to see what treats Vic cooks up in this apron! Merry Christmas, my love!




Just like Mer, I’ve yet to get the same chick twice, and I was thrilled when my match this year was Jenn. I love this girl like crazy, and just want her to come back to my kitchen and hang out. Jenn’s loves include classic cinema (we’ve co-swooned over Montgomery Clift), Star Wars AND Trek, yoga and her pugs. I figured if I could incorporate at least two, I’d be happy. So when I spotted this pug yoga shirt, I knew this would be the perfect gift for Jenn. Wear it in good health, love, and try not to let the pups knock you over!



From our little Scoot family to yours, the happiest of holiday wishes! XOXO (Cool points if you just said ‘Gossip Girl’ in your head.

Ho Ho Ho! Chick Chat: Secret Santa Edition

We Chicks love a celebration, and usually, we don’t even need a reason to throw confetti and clink our glasses in cheers. However, with the most wonderful day of the year upon us, we decided to shout ’tis the season in the most jolly of ways: with a Secret Santa gift exchange! Read on to find out who gifted whom, and see if there’s anything that you want to add to your holiday wish list.


I was super happy when I pulled my sister-in-shoe-love in the Secret Santa grab! When I started thinking about what to get for Brooke, two words came to mind: Mom and baker.¬†I’m sure you’ve gathered from her posts that Brooke is this awesome mom, and we have long shared a love of baking, specifically with our kids. So I themed my gift around that, with a touch of running in the mix. I found a t-shirt that that perfectly captured how I see Brooke, as a mother and an athlete. And as for baking, I sent her a my great-grandmother’s recipe for Sugar and Spice cookies, which are a Christmas staple in my house. I don’t give the recipe out to just anyone, since it’s been in my family for decades, I was happy to share it with a member of my Scoot a Doot family. Merry Christmas, B!

photo 2-6


I had a few ideas once I pulled Vic’s name but I hadn’t settled on anything specific. Early one morning, I was doing my daily “window” shop on the Anthro site (as one does) and came across this travel bag for fitness enthusiasts. Basically, the bag folds into a tiny pouch, taking up minimal room in your suitcase, and once you’ve run, yoga’d, hiked or whatever, you store your clothes and shoes in the bag for your return trip home. The lining of the bag keeps any stink or moisture from the rest of your suitcase. It took me about 30 seconds to decide that this was the perfect gift for Vic. She regularly travels for races (I got to see her for two of her three trips to Orlando this year and I’ll see her for at least two runcations next year) but doesn’t always get to do laundry on those trips. I hope she gets to use it a lot in 2014- come back and see me soon! Merry travels and Happy Christmas, Vic!



I was paired with the lovely Cam for our Secret Santa fest! I know I could have a blast here, as Cam is super-cool, laid-back and would be pleased with anything I sent her way. The pressure was off, so after consulting with another chickadee, I decided to get Cam something from Oiselle, the company I run for!

I love Oiselle and think everyone needs at least one item from the amazing Seattle-based company! So I picked a lovely indigo Runfinity scarf for Cam! (I really wanted to get her an orange one because Scoot chicks love orange – see our Scoot shirts – and Ragnar loves orange, and Cam loves Ragnar. Do you follow my rambling logic here? But alas, there were no orange scarves to be found… besides, indigo is far more versatile, right?!)

Anyhoo, I love scarves and wear them regularly in the winter so I knew Cam needed one too! Enjoy and Merry Christmas lady!!



I was given Meridith for secret Santa and I literally thought of about a hundred things I would have liked to give her. There were a lot of goodies in my various online carts but when I saw the Ragnar Pro Compression socks came in hot pink, well I knew they’d be perfect for my favorite future Ragnarian. 2014 is the year we shall Ragnar together!



Brooke introduced me to the¬†Alex¬†and¬†Ani¬†company back in September during our¬†Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation running streak when she picked up on of the bangles for our top fundraiser, Megan. I was so impressed with their positive messages and great customer relations through social media (so important!); I love the idea of supporting them.

Jess and I share a love of words and when I saw this¬†Alex¬†and¬†Ani¬†bracelet, I knew it had to be hers. We’ve been through lots of together over the past three years and the message of this bangle¬†What’s for you will not pass you¬†and I feel like it really applies. She and I both have obsessive personalities and together I think we’ve learned that good things happen with time, persistence, and also patience. Finding that balance can sometimes be daunting and I think this quote is a good reminder in achieving that balance.

However, this whole message of¬†what’s for you will not pass you¬†is a bit ironic, as the USPS tracking on the priority package shows that it went from New Jersey to Virginia. Last I checked, Virginia isn’t exactly en route to California, land of Jess. So the bracelet hasn’t exactly PASSED Jess, it just hasn’t arrived yet.¬†*taps foot impatiently*¬†Fortunately, her birthday present made it there on time so you can check that out! I got her this super cute, Kate Spade wallet in Vivid Snapdragon, which I think is very close to the Patone Color of the Year,¬†Radiant Orchid. Holla!

photo 1-4


For those who don’t know, Bec is a fabulous cook. I wish I could say that I’ve had the privelege of eating her food, but I’m certain I will someday. My stomach is counting on it!

Of course, when I pulled her name, the first thing I thought of was “cookbook!” But there are a bajillion (literally) cookbooks out there in the world, so I checked with some in-the-know friends and they pointed me to The Fresh 20. What I love about this one in particular is that it focuses on using organic, non-processed ingredients for easy, healthy, delicious meals. Plus, there are 20 ingredients in the entire book, so it’s not overwhelming.

Happy cooking, Bec! I will be at your front door at 5:30 tonight.


Do you Secret Santa? I’ve (Brooke) been doing a gift exchange with my best girls for ten years. This year, we decided to scrap the gift part and keep the food and cocktails. I can’t wait! What’s your favorite holiday party drink? Cheers!