We won the lottery!

Before you start wondering what all the Scoot chicks will be buying with our newfound wealth, it’s not that sort of lottery. We were lucky enough to be selected to run the 2nd Nike Women’s Half Marathon in Washington DC.

Yes! We won the rights to enter a coveted road race! Woot!

That means Brooke, Meri and I will be among the 15,000 women running 13.1 miles through our nation’s capital on April 27, 2014. Two of our longtime friends Keri and Maureen will be joining our happy gang for the big weekend next spring.

We are giddy.

Okay, so we changed the name to say Scoot a Doot... but you get the idea!

Okay, so we changed the name to say Scoot a Doot… but you get the idea!

Meri called me last night to tell me the news and I was speechless. Sure, we entered, but I never actually expected we’d get picked. I actually figured we would be out since I have wretched lottery luck.

I was also rejected three straight years from the NYC Marathon- which ironically earned me a guaranteed entry for the 2013 race.

Meri and I entered the race lottery for the inaugural DC race last year and didn’t get picked. We were sad. There’s no other way to say it. We’d been looking forward to running, made tentative plans around the weekend, then we didn’t make the cut.

So when Meri suggested we apply again last month, I nearly dismissed the idea.

I’m sure glad I didn’t. Because next spring, #werunDC. Who is with us?

Post-publication note:

Lottery hopefuls who didn’t make the cut can still run the Nike Women’s DC half-marathon by running for charity, specifically for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training. Click here for more info on how you can join their team.