Plantar Fasciitis Follow-up

Good morning friends!

I was recently thinking that often I find myself blogging about events in my life when I’m in the thick of them. I mean it makes sense to cover the down and dirty, the nitty gritty things. Like the dreaded plantar fascittis, for example. I’ve dealt with it twice since we started this blog three years ago.

This is my unimpressed face.

This is my unimpressed face.

While I’m hurting and doing things to make the hurt better, you get to hear about that dang ligament so much I’m sure you feel sympathy pain.

I lament those first steps in the morning, rolling my foot on a golf ball, rolling my foot on a frozen water bottle, and most importantly, not being able to do what I want to do when it comes to running!

(Some might consider walking more important but you know… not me.)

Anyway, I talk, talk, talk about the pain and then it finally subsides… I never really mention it again. But for something that’s such a big part of my life and affects not just me but so many people, I feel like I need to write a little follow up.

So, a quick recap… this last bout of PF started during a training run for last year’s Broad Street run and lasted throughout the summer before I decided that ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH. I put my foot down (see what I did there?); I wasn’t going to deal with it’s shenanigans any longer. I had training runs and races to do, PRs to hit, and I’d be damned if I was going to let a pesky ligament get in the way of my goals.

After three and a half months of just waiting for it to get better on its own (it did not), I started going to the chiropractor for treatments.

At first it was a few times a week, then weekly, then bi-weekly and now it’s monthly. There was a rest from running, Aleve to reduce the inflammation, and lots of tweaking and prodding to figure out what needed to be fixed.

Now it’s a monthly maintenance visit, to make sure I’m aligned (yep, like a car) and my body is working the way it’s supposed to. Each visit starts with about 15 minutes of intense physiotherapy.


When I first started going there, at times I thought that I wasn’t going to make it out of that room. The therapists actually complimented my pain tolerance but maybe I just wasn’t vocal enough because I promise you, it hurt! You put up with the pain if you know it’s going to be fixed in the long run. At least, I do.

I don’t think the therapists have changed the intensity but my foot has become more malleable, more able to handle the manipulations.

Yes, Wesley. Yes.

Yes, Wesley. Yes.

After my visit with the therapist, I get adjusted by the chiropractor. I always give him a rundown of what runs I’ve been doing, my training (we train with the same personal trainer), and all the other fun in my life.


The once a month visits keep me fairly loosey goosey and I’ve been feeling really good for the past 4-5 months with minimal amounts of plantar fascia pain. Which is exactly what we want!

I’m going to continue with adjustments because the less injuries for me, the happier I am. And the happier I am, the happier everyone around me can be. See how that works?

My goal from here on out is to consistently visit the chiropractor each month and be steadfast with my training. I know that I can’t always be 100% all the time but if I can do things to assist in remaining uninjured, I’m going to do them!

There you go, folks, that’s the scoop. Foot pain is much better, training runs are going very well, and I’m expecting good things to come during my spring races!

Have you ever dealt with plantar fasciitis? What did you do to relieve the pain? Have you visited a chiropractor to help? What races are you training for?

Plantar Fasciitis – I’m Just Not That Into You

“Ouch, ouch, ouch.” Those are my first words every morning when I get out of bed. I hobble around my room, attempting to ease the pain shooting through my foot.

Not that you follow my every move (unless you’re my mom – hi Mom!) but you might have noticed that I’m not posting a whole lot about running lately.

Truthfully? The last time I actually ran a race was Sunday, May 1st, The Philadelphia Broad Street 10 Miler. That is a long 3.5 months ago. I’ve been running sprints at the gym but never more than a mile or two at in total and I usually pay for it for the rest of the day.

I’ve been hurting. Seriously hurting. Plantar fasciitis is an old enemy; it shows up from seemingly nowhere and totally messes with my mojo.

Praying, wishing, and hoping that time and babying it (along with my custom inserts, rolling it on various products promising relief, massage, etc.) would fix the foot has proved to be futile. The best way I can describe the pain is that my heel felt like it’s been stabbed with a rusty knife.

No me gusta.

Thanks for letting me know just how much I'm not moving, Fitbit.

Thanks for letting me know just how much I’m not moving, Fitbit.

In the interest of not just “waiting it out” any longer, I decided to finally take action. You know, three months later. Since I’ve visited my podiatrist quite a few times this past year, it’s time for something different.

Enter the chiropractor’s office.


My visits have been twice a week for the past two weeks. They’re guessing I have about two more weeks to go of treatments but they are confident they are going to cure me.

No, really! They said that they are going to CURE this. For good. I’m skeptical but if they can actually fix the foot permanently, I might have to do something drastic, like get the name of the practice tattooed on my foot in appreciation.

So far, it’s going well. Really well. SURPRISING WELL. Dare I say that I’m actually starting to feel an improvement? (I’m scared to say that out loud, no jinxing!)

The plan of attack:

1. Aleve for a week, three times a day to take the inflammation out of the foot. CHECK

2. NO RUNNING. (My trainer wasn’t pleased when I told him this but the chiropractor actually goes to my gym so he only grumbled a little.) CHECK

3. Twice a week of torture. Oh, I’m sorry, I meant to say massage, ultrasound, and adjustments. WORK IN PROGRESS

These massages are like nothing I’ve ever felt before. You hear the word “massage” and you think good thoughts. You can erase those thoughts.

Guys, I gave birth to my second child with no drugs. After having a c-section with my first. I’m pretty sure these massages hurt worse. (But after it feels really good. I think that’s their plan.)

Like I said, I’m halfway into the treatments and I think this might actually be it. Is my optimism showing? Fingers crossed, pajamas inside out, stroking a lucky rabbit foot… I’ll keep you posted.

Ever have plantar fasciitis or a niggling injury that just wouldn’t quit? What did you do to finally get rid of it?