The Biggest Loser and Katie K

This is going to be one part ramble, one part product review. Just to set expectations. And those two things might not seem related, but I’ll explain.

Any time The Biggest Loser comes up in conversation, there are usually a number of people saying “I love that show!” and an equal number of people saying “I hate that show!!” And, I get both sides, honestly.

I am in the love camp. I have watched almost every season. I love Bob. I miss Jillian. I newly love Jen. I’m okay with Dolvett, and I tolerate the other trainers that have rotated through the show over the years. Ali Vincent will always be my favorite winner, and Abby Rike will always remind me that you can live through anything.

But, the show is definitely controversial. There was a frenzy of backlash about the show when Rachel Fredrickson won in 2014, and numerous contestants have spoken out about their experience on the show. It sets unrealistic ideals, and possibly unattainable goals. I have my own issues with the show (why do the female contests have to wear sports bras at the onset when they are heaviest, but get to wear tank tops toward the end when they are leaner? Humiliation factor?)

But overall, I don’t watch the show to learn how to lose weight. I don’t aspire to be on the show, although if Jillian wants to come train me here, I’m all for it. I take the show for what it is. “Reality” TV, for entertainment purposes. Mostly, I watch for the moments where you see people do things they never through they could do. Every time one of them maxes out the treadmill, I get butterflies. Every time a contestant gets to Onederland, I shed a tear. And every time the contestants’ families see them during makeover week, and they look so proud, I think “I want that.”

Biggest Loser isn’t perfect, but it gives me hope. It keeps me remembering that anything is possible.

Me, at the top of a mountain. Anything is possible.

Me, at the top of a mountain. Anything is possible.

Which brings me to Katie K. I love this company. No controversy here, I am so very proud to have been an ambassador for this amazing, growing, female-owned company for the past year. I love their line. I love that their sizes range from Small to 3X. I love that their products are well made, affordable and trendy.

As a plus sized athlete, I also love that Katie K  has things like thumbholes and patterned pants and burnout tees IN MY SIZE.

All the pretty colors

All the pretty colors

So, when I got the opportunity to review the Katie K Urban Capris, which just happen to be the capris the female contestants on the Biggest Loser are wearing this season, I jumped at the chance.

You guys, these pants are like a dream come true for me. I’ve worn them to Zumba, and running, and they are VERY comfortable. But, where as most comfy pants aren’t the best for working out in, these are also incredibly functional. There was no riding up, or down. I didn’t have to stop and adjust the legs or the waist. From the Katie K website, the material is Mid-weight Semi Compression 88% Polyester/12% Spandex Peach Brushed Finish. The Peach Brushed Finish is the best part. These are SOFT.

Rush Hour Long Sleeve in Cobalt, Urban Capris in Black

Rush Hour Long Sleeve in Cobalt, Urban Capris in Black

Along with the pants, I’m absolutely loving the Rush Hour Long Sleeve top. It comes in Cobalt, pictured above, and Rose, which is a bright pink. Complete with thumbholes, this is another really comfortable piece of workout wear. It’s Lightweight Compression 90% Polyester/10% Spandex Brushed Jersey, and again with the soft. And I’m a texture snob, so when I say they are soft and comfy, I mean it.

In the interest of keeping things honest, these products were provided to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

So, if you’re a plus sized athlete and you want to be comfy and fabulous while you work out, I highly recommend Katie K Activewear. Or if your not plus sized. See how that works? You can also use my code, BEC15, for 15% off and free shipping. And, I get no special credit for telling you this, except maybe your undying love and devotion, but right now, the code EXTRA50 will get you an additional 50% off of sale items (including the Urban Capris) and free shipping. I get no sales credit with that code, I just like you and I want you to get a good deal. I don’t know when that one ends, so if you’re into sales, hop to it!

Being a Katie K Ambassador for the last year has been awesome. They were with me when I climbed a mountain (a smallish one, but still) last summer.

Defining brave, and proud

Defining brave, and proud

They were with me when I restarted my journey to 13.1.

C25K, W1D1

C25K, W1D1

And they will be with me when I finish it, whenever that is.

So huge thanks to K for giving me this opportunity, and letting me show how I #definebrave.

Katie K Activewear Review

This is going to be part product review, part just me telling you about a totally kickass company. Cool? Cool.

I’ve been fortunate enough in my blogging life to try out some incredible products, and asked to share my opinion on them. And if you know me, you know I love sharing my opinion. (That’s a nice way of saying I’m mouthy.)

So, when I was selected to be a brand ambassador for Taffy Activewear last year, I was stoked. Taffy is this totally adorable line of plus-sized activewear. It’s functional, trendy and well made. Saying yes was a total no brainer. After I’d been a Taffy Ambassador for a couple of months, I started noticing another name in plus-sized activewear around Twitter – Katie K Activewear.

I did a little peeking around (meaning I went straight to the website and started shopping) and realized that Katie K and Taffy were sister companies, both founded by the awesome Katie Kozloff. You can read Katie’s full story here, but in short, when Katie was a personal trainer, she often heard from her plus size clients that they had trouble finding stylish workout wear. And she didn’t just listen, she acted, creating a plus size women’s active line in Taffy, and later, an all inclusive sized line in Katie K.

Basically, Katie is awesome. I love representing this fantastic, female owned business, and I’m thrilled to help spread the word about this brand and show the world how I #definebrave.

Okay, let’s get down to it. The CLOTHES.

This might be the cutest I've ever looked for a workout!

This might be the cutest I’ve ever looked for a workout!

For me, activewear needs to be three things; functional, comfortable and cute. Katie K is all of these things. The products are incredibly well made, and vary from pieces that are geared toward performance, like the Signature Capri, to pieces that can easily take you from the gym to running errands.

The latter is a little more my style, and along those lines, I can tell you I am fully in love with the Signature Walking Pant. They’re comfortable enough to wear for a brisk walk or a Zumba class, but they totally work for a run to the mall, too. My fave.


Post Color Run, covered in glitter and Katie K.

The best parts of Katie K products are in the details. The peek-a-boo opening on the Signature Open Back Tee had me channeling my inner Lynn Stone in the Color Run parking lot. (If you get that reference, you get massive cool points and we should probably hang out). And the Signature Cowl is pretty enough to rock on date night. Add to all that, the entire line features bright colors like coral, yellow and vivid blue.



And for my plus sized ladies, if you want to see the items for you? It’s all of them. The entire store comes in sizes Small-3X. So, if you’re looking for something ALL your friends can wear to a race, you can totally find it here. It’s awesome.

I’m pretty much gushing at this point, I know. I’m just so in love with this company. And because they’re so great, they let me offer you guys 15% off your purchase and free shipping when you use my Ambassador Code (BEC15).



I really hope you ladies will check out Katie K!

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Product Review: Taffy Activewear

About a month ago, I posted about becoming an ambassador for Taffy Activewear. Since then, I’ve had ample (get it?) opportunity to road test the Taffy line, and I wanted to give you guys a full review. Because talking about this line of activewear, which I am 100% in love with, is my jam. If you are a plus-sized woman, and are in the market for activewear, you’re going to want to read on.

When I’m looking for activewear, I’ve got five things in mind: style, fit, quality, variety and price.

Style: When it comes to being stylish, Taffy has got it going ON. Before I found Taffy, my typical workout top was a Men’s 3XL grey t-shirt. To say I looked like a box is gross (and I do mean gross) understatement. I felt frumpy and lumpy and all around dumpy. Now, with my ever-growing collection of Taffy tops, I can go out for a walk with my girls, or to a Zumba class, and feel cute and chic.

Taffy Essential Top in White. Fab.

Taffy Essential Top in White. Fab.


Fit: Clearly, this is a key element in clothing purchases. How do they fit? I’ll be honest, my non-activewear size is just outside of Taffy’s range (1X-3X or 16-24). But being that activewear tends to have some stretch, the 3Xs do just fine for me. Taffy items are generously cut to accommodate our curves. The Essentials Racerback tank is especially forgiving of my broad shoulders. And their tops are longer in the torso than most I’ve found (this was awesome for me, being that I am a 6’0″ glamazon). And when your workout gear fits well? It just makes things easier. No one wants to be that girl out walking while pulling the bottom of her shirt down.

Quality: Let’s be real, whether you’re plus sized or not, your activewear takes a beating. You are stretching and squatting and SWEATING in it. (Hi, it’s 82 degrees here today.) While I might occasionally get a couple wears out of a sweater, there is no way workout clothes aren’t getting washed each and every time they get worn. My Taffy products have held up really well over the last couple of months. The craftsmanship of the products is great. So we’re 3 for 3 so far!

Variety: If you are a clothes horse (and I am), I think you’ll be more than pleased with Taffy’s selection. Like sleeves? They’ve got ’em. No sleeves? You’re good too. Long pants, capris, tanks, tees. It’s all there. And colors. So far, I’ve got red, black, pink, green, white, blue and I’ve got my eye on a super cute cheetah print. Like the style, this means I get to feel cute when I hit the track, and not like I’m wearing the same thing over and over.

Just part of my ever-growing Taffy collection.

The Taffy Logo. Adorable.

The Taffy Logo. Adorable.


Price: Okay, for many of us, this is the most important factor. You want a cute, quality product, but you don’t want to have to give up your first-born to get it, right? Right. And if you’re trying to lose weight, and you don’t plan to be in a specific size forever, you really don’t want to fork over and arm and a leg for one tank top. Taffy pricing is comparable to other plus size lines, typically a bit lower. Tops are in the $30-$40 range, pants are just under $50, and their most expensive item right now is the Taffy Essentials Jacket. And at $64, I can tell you that is a lot less than what I typically see jackets going for. (And if you buy it in white, you will be so happy that you will wish it stayed cold forever. I mean, not really, but you know what I mean). And then, there are sales! Taffy has some really great stuff on sale right now. And as if that weren’t enough, you can you my Taffy Ambassador code, BEC15, to get 15% off and free shipping. Sweet deal just got sweeter.

So, that’s it. Taffy exceeded my expectations in every category. I’m so happy to have found them, and I couldn’t be prouder to represent their brand. If you guys have questions, just give me a holler in the comments. I’ll be happy to continue waxing poetic about Taffy!

Let’s Talk Taffy

If you’ve been reading my posts for any length of time, or if you follow me on Twitter, you’ve more than likely been on the reading end of one of my rants about #biggirlproblems, and the most frequent subject of said rants is the lack of selection/availability of cute, functional plus-sized activewear in my world.

This is not one of those rants!

A few months back, I saw a tweet about a giveaway for a pair of Taffy Essential Capris on Fit and Free Emily’s blog ( I don’t usually enter giveaways, because I never win anything, but on a lark, I went for it. When I heard from Emily a few days later that I had won her giveaway, I was psyched! Because if there is anything better than new workout clothes, it’s new FREE workout clothes.

Taffy was new-to-me name in the small (but growing!) world of plus-sized activewear, but once I got my capris in the mail, I instantly went over to Taffy’s website and ordered myself some additional items. And when those showed up in the mail, I went back for more! At this point, I’ve got almost every top they have and two pairs of capris. But my favorite piece, by far, is my white Taffy Essential Jacket. I’m a little in love with it. I’m a little sad I can’t wear it to the office.

Me, heading out for a walk, rocking the Taffy Essential Jacket and one of their tanks.

Me, heading out for a walk, rocking the Taffy Essential Jacket and one of their tanks.

While I was there, shopping my little heart out, I read a bit about Taffy’s backstory. Taffy’s was created after their founder, Katie Kozloff Banks, while working as a personal trainer, noticed that many of her female clients that were over a size 12 often wore oversized t-shirts and sweats because they had trouble finding flattering activewear in their size.

At the same time, I noticed that Taffy was accepting applications for ambassadors. Already a huge fan of their line, and their story, I shot off a quick email to apply, and being that this was the week before I was traveling to New Jersey to hang with my fellow chicks, I didn’t think much more about it.

I was sitting in Meri’s car at a local farm market in NJ, giggling with Anne and texting silliness to Brooke, when I got an email from Taffy that I had been selected as one of their ambassadors. I think Meri and Anne can attest that my smile was pretty epic. I was seriously SO excited.

Throughout the entire process of getting set up as an ambassador, the women at Taffy have been amazing, and I couldn’t be happier to be working with them. And shopping with them, of course. Because hello, everything is super cute and high quality and I love being able to go out for a walk with my friends and not feel like the frump.

Okay, so the best part? Discount code for you guys! When you place your order on, you can enter my ambassador code, BEC15, and you’ll get 15% off our of your order, as well as free shipping. I do want to disclaimer this here. As an ambassador, I do receive commission when you use my code, but seriously, I love their stuff so much that I would gladly sing their praises regardless.

Woohoo! Use Code BEC15 for 15% off of your order and Free Shipping

Woohoo! Use Code BEC15 for 15% off of your order and Free Shipping

So, if you are a curvy girl, wear between a size 14 and a 24, and have mourned the lack of pretty workout clothes, I hope you’ll check out Taffy. I really think you’ll love their stuff!