Random Picture Post: Jess Edition

I was so in love with Brooke’s post last week that I decided to rip it off and do the same thing. I am a random person at heart, so this is right up my alley. You can often find me wandering around with things in my hand while I’m doing another thing while thinking about five million OTHER things.

I don’t think I had a point to that entire paragraph, but that fits in nicely with this post.

First thing: last Friday was an epic mail day for me. One thing you should know about me is that I get really excited about checking the mail. Don’t ask me why, because 9 times out of 10 my mailbox is filled with bills and junk mail. But the possibility of it is so exciting!

Anyway, Mister Postman didn’t disappoint. I hit the jackpot with my latest Stitch Fix and three of my weekly magazines.  Earlier last week, I got my latest Birchbox shipment. Pretty amazing, right?! Another thing you should know about me: I love to shop, but I’m extremely lazy. Anything that delivers me awesome or pretty things right to my door is an automatic obsession.


Hello, Stitch Fix!


Hello, Birchbox!


Hellooooo, gossip mags (don’t judge).

So, Stitch Fix is this awesome service where you get sent a box of fun clothing, jewelry and accessories each month that fit your style, based on a survey you fill out prior to your first shipment. When you get your Fix, you have three days to try everything on, decide if you like it, and keep the stuff you love. Whatever you don’t like, you send back. This month I kept an adorable zip-up cardigan and the PERFECT pair of skinny jeans. The other items – a sweater, a messenger bag (the absolute last thing I need), and a gauzy blouse – all went back to the Stitch Fix office! So fun. Thanks to my best friend, Ali, for signing me up as a Christmas present!

Birchbox is a more well-known service where you sign up, then get makeup, skincare, haircare, and other beauty-related products every month. They’re always sample-sized so you can try it out and decide if you like what they’re selling. I’m especially obsessed with this one, because I love love love trying out new beauty products. Thanks to my other best friend, Anna, for signing me up for that one! I have great friends.

In other news, while the rest of the country was freezing, we had some epically beautiful weather here in California. The whole fam took a trip to Crissy Field and frolicked a bit. Bug even dipped his toes in the water! Super cute.


I said, brrrr….actually it’s not that bad.

Bug was 100% obsessed with the dog's Chuck It.

Bug was 100% obsessed with the dog’s Chuck It.

On the food front: last week, my co-workers and I discovered a food truck called Me So Hungry. I love that there are so many food trucks carrying so many delicious meals inside their wheels. They are crazy popular here and I was shocked – SHOCKED – when we came across Me So Hungry and it didn’t have a line around the block.

The food. Is. Incredible. I got the Flyin’ Hawaiian Sliders, which have chicken, crispy Maui onions, and chipotle aioli on them. I also got sweet potato fries, which were garnished with garlic and parmesan cheese.


Just take my money and put this food in my mouth.

Just take my money and put this food in my mouth.

On a related note, I started the South Beach diet, phase 1 this week. The no carb thing is not my favorite thing by a long shot. I think that carb rage is real. I want pasta. I want bread. But I’ve already lost a couple pounds, so I guess that’s okay. 

Related to running: I went to this great running shop called A Runner’s Mind and had my stride evaluated so I could find the perfect pair of shoes. I absolutely adore my Nike Lunarglides, but I figure since I’m going to be running the half in August, I might need to find a different shoe that offers a little more cushion and support.

Enter the Saucony Ride 6! I tried them on, along with a few others that I can no longer remember, and absolutely loved the feel of them. So cushy. So comfy. They only had an unattractive color option in the store, so I ordered the berry/coral/blue ones and am just waiting impatiently for them to get shipped to the store.

Finally, I made a quick trip to my favorite card store here in the city, the adorably named Avant Card. They have the best – and wittiest! – selection of greeting cards there. I could honestly spend hours there. I picked up this one because I loved the message. I decided I would buy it and just keep it for myself because everything written there are things I want to remember. But I am happy to share it with you all, too!


TGI-almost Friday, everyone!

Do you subscribe to any fun mail-order services? Love gossip mags? Have experience with South Beach or the Saucony Rides? How’s your week going? Talk to me in the comments! 

My Feet are Trying to Kill Me

It’s that time of year.  In 2013, I logged a few Ragnars, a couple half-marathons, and some fun runs and my running sneakers have seen better days.  It’s widely known that I have a sick fascination with footwear.  I own  it all: boots, clogs, flats, Moccasins, Oxfords, Mary Janes, Espadrilles, and chunky heels. I have tap shoes and ballet shoes and boat shoes.  My Salt-Water Sandals, flip-flops, and Chucks come in every bright color, and my sock collection is even more impressive.  Knee socks and bobby socks and ankle socks and funky patterned socks.  My footwear is like a page out of a Dr. Seuss book.

But there is one type of footwear that I despise having to shop for.  And it’s all because of my stupid flat feet.

I’ve searched high and low for a running shoe that will not hurt my feet.  I’ve read articles and visited experts, all to no avail.  It’s always the same, it only takes minutes of running before my feet start to rebel.  It doesn’t help that I suffer from Air Jordanitis Syndrome.  It’s a side effect of growing up in the 90’s.  A tragedy really, it’s responsible for my compulsive tendency to believe that a new pair of shoes will actually increase my running speed and drastically improve my agility.  If I could only find THE pair of running shoes.  Similar to the holy grail or an easy diet, I’ve heard of their rumored existence, but I’ve yet to encounter them.

This is why I need your help, internet friends.  I don’t know which shoes to buy.  I have about 2 and a half months until my first big race of the season, plenty of time to break in a new pair of kicks.  Do I go minimalist or a trusted favorite?  Do I dare make the switch to a barefoot shoe? Do I just need to wear my inserts?  Show me the way, oh trusted internet!

I have narrowed my search to the following contenders.  All pictures have been borrowed from their respective links.

1. Saucony Omni 12


I currently own these and they’re not bad.  They worked out okay and still look pretty decent after a year of abuse.  They’re not perfect, I still have foot pain and lately I’ve been having some shin pain.  It’s unknown if this is caused by my erratic fitness regime or my flat feet but if there’s the hope of that perfect shoe out there, I simply can’t just settle for decent, right?

2. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13


I took a little quiz on their site and this is the shoe they paired me with.  I’m not crazy about it, it seems all the flat foot friendly shoes aren’t very cute.  And we all know cuteness matters.  However, everyone raves about Brooks.  I have ran in Brooks before and they do have a more generous toe box, which I like.  But they’re so borrrrrring.

3. Mizuno Wave Sayonara


I have this good friend who writes this blog that I love and she seems to like her Mizunos.  This shoe is pretty light-weight and it looks snazzy too.  I like the mesh and it just looks fast.  This shoe definitely plays into my Air Jordanitis Syndrome.  I feel like it will shave minutes off my pace!


4. Merrell Road Glove Dash 2


I love this shoe.  I have been interested in trying out Merrell for a while now, but I’m extremely nervous about this whole “barefoot” idea.  This shoe just screams my style and it weighs a whopping 6 ounces.   And it’s adorable.  Have I mentioned how much I want to be able to run in these shoes?   My fear is that I want them to be “the one” more than they actually will be.  Kind of like that guy I dated in college.



5. Newton Energy

newtonNow, I hadn’t heard of these shoes until I started researching my options.  I googled “running shoes for flat feet” and into my life these little gems appeared. I love the style, I like the breathable mesh, and they have a kick-ass tread.  And it was Shoe of the Year.  I dig how wide they are, I’m no dainty dame and my Flintstone feet need a bit of accommodating.


As you can see, I have quite the decision to make.  What’s a stylish, yet comfort-seeking, gal to do???

Chick Chat: Hey, Sole Sister

Shopping for shoes is one of my favorite ways to spend, well, any day. I love all kinds- flats, sandals, heels, higher heels, and boots. Shoes can make you feel taller, they can complete your outfit in the best way, and you know what? You’re always the same size in a pair of shoes. (Unlike jeans. AMIRITE?) Sneakers aren’t my favorite type of shoe, but they’re probably the most important. The wrong running shoe can make your knees hurt, your feet blister and basically, ruin your run.

Today, we’re sharing our sneakers with you. (I argued for talking about high heels too, but I guess you all care more about this running stuff. Okay.)



I’m still searching for the perfect sneakers, but have recently fallen in love with the Adidas Supernova, which I was able to take on a test run before purchasing. They don’t feel clunky or heavy and don’t wear unevenly, which was so much of what I was looking for.

For years, I swore by Asics. I still like them, but my favorite style was discontinued a few years back and the newer models just don’t feel right to me. I’ve tried and tossed aside a few popular brands, but these Adidas Supernovas look AND feel great!


I have shoe issues. I have extremely flat feet which means any shoe with arch support feels like I’m running on tennis balls.  This might sound awesome but I assure you, it is not. I’m constantly at odds with my shoes. I’ve talked to countless shoe experts, had my feet and gait evaluated twice, have tried inserts and many brands of shoes.  And I’ve yet to fall in love.

Right now, I’m running in Saucony and while they’ve been okay on my feet, for the first time ever, I’m having shin splints. Le sigh. I’m going to do what the experts say and let my body adjust but sometimes I wish I had a fairy godmother who would conjure up a running shoe that was the perfect fit. At least they’re cute!


If I took a picture of every running shoe I have, this post would be ridiculous. Hey, I have to have shoes for every outfit possibility, right? At least, that’s what I tell myself (or Mr. Jess) when I see a new pair of kicks I. Must. Have.

That said, I most often reach for my trusty Nike LunarGlides. They fit like a glove, give great support, keep me light on my feet, and they’ve got some sweet neon accents. They’re functional AND cute, two of my favorite things.


There is a certain date that I remember distinctly when it comes to my running (and surprisingly, it’s not a race date!).  March 15, 2012, the date that I got fitted for my Mizuno Wave Inspire 8s.

Before that, to say I was floundering when it came to shoe choice would be an understatement.  It was a year long, expensive struggle trying to figure out what would work best for my feet. I don’t know why I was so hesitant to get fitted, other than a bit of new runner’s shyness on my part.

To quote Pretty Woman, “Big mistake!  Big. Huge.”

I don’t know if I got over my shyness or just wanted my feet to finally stop hurting, but I finally visited Haddonfield Running Company and got my first pair of Mizuno running shoes. Fitting was nothing to be nervous about; I spoke with the sales associate regarding my mileage. She looked at my arch, my gait, and my pronation. When I run, I tend to point my toes out slightly, which is known as overpronation. After trying three different shoes, I felt that the Mizunos were the best for me.

I haven’t regretted that decision and neither have my feet!


Brooke and I have loads in common; hopeful romantics, lovers of feta cheese, SHOES. I love shoes. A lot. I have way too many and I’m always buying more. The cuter, the better. So, I  want to be able to post a picture of cute, adorable, PINK running shoes.

Alas, I can’t.

I wear Nike Dual Fusion ST running sneaks. Size 12. Men’s.


Finding running shoes that fit my size 13 Wide Women’s foot is a challenge. I hunted around for HOT PINK running shoes in my size and found that the only options were online. Zappos is great and will ship for free both ways, but I didn’t want to go through shipping a bunch of shoes back and forth. For running sneakers, it’s all about the feel.

So I got over myself and gave in to shopping in the Men’s department. I love my sneakers. They are the perfect combination of lightweight and supportive. They feel so good, I want to wear them everywhere, but I don’t because A) all my other (i.e. prettier) shoes would feel bad and B) I don’t want these to wear out too fast. Still, I love them.

And, as Brooke and I discussed the other day, socks are of equal importance when it comes to running. Turns out we have one more thing in common. We’re both fans of the Balega Hidden Comfort socks. You guys, these socks are so darn comfy. And I just found out, they come in colors!! INCLUDING PINK!


I have narrow feet and a high arch, and I’ve been happily wearing Nike Pegasus sneakers for the past three years. They’re lightweight, supportive and they come in some great colors.

I was recently refitted at my local running store, Track Shack, to see if my foot had grown during my pregnancy and picked up these pretty (if a little plain, for my taste) gray kicks.

Every 400 miles or so, I change my shoes. I’m already eyeing the bright green on Nike’s website!

What type of shoes do you wear? Have you been fitted at a specialty store? Do you prefer neutral or bright colors? Let us know in the comments.